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This page documents planned automated edits by User:Discostu36 (Michael Brandtner,

cash_withdrawal in Rewe supermarkets (October 2019, cancelled)

This automated edit has been cancelled because of lacking support of the German community

The newly approved tag cash_withdrawal=* should be added to all supermarkets of the German Rewe Group. According to their website (automatic translation), all their supermarkets have the same policy. With this automated edit, the tag wouldn't have to be added manually to thousands of POIs.

To do

☑ Add more information to this wiki page
☑ Ask Rewe per E-Mail:

  • Is this service really provided in all their markets (also Center, City & To Go)?
    • Yes, all these markets except for REWE To Go markets that do exist inside of an Aral gas station, because of the cash system Aral is using.
  • Is this only possible for Girocard or also credit card users?
    • Only for girocard

☐ Discuss this with the German community
☐ Translate this page into German
☐ Try this first in a small region (e.g. the city of Kiel)
☐ Analyze and discuss the outcome of the trial run
☐ Do the edit for the whole area of Germany (possibly split into one changeset per state)

How the edits will be performed

I will create an overpass query to get all the POIs that I want to change. I will then load these POIs into JOSM and bulk edit them. Then I will upload the changeset.

Tags that should be added


What they should be added to

All supermarkets with the name "Rewe", "Rewe Center", or "Rewe City". Markets with name "Rewe To Go" will not be changed because it might be hard to find out if they are part of an Aral station or not.

node["name"~"rewe",i]["shop"="supermarket"]["name"!~"to go",i]({{bbox}});
way["name"~"rewe",i]["shop"="supermarket"]["name"!~"to go",i]({{bbox}});
relation["name"~"rewe",i]["shop"="supermarket"]["name"!~"to go",i]({{bbox}});

Changing wikipedia tags on Stolpersteine in Lübeck (December 2022)

Many of the Stolpersteine monuments in Lübeck, Germany, are tagged with a wikipedia=* tag that links to a list of all Stolpersteine in that city. This automated edit will change the key to network:wikipedia=*. (detailed description will follow)