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ritual bath
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Shlomo
Tagging: amenity=ritual bath
Applies to: node;area
Definition: a building or a room designed for ritual purifying of persons or objects in accordance to religious demands or customs

Rendered as: Spring.png
Drafted on: 2015-03-30

A ritual bath is common label of a facility for ritual purifying of persons or objects in some religions. Also, a specific place in the esplanade can be designed or traditionally used for this purpose. The purifying can constitute an initiatory ritual or be a part of regular religious practice.

In particular:

  • in judaism mikveh (מקוה) or maayan (מעיין)
  • in christianity baptistries
  • other religions ...?


The information about location and conditions of an actual ritual bath facility is important for practicing religious people of the religion in question. The places of historical ritual baths often are subjects of tourists' consideration, as well as of historicians' research.


There are several mikvaot in every Jewish settlement, town or neighborhood in Israel, outside Israel one ore several of them in most places with an established Jewish communities.


  • Standalone building of a mikvah (jewish ritual bath) in Israel. [1]
  • A residential building with a historical mikvah (jewish ritual bath) facility in the ground floor. [2], [3]
  • A church with standalone baptistry [4]
  • Baptism place in the Jordan River [5]

Tags used in combination

  • name=* the name of the ritual bath (if there is one)
  • description=*
  • religion=* to which religion this ritual baths applies
  • denomination=* to which denomination this ritual baths applies
  • female=yes/no the ritual bath is designed explicitly for women or has a women department
  • male=yes/no the ritual bath is designed explicitly for men or has a men department
  • unisex=yes/no the ritual bath is designed for both men and women and has not separated departments, or it is designed for purifying of objects
  • opening_hours=* might be useful for public ritual baths.
  • access=public for public or historical ritual baths where you can visit and use it for free or visit without using for an entry fee
  • access=customers for ritual baths that you need to make an appointment and/or pay rent for usage
  • access=private for ritual baths not for public/community use; for example meant for members of an order, employees of a kosher slaughter etc.
  • access=permissive private facilities or places where no visible attempt is made to restrict access or use, and casual use appears to be tolerated by the owners.
  • fee=yes/no
  • supervised=yes/no if the qualification as a ritual bath is supervised by the religion's supremacy
  • operator=* who is supervising and/or maintaining this ritual bath


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