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This page handles the import of landuse in the Cameroun Ouest region, near Bafoussam according to the Bad imports procedure.

Issues with the data

Lack of data quality

  • The nodes of the landuse data are distributed in a very clear grid. The ways connecting these nodes follow the sides of the grid square, or the diagonals.
  • There are thousands of overlapping nodes: on every place where a landuse touches a different landuse, the nodes are duplicated
  • There are even overlapping ways: some ways seem to be imported twice
  • There are different ways of tagging: the import seems to be done by multiple persons, where some preferred the types residential+farmland+forest, and others preferred the types scrub+forest.
  • Tags aren't used correctly. There are f.e. villages located in scrub instead of in residential landuse

Lack of discussion

The only reference I can see on many changesets involving the import is a reference to ENEO. When looking in the Wiki, I can find no reference to ENEO, I also can't find any discussion on an import for Cameroun landuse. This makes me conclude that there's no discussion and also no documentation.

License of the data

When looking up ENEO on the internet (as it's the only clue that can be retrieved from the data), the only reference I find is to an energy company in Cameroun:

This makes me wonder if the data is legal.

Contacted users involved with the import

Possible fix

Landuse has been removed


Done via mailing list