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This page is one place to list Automated Edits, however we also have Category:Automated edits log, and generally it is probably better to create a separate wiki page with more space for details, describing purpose, geographical scope, user ID, date and time your script was run, the number of objects changed, any conflicts you needed to resolve etc. Before considering making automated edits do read the Automated Edits code of conduct carefully.


  • OSMF Redaction Bot removed content that was not compatible with the ODbL license as part of the migration from CC-by-SA license.


  • User urbanstep imported subway entries for Barcelona lines L3 and L9 for a trial accessibiity mapping party to be held 20110409. Nodes will be edited/tagged on the field. Codehead 09:24, 9 April 2011 (BST)


  • Global place node editting, is_in:* tag addition by MikeCollinson 17:49, 5 November 2008 (UTC). This performed manually with JOSM over some weeks and is not a bot but provided here for information. Nothing is being deleted. I am adding such tags as is_in:country to many place nodes to clearly indicate continent, country, state, county, island where appropriate. This is part of project to build an automatic gazetteer function. MikeCollinson 17:49, 5 November 2008 (UTC)
  • Fixbot_csv, which is a modified version of Frederik Ramms fixbot, has removed subsequent duplicate nodes from about 3000 ways in europe in late August 2008. This bot only removes subsequent duplicate nodes, so it may for example leave behind a way consisting of a single node. It makes no attempt to fix anything else since I want it to be simple. If you think the bot messed something up please contact me. The bot will probably be run again somewhen next year. --ElDiabolo 20:31, 25 November 2008 (UTC)

Unspecified year

  • Fixbot details data corrections made on several separate occasions.
  • BugBuster detailed logfile of automatic fixes of various things.
  • User brycenesbitt is automatically synchronizing San Francisco Car Sharing locations under key "operator=City CarShare". If City CarShare deletes a sharing location, the corresponding OSM node will be deleted also. If an OSM mapper adjusts the position of a node less than 100 meters, the OSM position will be retained.
  • User brycenesbitt is automatically synchronizing amenity=bicycle_repair_stand locations with a map created by the Dero company. Locations flow both ways.
  • User CRCulver is fixing encoding issues with Chuvash-language names expressed through the name:cv tag. Many of these names were copy/pasted from the Chuvash Encyclopedia or the Chuvash Wikipedia, which contain content written before major Unicode font support for the Chuvash language. Thus they used the Latin letters ç, ă, ĕ, ÿ (part of the Latin-1 Supplement and Latin Extended-A blocks of Unicode), instead of the similar-looking Cyrillic letters ҫ, ӑ, ӗ, ӳ (part of the Cyrillic block of Unicode). A careful examination of OSM XML data revealed that some of the name:cv tags even mixed Latin and Cyrillic characters willy-nilly, which makes it difficult to search for these nodes/ways. I run a search/replace script that only deals with nodes/ways that have erroneously encoded name:cv, old_name:cv and alt_name:cv tags.