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On multiple occasions it was announced that a project called is willing to import house numbers of South Tyrol into OSM.

The data to import originates from the autonomous province of Bolzano/Bozen, Italy. The data set (called WEGE) contains about 126.741 addresses and covers the province completely. OpenStreetMap data currently contains only 7666 house numbers.

OpenStreetMap house numbers South Tyrol WEGE house numbers
8 osm house numbers.jpg 7 aa house numbers.jpg

For the previous, unsuccessful import attempt, see AltoAdige - Südtirol/OpenGISData House Number Import.


The province has communicated to be willing to publish most of its data as open data (CC-0).

The project has a special permission to import the housenumbers data into OSM under the ODbL license mappers meeting

On Friday, 30.01.2014 there was a meeting to discuss this project with the mappers.

This is the presentation made by Mr. Pietro d'Orio about the project

Report of the meeting:

  • The mappers and the OpenGisData director's have approved the job done.
  • The proposal is to import at once all the new house numbers, using the changeset "" (pending approval of the community)
  • The *.osm files "to check" by municipality will be made available on this page. With this *osm files the mappers can do:
    • the check of the existings house numbers
    • the deletion of the obsolete house numbers
  • The proposal is to remove all tags addr:* from the buildings, and taking the point geometry (pending approval of the community) because of the following reasons:
    • The house number entity is by definition a point
    • There are many cases where there is more house numbers for each building
    • Would be a shame miss the information of the position of the house numbers
    • Other imports (eg Vienna) have entered the house numbers as points Deleted on the advice of the local community

The rules of import

The actions of import and all the rules will be agreed with the OSM community of South Tyrol on the mailing list Talk-it-southtyrol and during the OpenGisData Mappers meeting of December 2013

Finding a pilot town

To verify the analysis and test the import, the community has chosen the municipalities of Martell / Martello as the testing pilot town

6 martello.jpg !

OSM tags


  • addr:country will be omitted, but if already present it will be fixed to 'IT' if incorrect. Deleted on the advice of the local community
  • addr:city will be inserted using the multi languages rules.
  • addr:postcode postcodes actually can be different within municipalities in South Tyrol (e.g. Eppan has 39057 and 39050). The house numbers to be imported have the correct postcode.
  • addr:street will be inserted using the multi languages rules, the tags addr:street:de, addr:street:it and addr:street:lld will be checked and updated.
  • addr:place some house numbers in South Tyrol does not have an associated street, but are directly related to a place (e.g. a hamlet). For those, the tag addr:place will be used (also according to the multi languages rules).
  • addr:hamlet will be used only for house number street-based with the place information.
  • addr:housenumber

Multi language rules

South Tyrol is a multilingual region, where both German and Italian are official languages and in some of the municipalities Ladin is the third official language.

How to choose the correct language order for generic name fields

Generic names (such as addr:city) should be populated with every locally official language where the (locally) more commonly used name comes first.

In this import, these non-localized name tags (see above) will be filled using the order provided in this ASTAT table that contains relative percentages of Italian,German and Ladin native speakers for each municipality.

Ladins towns

The municipalities where the majority of people speak Ladin, will be tagged with *:lld at first, for example:

  • Badia / Abtei (it and lld names are the same)
  • Corvara / Corvara in Badia / Corvara
  • La Val / Wengen / La Valle
  • Mareo / Marebbe / Enneberg
  • San Martin de Tor / St. Martin in Thurn / S. Martino in Badia
  • Santa Cristina Gherdëina / S. Cristina Valgardena / St. Christina in Gröden
  • Sëlva / Wolkenstein in Gröden / Selva di Val Gardena
  • Urtijëi / St.Ulrich / Ortisei

The german attributes will inserted in the *:de tags The italian attributes will inserted in the *:it tags

The street names in Ladin towns are only signposted in Ladin, therefore the following rule is applied:

  • the tag addr:street should be the same as addr:street:lld
  • the tags addr:street:de and addr:street:it should be populated (if there are apporpriate translations of the respective street name)

Import Documentation

See /Technical Import Documentation about documentation of the software and tools used for transforming the data.

Preliminary analysis

Results of preliminary analysis

  • WEGE house numbers: 127.624
    • Find match with OSM: 8.331
    • New inserts: 117.901
  • OSM actual house numbers: 8.987
    • Find match with WEGE : 8.331 92,7%
    • Not matched with WEGE 656 (to check) 0,7%

Results of preliminary analysis on the pilot municipality Martell / Martello

Here you can download 3 osm files that contains the house numbers to check, to delete and to insert

  • WEGE house numbers: 324
    • Find match in OSM: 250
    • New inserts: 65
  • OSM actual house numbers: 259 (253)
    • Find match with WEGE : 250 96,5%
    • Not matched with WEGE 9 (to delete) 3,5%

  • Duplicate data in OSM: some features have the same address tag, for example: 39020 Martell / Martello, Maiern 96
4 duplicate osm.jpg
  • The 9 house number that not found a match in WEGE are problem like 39020 Martell / Martello, Gand 65. This house number does not exists. Need to be deleted. 4 New house number will be inserted:
    • 39020 Martell / Martello, Gand 65/A
    • 39020 Martell / Martello, Gand 65/B
    • 39020 Martell / Martello, Gand 65/C
    • 39020 Martell / Martello, Gand 65/D
5 delete insert.jpg

Pending questions

There are no more pending questions. See /Pending Questions for in previous issues.


The deadline for any suggestions on the following mailing was 13th February 2014

Import of the housenumbers that are missing in OSM

During the OpenGisData meeting of 1st January 2014 the people have decide to import in one step all the missing house numbers.

The import is announced on the international import mailing list on 7th February 2014 The import of the housenumbers that are missing in OSM (118.723 objects) has been completed 31th March 2014, with 118 requests (one for each municipality) OpenGISData

The tags of the changesets were:

Import of the housenumbers that exist in OSM

Update the existing house numbers

For each municipality exists two files, for example and

Everyone can download this files and do the update via JOSM

How to update the data in JOSM

  1. Download and install JOSM
  2. Download the *_update.osm for one municipality from here and load the file in JOSM
  3. Download the OSM data in a new layer
  4. Enable the *_update layer, and select one feature
  5. Copy all the keys/values of this feature
  6. Switch the editing to the download-data layer
  7. Select the feature that you want to update
  8. CTRL+SHIFT+V will paste the keys/values, updating the existing keys/values without losing the existing tags
  9. Repeat from 4 to 8 until you have finish
  10. Use the file *_check.osm file to find the corrensponent osm features. If the housenumbers does not exists, delete all the addr:* tags from those OSM features
  11. Upload the changes. Please use the correct changeset tags for fixing/updating!! (if is possible, do all with one changeset)
  12. Edit the Get Data table and replace the *_update and *_check link with the link of the changesets. Mark the column COMPLETE with YES when you have finish

The tag to use for the changeset:

Get the Data

In the next table you can find two files for each South Tyrol municipalities:

  • TO UPDATE: OSM housenumbers with correspondence with the Province of Bolzano DB (WEGE). Please copy the tags (CTRL+MAIUSC+C) from the *_update.osm file, select the correspondent existing feature in OSM, and paste the tags (CTRL+MAIUSC+V)
  • TO CHECK: OSM housenumbers without correspondence with the housenumbers of Public Administration (maybe to delete in OSM, or maybe miss in the WEGE DB)

When you have finished the editing of one municipality, please edit the COMPLETE column typing YES

A good suggestion is insert the Changeset number instead the link of the zipfile


Ahrntal - Valle Aurina Changeset 21362376 Changeset 29162467 Changeset 29162050 YES
Aldein - Aldino Changeset 21363206 Changeset 21551061 YES
Algund - Lagundo Changeset 21363315 Changeset 21471162 Changeset 21471220 YES
Altrei - Anterivo Changeset 21363403 Changeset 21551168 -- YES
Andrian - Andriano Changeset 21363431 Changeset 21452442 -- YES
Auer - Ora Changeset 21363465 Changeset 21493683 YES
Badia - Abtei Changeset 21363576 Changeset 29173971 -- YES
Barbian - Barbiano Changeset 21363691 NO
Bolzano - Bozen Changeset 21363726 NO
Brenner - Brennero Changeset 21364306 NO
Brixen - Bressanone Changeset 21364446 NO
Bronzolo - Branzoll Changeset 21364756 -- -- YES
Bruneck - Brunico Changeset 21364840 NO
Burgstall - Postal Changeset 21364996 NO
Corvara - Corvara in Badia Changeset 21365249 NO
Deutschnofen - Nova Ponente Changeset 21365307 Changeset 21551284 -- YES
Eppan a.d. Weinstr. - Appiano s.s.d.v. Changeset 21365387 Changeset 21440318 Changeset 21440960 YES
Feldthurns - Velturno Changeset 21365722 NO
Franzensfeste - Fortezza Changeset 21365787 -- NO
Freienfeld - Campo di Trens Changeset 21365827 -- CHECK
Gais Changeset 21365971 -- NO
Gargazon - Gargazzone Changeset 21366023 NO
Glurns - Glorenza Changeset 21366064 NO
Graun im Vinschgau - Curon Venosta Changeset 21366099 NO
Gsies - Valle di Casies Changeset 21366149 -- NO
Hafling - Avelengo Changeset 21366189 -- NO
Innichen - S.Candido Changeset 21366273 NO
Jenesien - S.Genesio Atesino Changeset 21366343 -- NO
Kaltern a.d. Weinstr. - Caldaro s.s.d.v. Changeset 21366407 Changeset 21441475 Changeset 21441532 YES
Karneid - Cornedo all'Isarco Changeset 21414643 -- NO
Kastelbell-Tschars - Castelbello-Ciardes Changeset 21414757 YES
Kastelruth - Castelrotto Changeset 21414820 NO
Kiens - Chienes Changeset 21414946 NO
Klausen - Chiusa Changeset 21414988 NO
Kuens - Caines Changeset 21415072 -- NO
Kurtatsch a.d.Weinstr. - Cortaccia s.s.d.v. Changeset 21415717 Changeset 21471469 YES
Kurtinig a.d. Weinstr. - Cortina s.s.d.v. Changeset 21415786 Changeset 21471712 -- YES
Laas - Lasa Changeset 21415806 Changeset 22354051 YES
Laives - Leifers Changeset 21415880 -- -- YES
Lajen - Laion Changeset 21416039 NO
Lana Changeset 21416083 NO
Latsch - Laces Changeset 21416212 NO
Laurein - Lauregno Changeset 21416271 -- NO
La Val - Wengen - La Valle Changeset 21416295 -- -- YES
Lüsen - Luson Changeset 21416329 NO
Mals - Malles Venosta Changeset 21416363 NO
Mareo - Marebbe - Enneberg Changeset 21417252 NO
Margreid a.d. Weinstr. - Magre' s.s.d.v. Changeset 21417395 Changeset 21471557 Changeset 21471617 YES
Marling - Marlengo Changeset 21417418 NO
Martell - Martello Changeset 21417442 NO
Meran - Merano Changeset 21416446 Changesets 21420277, 21420315, 21420324 Changeset 21420830 YES
Mölten - Meltina Changeset 21417463 -- NO
Montan - Montagna Changeset 21417477 NO
Moos in Passeier - Moso in Passiria Changeset 21417494 NO
Mühlbach - Rio di Pusteria Changeset 21417513 NO
Mühlwald - Selva dei Molini Changeset 21417535 -- CHECK
Nals - Nalles Changeset 21417587 Changeset 21471869 -- YES
Naturns - Naturno Changeset 21417598 NO
Natz-Schabs - Naz-Sciaves Changeset 21417614 NO
Neumarkt - Egna Changeset 21417671 Changeset 21532081 YES
Niederdorf - Villabassa Changeset 21417704 NO
Olang - Valdaora Changeset 21417792 -- NO
Partschins - Parcines Changeset 21417815 NO
Percha - Perca Changeset 21417845 -- -- NO
Pfalzen - Falzes Changeset 21417913 NO
Pfitsch - Val di Vizze Changeset 21417925 Changeset 25177807 -- YES
Plaus Changeset 21417938 -- -- YES
Prad am Stilfser Joch - Prato allo Stelvio Changeset 21417984 Changeset 23249368, Changeset 23267673 YES
Prags - Braies Changeset 21417994 -- NO
Prettau - Predoi Changeset 21418042 -- -- YES
Proveis - Proves Changeset 21418058 -- -- YES
Rasen-Antholz - Rasun Anterselva Changeset 21418078 -- CHECK
Ratschings - Racines Changeset 21417994 -- NO
Riffian - Rifiano Changeset 21418119 -- -- YES
Ritten - Renon Changeset 21418182 NO
Rodeneck - Rodengo Changeset 21418191 NO
Salorno - Salurn From: snaut,Changesets 20920663, 20920337,20918256, 20918039,20914406, 20899323,20899020 YES
Sand in Taufers - Campo Tures Changeset 21418294 NO
San Martin de Tor - St.Martin in Thurn - S.Martino in Badia Changeset 21418317 NO
Santa Cristina Gherdëina - S.Cristina Valgardena - St.Christina in Gröden Changeset 21418339 -- -- YES
Sarntal - Sarentino Changeset 21418369 NO
Schenna - Scena Changeset 21418421 NO
Schlanders - Silandro Changeset 21418478 NO
Schluderns - Sluderno Changeset 21418505 -- NO
Schnals - Senales Changeset 21418547 NO
Sëlva - Wolkenstein in Gröden - Selva di Val Gardena Changeset 21418565 NO
Sexten - Sesto Changeset 21418585 NO
Sterzing - Vipiteno Changeset 21418634 NO
Stilfs - Stelvio Changeset 21418655 Changeset 24166100 YES
St.Leonhard in Pass. - S.Leonardo in Passiria Changeset 21418709 -- NO
St.Lorenzen - S.Lorenzo di Sebato Changeset 21418722 NO
St.Martin in Passeier - S.Martino in Passiria Changeset 21418776 NO
St.Pankraz - S.Pancrazio Changeset 21418797 -- NO
Taufers im Münstertal - Tubre [Changeset 21418843 -- CHECK
Terenten - Terento Changeset 21418873 -- NO
Terlan - Terlano Changeset 21418887 Changeset 21452576 Changeset 21452602 YES
Tiers - Tires Changeset 21418911 NO
Tirol - Tirolo Changeset 21418945 Changeset 22438142 Changeset 22438176 YES
Tisens - Tesimo Changeset 21418962 Changeset 21470777 Nothing to do YES
Toblach - Dobbiaco Changeset 21419002 NO
Tramin a.d. Weinstr. - Termeno s.s.d.v. Changeset 21419032 Changeset 21471263 YES
Truden - Trodena Changeset 21419056 -- -- YES
Tscherms - Cermes Changeset 21419089 [1] [2] YES
U.L.Frau i.W.-St.Felix - Senale-S.Felice Changeset 21419109 NO
Ulten - Ultimo Changeset 21419148 NO
Urtijëi - St.Ulrich - Ortisei Changeset 21419139 -- NO
Vadena - Pfatten Changeset 21419117 Changeset 21453565 YES
Vahrn - Varna Changeset 21419248 NO
Villanders - Villandro Changeset 21419286 NO
Villnöss - Funes Changeset 21419325 -- NO
Vintl - Vandoies Changeset 21419342 NO
Völs am Schlern - Fie' allo Sciliar Changeset 21419381 -- NO
Vöran - Verano Changeset 21419412 -- -- YES
Waidbruck - Ponte Gardena Changeset 21419451 -- -- YES
Welsberg - Monguelfo Changeset 21419462 -- CHECK
Welschnofen - Nova Levante Changeset 21419478 NO