BC Craft Breweries

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This project aims to tag all craft breweries in Vancouver, and aspirationally around BC.

Tagging guidance

Based on the brewery tagging guidelines and this discussion, I have come up with the following scheme:

  • For brew pubs (e.g. Central City brewpubs, Monkey 9):
    • amenity=pub
    • microbrewery=yes
    • shop=alcohol (provided they sell takeout beer in some form)
  • For breweries without a tasting room or a shop (e.g. Russell):
    • craft=brewery
    • product=beer
  • For breweries with a tasting room and shop (e.g. 33 Acres, Brassneck, Main Street):
    • On the building:
      • craft=brewery
      • product=beer
    • In a node inside the building (roughly where the tasting room is):
      • amenity=bar if the food options are non-existent or very limited
      • amenity=pub if there are extensive food options
    • In a node inside the building (roughly where the shop is, could be the same node as the tasting room):
      • shop=alcohol

Other references:

"Correctly" tagged


shop=alcohol and craft=brewery and product=beer

amenity=bar and shop=alcohol

amenity=pub and shop=alcohol



amenity=pub and microbrewery=yes

amenity=pub and microbrewery=yes and shop=alcohol

  • Noble Pig (primarily a pub/restaurant, but they also fill growlers)
  • Steamworks Brewpub (full restaurant, grower fills from the bar at the back)


craft=brewery and product=beer

Currently in OSM

Here are all of the craft breweries I could find on OSM, along with any notes based on previous surveys.


These do not get rendered on www.openstreetmap.org:

amenity=pub and microbrewery=yes

  • Monkey Nine (pizzeria, bar, appears to be selling growlers)

amenity=pub and microbrewery=yes and craft=brewery

amenity=pub and microbrewery=yes and shop=beverages



craft=brewery and man_made=works and product=beer

Missing from OSM

External sources of information

These sites have fairly good lists of BC breweries: