Beaverton, Oregon

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Beaverton, Oregon, United States
latitude: 45.4871723, longitude: -122.8037804
Browse map of Beaverton 45°29′13.82″ N, 122°48′13.61″ W
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Beaverton is a town in Oregon, United States at latitude 45°29′13.82″ North, longitude 122°48′13.61″ West.

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Addressing and Building Footprints

Highway Routes

Route Relation Completed Notes
Route 8 (West) relation 1862454 no Need to fix broken links
Route 8 (East) relation 6249620 no Need to fix broken links

Transit Routes


Route Type Relation Completed Notes
Bus 57: Beaverton Transit Center => Forest Grove route relation 4244273 no Need verification
Bus 57: Forest Grove => Beaverton Transit Center route relation 4244274 no Need verification


Route Relation Completed Notes
MAX Blue Line: Hillsboro => Gresham relation 4565764 no Need verification
MAX Blue Line: Gresham => Hillsboro relation 4565763 no Need verification

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Suburb OSM Node Mapper Assigned Status Notes
[ ] none incomplete


Neighborhood OSM Node Mapper Assigned Status Notes
[ ] none incomplete

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Water Body OSM Node Mapper Assigned Status Notes
[ ] none incomplete

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