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Armenia, Asia

latitude: 40.06, longitude: 45.03482
Browse map of Armenia 40°03′36.00″ N, 45°02′05.35″ E
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Armenia is a Country in Asia at latitude 40°03′36.00″ North, longitude 45°02′05.35″ East.

Welcome mappers of Armenia!

Things you can do

There are many streets and highways that are missing in Bing. For example, the western outskirts of Gyumri.

Satellite imagery

Previously the only high resolution satellite imagery available for Armenia was around the Yerevan area (link). But it didn't icnlude north-western part of Yerevan (just half of Ajapniak, and about 70% of Malatia-Sebastia). Moreover it was quite old (around ~1999 year, and doesn't show many objects built in last decade). Now, Microsoft's Bing Imagery is also avaible, so it's not as obvious for enabling, as Yahoo's WMS. See this page on how-to enable Bing maps in your editor. Bing is quite hi res and fresh (around 2007-2008) but it shows only western part of city (mainly those areas which wasn't available in Yahoos iamges, so it's quite good). And still doesn't inlcude small cetre of Yerevan. But instead it shows some Cities like Gyumir, Echmiadzin, part of Ashtarak, Artashat, etc..

GPS tracks

It seems that all of the old waypoints (before 2010) where taken from this satellite material. As previous incidents have shown, satellite maps may be off by a few meters. Though current Yahoo! WMS in Yerevan accuracy is comparable with accuracy of GPS in hilly city itslef, it's still preferable to refer to GPS tracks. It's very important to refer to GPS tracks when using Microsoft Bing imaginery, as it's images are noticably shifted (up to 10 metres sometimes). Please check accruacy (HDOP) before starting writing tracks, and always preview your tracks before upload. If neccesary trim beggiin/end of track, is they have messy data there. Later it's quite hard, to hide just one track in Editor, so if you upload messy data, it will make mapping that are with GPS quite hard.

Naming conventions

The question arises in what alphabet the roads and amenities should be named. Current naming convension is:

  • Armenian (required name, and name:hy)
  • Latin with English name:en or international transcription int_name (this is quite important, as not all navigation software/GPS devices, display armenian language properly)

Cyrillic as well other alpahbets/languages are optional.

In OSM normally the "local" Language is used (naming and name). That would mean
  • name = the armenian name with armenian charset
  • name:hy = the armenian name with armenian charset again
  • int_name = international name with latin charset (transcription?)
  • name:en = the name used in english language (latin)
  • name:ru = the name used in russian language (cyrillic)
  • ...

It is useful to have the armenian name twice, once in the "name" tag so it can be used as "default" name, and a second time in the "name:hy" tag, so a map renderer that wants to generate a map with armenian names preferred can do so without checking if the place is actually inside Armenia.


  • Solved as of January 2010.

Useful resources

  • Lately housnumber lables, are being put on buildings again, so outdoor mapping is quite useful.
  • Official website of Yerevan can be quite useful, especiialy for getting official/new names.
  • Avoid trusting other maps, like Google Map, or PDF maps of Yerevan you can often see in different places. They do often containt serios mistakes (like streets/buidlings which don't actually exist, wrong building number). It's better not to have info at all, then to have a wrong information.
  • Zipcodes can be found at Haypost website, which can also give some useful hints, on street names and building numbers. Names in [1]] are often very slangish/local and don't represent official names of POIs. Double check them. may be also useful for cekcing names, and contact/opneing hours information. Consider adding contact infromation for places, if available.
  • Communities Association of Armenia can be quite useful when adding info, on vilages. Consider adding population number on villages, old names (with "old_name" tag) and other useful information.