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Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: rtfm
Tagging: drying:*=* (room/compartment/dryer)=yes/heated/no/convection/inertised/microwave
Applies to: node, area
Definition: All kind of drying facilities, not just for clothes (skiing, tents, other equipment)

Draft started: 2017-03-13
RFC start: 2017-03-19


  • drying:room=yes/heated/no
  • drying:compartment=yes/no/heated
  • drying:dryer=convection/inertised/microwave


In the course of the motorcycle_friendly=* discussion, some came up with detailing the "friendly" components for accommodations for all sports. Examples : bicycle, mtb, sport=skiing, hiking. Also see shop=bicycle "Additional keys" (in this case for services).

  • The "drying" possibilities may look very different, so "room" doesn't fit for many.
  • Amenity=drying would get in conflict with any restaurant/bar/pub or other amenity in the accommodation
  • It wouldn't make sense to create a separate node within the accommodation, as it's not necessarily a physical entity (space in the stairway) and may change it's allocation (room, dryer).


  • sport=skiing : there's often a room to store skis and equipment
  • hiking : basically the same as for skiing, mainly for the shoes and other equipment
  • motorcycle_friendly=* : sometimes just heated pipes in the stairway or other unused space, a separate (heated) room or a shelter
  • mtb, shop=bicycle As there's already the format *:*=* (see also addr:*=, contact:*=), it would make sense to use this format for other keys also. Drying bicycle/mtb equipment is basically the same as for motorcycles.

Dryers : there are many forms of drying clothes or other equipment, not necessarily a tumbler, see Wikipedia:Clothes_dryer


  • drying:room=yes/heated/no
  • drying:compartment=yes/no/heated
  • drying:dryer=convection/inertised/microwave

Applies to

  • tourism=camp_site
  • tourism=hotel
  • tourism=hostel
  • tourism=motel
  • tourism=guest_house

and other accommodations


None, as it's only a value

Features/Pages affected

Generally all which use accommodation POIs. Depends on them if they show this characteristic.

Examples :,, many navigation apps like osmand/navmii

External Discussions

Mailing list, motorcycle_friendly=* proposal page


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