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French Post Office Opening Hours

As part of the datanova import of opening hours, the script also makes some automated edits to existing values for the opening hours.

Changes in data:

  • Add missing PH off
  • Add suggested opening_hours
Add missing PH off

opening_hours=Mo-Fr 09:00-19:00; Sa 09:00-12:30

gets replaced with

opening_hours=Mo-Fr 09:00-19:00; Sa 09:00-12:30; PH off

if that's what the datanova data says. This is done only when datanova and OSM agree, except for a missing PH off

Normalizing opening_hours values

After writing the new Osmose plugin for normalizing opening_hours, I'm now doing normalization using a set of python scripts to make it easier than via the Osmose web interface.

The idea is the same: show the value before and after normalization, review it carefully, confirm, upload. But I'm doing that by chunks of 100 instead of one at a time.

The changesets however are split out by geographical area, using the same logic as the post office opening hours import. Example changeset: 96764034.

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