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Fixbot is a bot that is run on an occasional basis by User:Frederik Ramm.


Algorithmic changes can be made within a defined geographical areas. Examples from the log include:

Correcting typos
  • Geographic scope: all of Germany
  • syntactic scope: all ways having a highway tag
  • actions: correct obvious typos ("residentail" etc) and errors ("footpath"); railway values on highway tags ("highway=tram")
  • changes: 280 ways changed
Removing edits by named contributor systematically
  • Geographic scope: Hamburg area
  • syntactic scope: all ways last edited by Jörg Ostertag and having only "highway=unclassified"/"created_by=*" and no other tags
  • actions: delete ways as requested by Hamburg mapping team & agreed by Jörg
  • changes: 355 ways deleted
Removing null features
  • geographic scope: whole planet
  • syntactic scope: all ways having zero or one node only, or having exactly two nodes with the same node IDs.
  • actions: delete these ways.
  • changes: 7451 ways deleted.
Algorithmic changes to tagging after import
  • geographic scope: USA
  • syntactic scope: all ways tagged highway=motorway_link which are connected to other ways at both ends, none of them being a motorway or other motorway_link
  • actions: downgrade to appropriate highway type (highest ranking type that connects to this way, use _link types if highest ranking is trunk, primary, or secondary)
  • changes: approximately 25k ways
Cleanup after import
  • geographic scope: USA
  • syntactic scope: all nodes with superfluous TIGER tags
  • actions: remove TIGER tags
  • changes: approximately 170 million nodes.


See Fixbot/log.