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This is the first OSM event to be held outside of a capital city. This will be a friendly/social meetup of openstreetmappers and geocachers on the Sunshine Coast.

This event is open to everyone, please don't be afraid of coming if you are new to Geocaching or OSM as there should be a couple of old hands in attendance.

When: 1:00pm Saturday 15th of August 2009

Where: Most likely inside the McDonalds next door to the Nambour train station, there is plenty of parking and this would only a very short walk for those coming by Bus/Train

McDonalds, Nambour has free wifi, although it was slower than a 3G connection so I don't know how useful it will be.

The Plan

12:55pm: Train arrives to Nambour

1:00pm: Meet up and all talk about plan of attack

1:30pm: Do a little mapping or geocaching (for those interested)

4:30pm: Meet back up and polish up some mapping and/or general socialising.

5:55pm: Train departs Nambour

The Map

No mapping required! But if you *want* to, there's plenty of things to add around Nambour:

  • missing road names
  • building names
  • amenities (like where exactly is the pizza caffe?)
  • sporting facilities
  • foot and cycleways

For people new to mapping, there will be demos of field mapping from 12:30 onwards, if you wish to attend please turn up about 12 sharp so you don't hold up everyone else!

If you want a printable map suitable for making notes on, you can get one from Nambour Walking Papers or Woombye Walking Papers.

Alternatively there is Geocaches nearby too!

What's OSM?

Think Wikipedia but for street maps :)

So why do we want to make data open anyways?

This is a big topic but briefly services like Google Maps and MS Virtual Earth prevent download of data. This prevents creative and legitimate applications by small guys like you and me from building say a specialist local map for showing where all the organic vege stores are located in HaNoi - where the vege-stores look like turnips and roads look like vine branches - cartography and art is fun :) Suffice to say OpenStreetMap lets you have the "actual data" and not just a picture.

Material needed

  • Note book + pencil, PDA, camera... (anything to take notes)
  • GPS (not compulsory, but very useful if you have or can borrow one)
  • Good mood for having fun (requirement)

Who's coming?

Everybody is welcome! Please RSVP by putting your contact details below or by contacting me privately:


Please email the talk-au mailing list if you have any questions.


Some Promotion Possibilities

  • Other Ideas?