Basildon(Essex District)

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Basildon(Essex District), Essex

latitude: 51.57, longitude: 0.466
Browse map of Basildon(Essex District) 51°34′12.00″ N, 0°27′57.60″ E
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Basildon(Essex District) is a district in Essex at latitude 51°34′12.00″ North, longitude 0°27′57.60″ East.

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Basildon is a district of Essex named after the town of the same name in the centre of the district.

Places in Basildon District

Towns in the Basildon District

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Villages in the Basildon District

Bus Routes

For a map showing bus routes see here (updates roughly weekly). For more details about tagging see Öpnvkarte.

Bus routes in Basildon

Mapping Basildon's bus network.

Status started

A list of Bus routes in Basildon District. Routes already entered can be seen on Öpnvkarte[1]

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No. Name Route Status Network Notes
1 Basildon–Pitsea relation 408432 Routing (3/4) Stephensons/ Executive
1A Basildon–Pitsea relation 408450 Routing (3/4) Stephensons
2 Bournes Green–Basildon relation 398233 Routing (3/4) Arriva Southend Service extended from Southend to Bournes Green on Sundays only
5 Southend–Thurrock Lakeside relation 398190 Routing (3/4) First Essex
5 Basildon–Pitsea relation 408061 Routing (3/4) First Essex/ Clintona
8 Pitsea–Laindon relation 407999 Routing (3/4) First Essex
8A Pitsea–Laindon relation 408024 Routing (3/4) First Essex
8B Pitsea–Laindon relation 408055 Routing (3/4) First Essex/ Go Ahead Blue Triangle
8C Pitsea–Laindon relation 408491 Routing (3/4) Go Ahead Blue Triangle
11 Basidon–Purfleet relation 405921 Routing (3/4) Clintona
14 Chelmsford–Wickford relation 408650 Routing (3/4) Regal Busways
15 Chelmsford–Wickford relation 408655 Routing (3/4) Regal Busways
15A Chelmsford–Wickford relation 408656 Routing (3/4) Regal Busways
21 Basildon–North Benfleet relation 408068 Routing (3/4) NIBS
22 Basildon–Canvey Leigh Beck relation 407711 Routing (3/4) First Essex
25 Southend–Basildon relation 398267 Routing (3/4) First Essex
25B Wickford–Langdon Hills relation 408245 Routing (3/4) First Essex
25C Basildon–Shotgate relation 410612 Routing (3/4) First Essex
100 Chelmsford–Thurrock Lakeside relation 406531 Routing (3/4) First Essex
101 Basildon–Billericay relation 411415 Routing (3/4) Go-Ahead Blue Triangle
104 Basildon–Great Berry relation 408361 Routing (3/4) NIBS
106 Laindon–Great Berry relation 408365 Routing (3/4) NIBS limited service
140 Chelmsford–Basidon relation 408994 Routing (3/4) First Essex Sundays only
150 Basildon–Thurrock Lakeside relation 406608 Routing (3/4) Arriva Southend
200 Basildon–Thurrock Lakeside relation 406578 Routing (3/4) First Essex
221 Wickford circular relation 410697 Routing (3/4) NIBS
222 Billericay–Wickford relation 410626 Routing (3/4) NIBS
237 Basildon–South Woodham Ferrers relation 408094 Routing (3/4) NIBS
251 Southend–Warley relation 399074 Routing (3/4) NIBS Sundays only
551 Brentwood–Basildon relation 408253 Routing (3/4) First Essex
552 Billericay–Ramsden Heath relation 411449 Routing (3/4) Executive Mondays–Fridays peak hours tidal flow only