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To indicate if a feature such as a guesthouse, shop or amenity offers dinner (supper). Edit or translate this description.
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The key dinner=* can be used to indicate if a guesthouse, shop or other feature offers dinner.  Dinner is a meal offered in the evening, also known as supper.

Common Values

  • dinner=*: yes/no/<opening_hours> - some mappers provide the hours of dinner/supper service as the value, in the opening_hours format.

Proposed values

It has also been proposed to use values of "a_la_carte", "buffet", and "table_d_horte" to describe the kind of meal service

  • When  À_la_carte customers choose from any number of options on the menu
  • A table_d_hote or "fixed price menu" contains a choice of 2 or more fixed orders of meal components (soup, salad, starter, main dish, dessert).
  • A buffet provides a number of previously prepared dishes arranged along a table, which customers can choose from.

Venues commonly offering dinner

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