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To indicate if a restaurant or a shop offers breakfast. Edit or translate this description.
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The key breakfast=* is used to indicate whether a restaurant or a shop offers breakfast, the first meal in the morning.


Add the tag breakfast=yes/no to a feature to specify whether or not it offers breakfast

Some mappers use the format breakfast=<opening_hours> to specify the times that breakfast is offered, using the opening_hours format.

Rarely the valeus breakfast=buffet and breakfast=free are used.

Proposed subkeys

It has been proposed to use a subkey to specify the hours when breakfast is offered as a buffet, brunch or as room_service:

Example 1:
breakfast=yes/no/Mo-Su 06:00-10:00

Example 2:
breakfast:room_service=Mo-Su 06:00-13:00

Example 3:
breakfast:buffet=Mo-Sa 06:00-10:30
breakfast:brunch=Su 08:00-12:00

Example features

You may add this key to amenities, tourism accomodations, and shops such as:

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