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Arico, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

latitude: 28.1758, longitude: -16.4900
Browse map of Arico 28°10′32.88″ N, 16°29′24.00″ W
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Arico is a municipality in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain at latitude 28°10′32.88″ North, longitude 16°29′24.00″ West.

Populated places

Name place=* id Population[1] Notes
 Porís de Abona village node 868278413 1990
 Abades hamlet node 868284963 729 Part of Porís de Abona
Punta de Abona hamlet node 4295106847 43 Part of Porís de Abona
Urbanización Jardín del Atlántico hamlet node 2265724509 40 Part of Porís de Abona
San Miguel de Tajao village node 868307587 1777
Las Arenas hamlet node 1611060600 106 Part of San Miguel de Tajao
Las Maretas hamlet node 1288282103 472 Part of San Miguel de Tajao
 La Caleta hamlet node 868307134 282 Part of San Miguel de Tajao
Las Listadas hamlet node 868296252 268 Part of San Miguel de Tajao
 La Jaca hamlet node 1611060599 398 Part of San Miguel de Tajao
 Arico Viejo village node 639636483 998
La Degollada hamlet node 1305338183 139 Part of Arico Viejo
La Sabinita hamlet node 868319492 191 Part of Arico Viejo
Las Eritas hamlet node 5480467261 29 Part of Arico Viejo
El Hediondo hamlet node 5480475140 10 Part of Arico Viejo
Lomo Polegre hamlet node 5480642421 68 Part of Arico Viejo
Rodrigo hamlet node 5480475139 36 Part of Arico Viejo
El Tajoz hamlet node 5487372377 43 Part of Arico Viejo
El Río village node 512676509 759
 La Cisnera village node 639702455 628
San Diego hamlet node 5545324707 162 Part of La Cisnera
San José hamlet node 5545324706 466 Part of La Cisnera
 Villa de Arico village node 639637321 593 Capital of the municipality
Los Gavilanes hamlet node 1437814676 227
Teguedite hamlet node 1470041891 84 Part of Los Gavilanes
Polegre hamlet node 5545324710 42 Part of Los Gavilanes
Icor village node 639620544 497
Las Aguelillas hamlet node 5480578404 62 Part of Icor
Las Casitas hamlet node 5545324709 82 Part of Icor
Arico el Nuevo hamlet node 639637121 125
El Bueno hamlet node 2000219904
El Viso hamlet node 1465465972
Horno del Buey hamlet node 5480533812
Hoya Chica hamlet node 5480533811
Imoses hamlet node 5480578405
La Florida hamlet node 5480519185
La Mosca hamlet node 5480519183
Lomo Centeno hamlet node 5480519184
Lomo Oliva hamlet node 4297228980
Madre del Agua hamlet node 5480519182
Marzagán hamlet node 5480771480
Urbanización Casablanca hamlet node 264014008
Casas de Chajaña isolated_dwelling node 4297228976
Casas de la Luz isolated_dwelling node 1470041881
Casas de Tamadaya de Abajo isolated_dwelling node 1305338387
Casas de Tamadaya de Arriba isolated_dwelling node 1305338158
Casas del Contador isolated_dwelling node 659935548
El Taro isolated_dwelling node 1288281818
La Puente isolated_dwelling node 2102705996
Laja Blanca isolated_dwelling node 2024960373
Lomo Angosto isolated_dwelling node 5480606940
Ortiz isolated_dwelling node 1306213541
Paredón Blanco isolated_dwelling node 2024960380

Street names

Almost completed in 2013 using Cadastre and on the ground data. There is a project to verify street names in OSM, checking that they all have a name and that it is correct. Collect information on the ground and tag your changesets with the comment "#1calle1nombre Arico".

It is necessary to collect information from some streets and rural roads. Download this osm file to consult the priority roads to review.

Buildings and addresses

There is an active proposal to import Cadastre buildings and addresses. You can participate in this project of the Task Manager.