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user:Streetkeysmv is the account of an import / matching / improvement of the local road network at Mecklenburg Vorpommern. At the user profile and at M-V Strassenschlüssel Import you will find more detailed information, here just an EN summary.


The project is supervised by the local cadastre team of Rostock (contact user:KVLA-HRO) and performed by partners:


The cadastre team has already experience in the cooperation with (local) OSM community and sees a lack of quality at the road network in the state. As community based QS approaches failed (e.g. M-V Strassenlistenabgleich), we like to help and start an check between the official streets-cadastre via streetkeys and help on adding missing / fix wrong information in a second step. This would help the community to offer better (here: more complete) geodata and help us to build open products on top of OSM with coverage of Mecklenburg Vorpommern and beyond.


Full description is at User:KVLA-HRO-Mei/M-V Straßenschlüssel Import. A short summary on the semi-automatic process per county:

  • find road-segments with same name and add de:strassenschlüssel=* to track it later over time, upload
  • manually check remaining set of streetkeys that could not matched agains existing OSM roads
  • add obviously new roads from bing, add streetkeys, upload
  • change obviously wrong spelled streetnames (respecting Germany tagging guidelines), add streetkeys, upload
  • change wrong spelled streetnames (respecting Germany tagging guidelines)
  • mark unclear conflicts so they can be discussed within the cadastres and with the OSM community


On a permanent base (<1h) starting in 06/2015 and continue till end of 07/2015 when all data will be added. This is a onetime edit, but will be continued/assisted by manual quality assurance together with the OSM community.