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Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Bkil
Tagging: lunch=yes/no/buffet/menu/warm
Applies to: Property
Definition: To indicate if a cafe, a shop or a school offers lunch.
Drafted on: 2016-11-19


Use the key lunch=* to indicate if a cafe, a shop or a school offers lunch.

It is proposed to use the values:

  • yes - indicates that a feature offers lunch
  • no - indicates that a feature does not offer lunch
  • buffet - lunch is offered as a buffet
  • menu - lunch is offered as a fixed price menu ("table d'horte")
  • <opening_hours> It is also proposed to tag the hours of lunch service in the value with the Key:opening_hours format

Applies to

nodes, areas


The key lunch=* would be added to a feature such as a amenity=restuarant, amenity=school, or other amenity=*, tourism=*, or shop=* feature

Possible values for lunch=*: yes/no/buffet/menu/warm/tourist_menu/packed_lunch/<opening_hours..


Lunch is a special meal offering around midday. It is usually the meal with the largest energy intake of the day in many cultures.

When ordering a' la carte, each course is prepared on demand, with the corresponding latency and overheads. In contrast, a lunch menu offer enjoys economies of scale, that both eliminates the delay and makes it less expensive for the same quality.

Depending on the business volume of a venue, they could offer either a single kind of meal, or a limited number of combinations to choose from. The daily menu offering is usually kept in rotation, i.e., a different set of meals is served each day. There exist amenities which offer other kinds of lunch as well, the next most common being all you can eat buffet lunch.

A venue which has a kitchen can offer to serve lunch as well along with a' la carte. Certain venues can choose to specialize in lunch exclusively and are only open in lunch hours, sometimes seen for amenity=fast_food. Other venues operate the kitchen for lunch only, despite being open all day, they only offer hot meals at lunch time - commonly seen with amenity=pub.

A venue can decide to operate the kitchen constantly in the time range specified every day, while others can decide to only cook a certain amount of meals before lunch time and only offer lunch until it is sold out.

Opening hours

Tagging the exact time range is very useful.

  • Before leaving for lunch, one can decide which venue to visit depending on timing. If lunch is offered 11:00+, the chance is slim to have any left if leaving after 14:00.
  • It is good to know which places offer lunch on Saturday/weekends as well.
  • Trying lunch offerings could be a good and inexpensive way of testing various restaurants when on the budget. Essentially, good restaurants usually can't afford to produce sub-par quality meals even for lunch offers, hence an implication can be made about the regular food quality based on the quality of lunch.
  • In office environments when a lunch break can be as short as 30 minutes, there may be no time for a regular lunch at a restaurant because of serving delays. Hence office workers commonly either bring their own food to work, frequent fast food amenities or consume such lunch menus.
  • If one is moving to a new home or work location, it is good to know what kind of lunch opportunities exist in the nearby area. Locals usually only know about a random subset of places.


lunch=yes/no/Mo-Fr 11:30-14:00 is used to indicate if a restaurant/cafe, a shop or school/kindergarten offers (warm) lunch, a packed_lunch, a lunch menu or tourist-menu also at buffet to midday. (Note: please discuss the kinds of lunch to tag at the talk page)
Optionally, you can specified this service with: lunch:*=yes/no/Mo-Su 11:30-14:00

Always add lunch=yes
Example 1: lunch:warm=Mo-Fr 11:30-14:00; Sa-Su 12:00-14:30
Example 2: lunch:tourist_menu=Mo-Su 12:00-14:30
Example 3:
lunch:buffet=Mo-Sa 12:00-15:00
lunch:menu=Su 12:00-15:00
Example 4: (they cook lunch by 11 every weekday and serve it until it lasts)
lunch:menu=Mo-Fr 11:00+

Complementary tags for special menu or serve yourself

  • lunch:specials=yes/no: It is offered every day a different discounted menu.
  • lunch:saladbar=yes/no: You can serve yourself at a salad buffet or not.
  • lunch:snackbar=yes/no: You can serve yourself at a snack buffet or not.
  • lunch:soup_tureen=yes/no: You can serve yourself with different soups.

Some further consideration for possible extra tags (better names welcome)

  • lunch:menu:url: the website/social network location where the menu offerings of the following days are published in advance
  • lunch:menu:email: e-mail address of the contact or mailing list where the menu is published
  • lunch:menu:publish_time: certain places publish the menu table for the next week on the Friday of the previous week, while others publish the menu of the day only on the given day at 11:00. This is still useful to know even if no menu is published on a website, because it is ineffective to make a phone call to ask before a chef has decided on the given day's menu. Syntax similar to opening_hours=*.
  • lunch:menu:subscription=yes/no/only: Whether a time range can be subscribed/ordered/payed in advance, usually for a whole week in advance. Certain venues only offer lunch to those who have subscribed in advance.
  • lunch:menu:non_subscribers=yes/no:
  • lunch:menu:course:drink=yes/no/<drink type(s)>: Whether a drink=* is usually part of the offering. This can include anything from home made syrup or fruit juice to common coke. If they only provide tap water, use drinking_water=customers instead.
  • lunch:menu:course:soup=yes/no: Whether soup is usually part of the offering.
  • lunch:menu:course:main=yes/no: Whether main course is usually part of the offering.
  • lunch:menu:course:dessert=yes/no: Whether dessert is usually part of the offering. At some places some of the courses are optional, however it is usually cheaper to purchase them in a bundle, or they are not even offered outside the bundle.
  • lunch:menu:price: the exact price can vary from year to year or depending on menu combination, although the price range could be informative to some
  • lunch:menu:choices: the approximate number of meals to choose from, this should be 1 if only a single menu is offered, 2 of you can choose from 2 menus, etc. TODO: how do we count it when you can choose from 2 soups and 3 kinds of main course for your menu combination?
  • lunch:menu:takeaway=yes/no/only: The lunch menu offering can usually be taken away as any other meal. Additionally, there are cases when the offering is only valid to those who do take it away. This means that the meal can not be eaten in place, probably due to capacity management decisions. Similar to takeaway=*.
  • lunch:menu:delivery=yes/no/only: Whether the lunch menu bundle can be delivered or not and whether it is only offered for delivery. The last case means that the meal can not be eaten in place. Similarly to delivery=*, a time range could be specified as well when delivery usually happens.

Venues commonly offering lunch

It is possible at amenities and shops such as:

see also:

You can use the tag also at follow tourism places:

Occurrence in real world

Europe: Hungary

Community dining had a long tradition. They say that even housing projects in the communist era by default designed homes that had kitchens not meant for serious home cooking.

Starting around the Great Recession of the 2000s, both venues and workers were low on resources. To open up new revenue streams and compete with the striving western fast food industry, more and more amenities that had a kitchen started to offer lunch menus.

According to informal personal survey in the capital, almost all pubs with a kitchen offer a lunch menu, and at least half of the restaurants do as well as of 2016. It is usually, but not always observed that the most expensive places are the ones which decline to offer lunch bundles other than "tourist menus" (which are usually more expensive than when eating a' la carte at other middle class restaurants). In smaller towns, it is rare to see any restaurant which does not offer a lunch menu at all.

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