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Bath, Somerset, England

latitude: 51.38, longitude: -2.36
Browse map of Bath 51°22′48.00″ N, 2°21′36.00″ W
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Bath is a city in Somerset, England at latitude 51°22′48.00″ North, longitude 2°21′36.00″ West.

This page is about current mapping in Bath, UK. For previous OSM in Bath, see Bath 2006.


Using the latest OS OpenData Locator data, road names from OS can be compared with those in OSM. There are currently 34 discrepancies within Bath. The results can be found at Bath/OSLocator_Comparison.

Previous Progress

Thanks to the mapping party, most parts of Bath have some mapping.

  • City centre: 90% done
  • London Road area: 80% done
  • Weston: 75% done
  • Twerton: 85% done
  • Oldfield Park: 75% done
  • Widcome/Combe Down: 60% done

highway length sums (metres) as at 2007-05-01
residential 139,437m
footway 48,676m
unclassified 42,739m
primary 23,143m
trunk 20,568m
tertiary 13,472m
service 7,961m
secondary 7,765m
cycleway 5,554m
bridleway 4,196m
track 2,385m
pedestrian 1,339m
steps 1,142m
minor 302m
TOTAL 318,684m

Things to do

  • Footpaths - there are many footpaths that lead out of Bath into the surrounding countryside, most of which are not yet mapped.
  • Tourist destinations - clearly the main users of maps in Bath are tourists. Adding all major attractions, will make the map very useful.
  • Bus routes and stops - bus stops have been imported from NAPTAN. These need to be verified. Also, bus route relations are missing - there's an extensive service in and around town, but barely anything on the OSM map. Bath/Bus Routes in Bath

Active mappers

Graham - Did the sector West of the Wellsway to Oldfield Park. Will continue outwards in this area.

Rob - Did bits all over the place: Larkhall, Weston, Twerton, Combe Down

Tim - Micromapping in the town centre, and pushing for bus routes in and around town