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The map data in OSM prior to the Mapping Party

The 2006 Bath mapping party is a past event which took place in Bath, Somerset/Avon on 19-20 August 2006. This is quite early in the History of OpenStreetMap.

The aim was to complete a new map of the beautiful city (interested parties were invited to add contact details to the list below.)


Map edits as at 29 August 2006. Still a lot to do but a big improvement.


  • RESULTS - An aggregate image showing all the tracks collected over the weekend.
Day one of the Bath Mapping Party. A screenshot from JOSM, showing traces collected after the first day of the Bath mapping party
  • When - 10am onwards, usually morning and afternoon sessions for those without previous experience (10am & 2pm starts), both Sat 19th and Sun 20th August.
  • Meet Venue - Café Nero, 21 High Street, Bath, BA1 5AJ. Thats the current proposed meeting place although that may change so keep an eye on this page for updates. The café has Boingo wireless hotspot.
  • Accommodation - If you wish to attend but need accommodation add your requirements below for Fri/Sat night and we will see if anything is available. At this point in time we are not sure what might be available or what the cost might be. There is also a campsite with space available this weekend on the outskirts of Bath, check here for details.
  • GPS units - We will have perhaps up to 8 spare GPS units (Garmin units?) available. At Mapchester we loaned out about a dozen units without any problems by holding a drivers licence/passport/keys etc) as security.

Who's going?

  • SteveC - All weekend
  • Blackadder - All weekend
  • Nickb - All weekend - could do with some accomodation, can bring two GPS units in return!
  • GWall - Saturday, at least.
  • Nick W - At least one day, probably the one with the best weather, possibly both. Accommodation (Sat/Sun, not needed Fri/Sat) would be useful if available, probably cheaper than paying the train company for two journeys :-)
  • Andy - Only just discovered openstreetmap, but I live in Bath and will try to find some time to say hello. Can't promise enough time to help with mapping at this short notice but can provide local knowledge if anyone needs it.

Things we might link to to promote the weekend

Press Release

2006 Bath Mapping Party Press Release was sent to Bath Chronicle, BBC Somerset, BBC Bristol and GWR Bath

Blackadder did a radio interview over the phone with GWR Bristol/Bath on 17th August.

Schematic planning map

Mapping Plan

Plans for what we (ie OSM) want to achieve over the weekend should be made here. If you have something you want to map thats great. Note that many of the city centre roads have been mapped and named but no other tagging applied.

Weekend Report

Thanks go to those who came: Alex, AndyR, Ava, Declan kruppa, Erica, Nickb, NickW, Graham, Rob & SteveC + AndyM for dropping in and saying hello.

Bath20060820ANDY 048t.jpg Bath20060820ANDY 184t.jpg Bath20060820ROB 097t.jpg

Bath20060819ROB 148t.jpg Bath20060820ANDY 001t.jpg Bath20060820ANDY 002t.jpg

Bath20060820ANDY 004t.jpg Bath20060820ANDY 005t.jpg Bath20060820ANDY 006t.jpg