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How to normalize the addr:housenumber tag? [SOLVED]

There are some house numbers with an additional number, for example 39030 Sesto, Via S.Giuseppe 55/1.
Most combined numbers are actually written like 20A, but following this normalization by removing the slash this address becomes: 39030 Sesto, Via S.Giuseppe 551
The suggestions is to normalize all the combined house numbers by adding a slash ('/'):
  • 20 -> 20
  • 20A -> 20/A
  • 20-A -> 20/A
  • 20/A -> 20/A

Solution: The community says: use the choice 20/A

How to put in OSM tags correctly the address identified only by fraction (no street : '39042 Brixen, Elvas 167/A') ? [SOLVED]

The fraction name attributes should be inserted in the addr:place or in the addr:hamlet tag?
  • addr:country IT
  • addr:city Brixen / Bressanone
  • addr:postcode 39042
  • addr:street
  • addr:place Frakt.Afers / Fraz. Eores
  • addr:hamlet
  • addr:housenumber 167/A


If the address is street-based, addr:hamlet can be used optionally to indicate the "Fraktion/frazione" of the address if available.

If the address is place-based, use addr:fraction to indicate the "Fraktion/frazione" of the address

What to do with the duplicate data in OSM ? [SOLVED]

  • Delete the tag from the POI
  • Keep the duplicate

The community says : That's not an error from an OSM point-of-view. Both objects have this address.

Solution: Keep the duplicate

What to do with house number that does not exist ? [SOLVED]

  • Delete the obsolete house number (see above 65) and insert the new house numbers (see above 65/A, 65/B, 65/C, 65/D)
  • Update the obsolete house number (see above 65) with the first new house number (see above 65/A) and insert the other new house numbers (see above 65/B, 65/C, 65/D)

Solution: Delete and insert

How to populate the addr:full tag? [SOLVED]


  • The correct addr:full:it is: 39042 Bressanone, Via Castellano, 38
  • The correct addr:full:de is: 39042 Brixen, Köstlaner Strasse, 38

The correct addr:full address should be

  • 39042 Brixen - Bressanone, Köstlaner Strasse - Via Castellano, 38 ?


  • 39042 Brixen, Köstlaner Strasse, 38 (using the main language, in this case addr:full = addr:full:de) ?

Solution: Drop this tags