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A log of actions by Fixbot.


Fixbot run on 2007-06-15

  • Geographic scope: all of Germany
  • syntactic scope: all ways having a highway tag
  • checks: obvious typos ("residentail" etc) and errors ("footpath"); railway values on highway tags ("highway=tram")
  • changes: 280 ways changed

Fixbot run on 2007-06-16

  • Geographic scope: Cambridge area
  • syntactic scope: all objects
  • checks: empty tags
  • changes: 1173 objects changed (empty tags removed). 74 objects with empty tags could not be changed.

Fixbot run on 2007-06-30

  • Geographic scope: Hamburg area
  • syntactic scope: all ways last edited by Jörg Ostertag and having only "highway=unclassified"/"created_by=*" and no other tags
  • checks: delete ways as requested by Hamburg mapping team & agreed by Jörg
  • changes: 355 ways deleted

Fixbot run on 2008-02-05

  • Geographic scope: All of Germany
  • syntactic scope: all ways having a {nat/reg/int}_ref tag but no ref tag
  • checks: move information from {nat/reg/int}_ref to ref; remove name tag if identical to ref. This was requested on the talk-de mailing list as a remedy for earlier misunderstandings about the use of ref tags.
  • changes: 15.365 ways changed, 112 could not be changed and will be retried.

Fixbot run on 2008-07-08

  • Geographic scope: All of Europe
  • syntactic scope: all ways having one of a number of mis-spelled variants of the "tracktype" tag track type track_type tracketype trackgrade trackgrade3 trackktype trackrtype tracktaype tracktepye trackteype tracktipe tracktpye tracktye tracktyoe tracktyp tracktype_alt_1 tracktypeq tracktyper tracktypet trackway trackype trackytpe tracltype tractype), including upper/lowercase versions, plus all ways having tracktype with one of a number of funny values ("2", "type2", "Grade 2" etc.)
  • checks: rename tag to "tracktype" and value to "grade<n>" with <n> one of 1...5
  • changes: 357 ways changed (10 could not be changed as they had been edited on the server)

Fixbot run on 2008-08-03

  • geographic scope: whole planet
  • syntactic scope: all ways having zero or one node only, or having exactly two nodes with the same node IDs.
  • checks: delete these ways.
  • changes: 7451 ways have been deleted. A full list of deleted way IDs is available for a limited time at: Some ways could not be deleted because of 412 precondition failed errors (presumable ways that are members of relations). The IDs of these ways are: 10659695 15466152 16238772 23038022 23288258 23288260 23301645 23301689 23554566 23651839 24476071 25699486 25699487 25699488 25699494 25699497 25699500 25761009 25761017

Fixbot run on 2008-10-28

  • geographic scope: Germany
  • syntactic scope: all nodes having man_made="MDF" and created_by="dsl-mdf2osm-script"
  • checks: change "addr:town" to "addr:city", drop "note", change "note:de" to point to DE:DSL_Hauptverteiler - as requested by the operator of the import script who had made a mistake.
  • changes: 7952 nodes were changed, another 6 changes were attempted but failed because the nodes had meanwhile been modified, and will be sorted out manually.

Fixbot run on 2008-11-28

  • geographic scope: Norway (south)
  • syntactic scope: all nodes having (in the planet file) the following funny thing:
    <tag k="moved according to town brige in Mandal and Åvik(/Åvig) harbor);created_by" v="almien_coastlines"/>
    (due to an escaping problem, these nodes look differently when retrieved through the API than they look in the planet file; if you request a history of one you will not see the above funny tag but it is there in the data). Removing of the tags was announced 8 days ago in and nobody complained.
  • checks: drop this tag; set created_by=fixbot and source=PGS
  • changes: 16521 nodes were changed. A list of affected node ids is available for a limited time at

Fixbot run on 2009-07-20

  • geographic scope: USA
  • syntactic scope: all ways tagged highway=motorway_link which are connected to other ways at both ends, none of them being a motorway or other motorway_link
  • checks: downgrade to appropriate highway type (highest ranking type that connects to this way, use _link types if highest ranking is trunk, primary, or secondary)
  • changes: approximately 25k ways have been changed (with individual changesets being created for each county, sometimes two or three changesets affect one county due to hiccups in the script). Another roughly 2500 "dangling" motorway_link ways have been identified that are not connected to anything at one end; these were not changed but might later be flagged in OpenStreetBugs or so.

Fixbot run from September 2009 to January 2010

  • geographic scope: USA
  • syntactic scope: all nodes with superfluous TIGER tags
  • checks: remove TIGER tags
  • changes: approximately 170 million nodes.
  • see also: TIGER fixup/node tags

Various runs in 2010, 2011

  • I am using the fixbot account when people ask me to revert something they have broken themselves, or other breakage. You will usually find an explanation in the changeset comment.

maxspeed reverts in Australia, 2012

  • Remove maxspeed, source:maxspeed, or maxspeed:source from all ways in Australia where these have been added by users not agreeing to the new Contributor Terms. A few changesets on January 15 accidentally did not carry a changeset comment.