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To indicate if a feature (such as a cafe, shop or school) offers lunch. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Food and beverages
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The key lunch=* is used to indicate if a feature such as a cafe, a shop or a school offers a lunch meal around midday.

Certain venues can choose to specialize in lunch exclusively and are only open in lunch hours, sometimes seen for amenity=fast_food. Other venues operate the kitchen for lunch only, despite being open all day, they only offer hot meals at lunch time - commonly seen with amenity=pub.

How to map

Add the key lunch=* as an additional property tag, to a feature such as a amenity=cafe, amenity=pub or amenity=school, tourism=hotel or other main feature, which will be mapped as a node or area.


  • lunch=yes: lunch is available at the feature. Additional tags may be added for more detail
  • lunch=no: lunch is not available
  • lunch=menu: lunch is offered as a fixed-price, limited-option "menu" (also called "table d'horte"), in contrast to "a la carte".
  • lunch=buffet: lunch is offered as a buffet, where customers can pick from prepared food items which are set out in advance.

Service hours

Some mappers use the hours of lunch service as the value, e.g. lunch=Mo-Fr 11:30-14:00, in the opening_hours format. Optionally, you can specify these services with a subkey, in the format lunch:*=yes/no/Mo-Su 11:30-14:00. This allows adding the hours of service. Always should be added lunch=yes in addition to the subkey, e.g.

  • lunch:buffet=Mo-Fr 12:00-15:00 + lunch:menu=Sa-Su 12:00-15:00 - The place offers a lunch buffet between 12:00 and 15:00 every weekday but offers a menu at weekends.
  • lunch:menu=Mo-Fr 11:00+ - The place offers lunch by 11 every weekday and serve it until it lasts

Complementary tags for special menus and self service

  • lunch:specials=yes/no: Whether different discounted special lunch options are offered each day or not.
  • lunch:saladbar=yes/no: Whether you can serve yourself at a salad buffet or not.
  • lunch:snackbar=yes/no: Whether you can serve yourself at a snack buffet or not.
  • lunch:soup_tureen=yes/no: Whether You can serve yourself different soups or not.

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