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Billericay, Basildon(Essex District)

latitude: 51.628, longitude: 0.418
Browse map of Billericay 51°37′40.80″ N, 0°25′04.80″ E
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Billericay is a town in Basildon(Essex District) at latitude 51°37′40.80″ North, longitude 0°25′04.80″ East.

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Billericay scnshot20070220.jpg

A screenshot of the slippy map on 20 February 2007, showing the initial roads.


Billericay is a semi-rural town in the Basildon district of Essex in the East of England region of the UK. It has a population of 40,000.1 The settlement lies along the B1007, which is called Stock Road for most of its length in the town.

The main named suburbs are Queens Park in the northeast, Sunnymede in the west, Tye Common in the southwest and the largest, South Green, to the southeast. The area to the northwest between Stock Road, Norsey Road and Mayflower school are Bridles Eastate and Norsey Farm Estate. The Bridles Estate is a mix of residential roads and residential footpaths with private garages to serve houses without a private drive. This network is served by Brookside and Bridleway through roads which both connect to Potash Road. Norsey Farm Estate is mostly residential cul-de-sacs leading off Mercer Road which runs from the Bridles Estate to Norsey Road.

The industrial estate is off Radford Way. Commercial undertakings are mainly sited between Radford Way and the railway and on the higher levels of buildings down the High Street.


An estimated 42% has been mapped using GPS, of which virtually all has been interpreted into ways i.e. roads, footpaths, parks. Nearly all the ways created from these traces have been tagged to give them names, although names of parks and school do not always appear on the slippy map. Features, e.g. post boxes, bus stops etc are included in the mapped areas more often then not. Mapping continues of the remaining areas.

Areas still needing to be mapped


  • Queens Park
  • Billericay area off Mountnessing Road in the North.
  • Buckwyns


  • Footpaths and Bridleways
  • Billericay South of the Railway Line and west of the B1007, including Sunneymede.
  • Billericay South of the A129 and west of the A176, including Tye Green
  • South Green

Areas with known missing ways or features

  • Lake Meadows and adjacent recreational ground
    • Boundaries
    • Footpaths and landuse in Lake Meadows
  • Minor or private roads off of Radford Way
  • Trails trough Norsey Woods
  • Outwood Common Road

Early work by Ksbrowntalk

Initially, around the 18th of February 2007, this user began to map the main routes and town from the north, as shown in the first screenshop of the map above.

By the 1 March, Stock Road and the Bridles Estate were fully mapped and the train line was begun. An area referred to as Arundel Heights was also mapped. A few days later, by the 5 March, most of the area enclosed by Stock, Norsey and Potash Road was complete.

The North of the town, to the east of Perry Street and Queens Park Avenue was almost completely mapped by 15 March.

Postitions of landmarks

Billericay landmarks (major and minor)
Landmark/identifier Type Latitude Longitude Altitude /m Street Notes
Billericay Station National Rail Station 51.628736 0.418520 125 Radford Way Outside ticket office
Billericay Station National Rail Station 51.628966 0.418491 125 Radford Way Outside ticket office (second reading)
Post Office Post office 51.631946 0.408808 109 Mountnessing Road Postbox directly outside
Post Box, Billericay Station Postbox 51.629066 0.418235 128 Radford Way
Post Box, Mid Perry Street Postbox 51.639608 0.425961 126 Perry Street Acquired behind the box
Post Box, Billericay Bapist Church Postbox 51.636358 0.418838 123 Perry Street
Post Box, Western Road Postbox 51.626918 0.412925 127 Western Road
Post Box, Meade Road Postbox 51.639943 0.437288 122 Meade Road
The Railway Pub 51.628098 0.419286 131 Stock Road
The Pilgrim Pub 51.631671 0.408979 113 Mountnessing Road Slightly in front and to the right of the entrance
The New Mayflower Pub 51.626446 0.427518 105 Jacksons Lane
Crist Church Religous 51.637946 0.421083 122 Perry Street At Perry St. entrance
Billericay Spiritualist Centre Religous 51.628735 0.416833 127 West Park Crescent
Speed camera, Radford Way Speed Camera 51.630001 0.414695 122 Radford Way
Recycling recpeticals, Mountnessing roundabout Speed Camera 51.631800 0.410126 112 Roundabout Glass and paper
Lake Meadows park entrance Gate 51.633068 0.412676 112 Knightbridge Walk
Skate Park Sports 51.632556 0.414420 108 Footpath At entrance gate.
Billericay Rugby Football Club Sports 51.648930 0.435396 108 Stock Road At entrance. Not in Billericay
Welcome to Billericay Sign Boundary 51.648441 0.434815 111 Stock Road

Billericay Bus Stops (major and minor)
Name Latitude Longitude Altitude /m Street Route(s) Direction
The Vale 51.646333 0.433003 111 Stock Road 100 Basildon
Mayflower School 51.641123 0.431116 115 Stock Road 100 Basildon
Headley Road 51.635820 0.426086 125 Stock Road 100 Basildon
Headley Road 51.636136 0.426136 128 Stock Road 100 Chelmsford
Potash Road 51.644525 0.432298 100 Stock Road 100 Chelmsford
The Vale 51.646930 0.433306 110 Stock Road 100 Chelmsford
Norsey Road 51.637743 0.442083 128 Norsey Road 101 Basildon
Mercer Road 51.638560 0.438071 119 Mercer Road 101 Basildon (fare stage)
Billericay centre 51.637946 0.421083 122 Perry Street 101, 140 Basildon
The Copse 51.636240 0.418423 115 Perry Street 101, 140 Basildon
Lakeside 51.636026 0.414410 109 Perry Street 101, 140 Basildon
Atridge Close 51.635276 0.412023 101 Perry Street 101, 140 Basildon
Dedham Road 51.627330 0.432420 107 Meadow Rise 101, 140 Basildon
Felsted Road 51.627401 0.435258 100 Hillway 101, 140 Basildon
Hillway 51.626453 0.439776 116 Hillway 101, 140 Basildon
The Copse 51.636555 0.419031 126 Perry Street 101, 140 Basildon
Billericay centre 51.636529 0.418931 123 Perry Street 101, 140 ?, Chelmsford
Graham Close 51.640276 0.428053 112 Perry Street 101, 140 ?, Chelmsford
Bellevue Rd 51.629010 0.407976 117 Mountnessing Road 22, 757 Towards London Road junction
Bellevue Rd 51.629088 0.407873 116 Mountnessing Road 22, 757 Towards Radford Way roundabout
Somerfields 51.637703 0.415484 103 Queens Park Avenue ? Centre
Queens Park Roundabout 51.636319 0.412546 108 Queens Park Roundabout 101, 140 ?
Goosberry Green 51.631903 0.410016 108 Mountnessing Roundabout 101, 146, 222, 256, 751 Basildon (fare stage)

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