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This is a Mapping Party for those who are antisocial.

The Sturt Highway travels across three States and requires a certain amount of co-ordination to finish mapping the road, the towns on it, the features along the way and anything else we see on our travels.

Those other mapping parties divide up the job into parts which they call slices, we will do the same but don't have to do all the slices at one time, simply doing what is feasible but not duplicating our efforts will help get the work done. The idea started on the mailing list about November 09 with some work in the South Australian Riverland split between travellers.

Just remember The Sturt Highway exists as a single relation from one end in Adelaide to the other end in NSW. The 'National Highway' is part of that relation The reference number changes between A20 and 20, so is not part of the relation, and is put on the ways themselves.

Starting with a list, maybe a table later, put down things which have been done and things which still need to be done. Put them in geographical order, travelling from west to east, please.

South Australia

Adelaide to Vic Border







Border with SA to Mildura

Lake Cullulleraine

Merbein South


New South Wales

Buronga to Junction with Hume Highway

Buronga - no streets done other than the main roads. Some servos mapped.

Gol Gol - needs streets mapping and naming, POIs added

Euston - Most streets are mapped, some POIs added

Balranald - Most streets are mapped, some POIs added

Hay - Most streets mapped and most POIs added

Darlington Point - Most streets mapped.

At the end there is no party, no food and no drinks. This task is to appeal to mappers who are anti-social.

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