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Basildon, Basildon(Essex District)

latitude: 51.575, longitude: 0.477
Browse map of Basildon 51°34′30.00″ N, 0°28′37.20″ E
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Basildon is a town in Basildon(Essex District) at latitude 51°34′30.00″ North, longitude 0°28′37.20″ East.

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Basildon is the town within the district of Basildon(Essex District) in Essex.


Basildon is a "New Town" located in the south of Essex. It has a fair shopping centre with decent parking centrally, and a patch of nightlife ([1]"Bas Vegas") in the north of the town. A good collection of woodland walks to the south / west were added before, the Basildon Mapping Party held on the weekend of 26-27th September 2009 added many of the residential roads, although some areas remained unmapped. Some of the residential areas have the properties on footways/pedestrian ways which have not yet been added; the roads mapped in those areas are perhaps more named service roads to the rear of the properties than actual residential roads. Further visits to such areas will be required to improve the mapping. Bus stops have been imported from NaPTAN but need verifying. Very few POIs have been added.


Have been updated from NaPTAN and TNDS data.