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Bing *may* be in the position to prioritise imagery updates based on community input. In June 2011 User:Steve asked for input and was kind of overwhelmed with the response. Thus it's being put here for help sorting it in to a reasonable format and to be prioritised.

I have no idea how to prioritise all these requests. One way to start would be to categorise them by whether there is existing data or not and how old it is.

Below are copy&paste chunks from all the emails received, people like you will help clean it up:

Needs fixup


  • High resolution coverage of Libya, Tunisia and Algeria is currently limited to only a few areas, mainly around capitals. Humanitarians going to Libya, for instance, are likely to find very limited OSM data outside of these areas. Syria has a relatively good coverage, but with holes in populatedareas like Aleppo (largest city) and Homs (3rd largest city). Coverage of Amman in Jordan is also missing. Extending coverage of Bangladesh would also be useful for naturaldisaster preparedness.
  • Egypt, Tunisia, Libya
  • Tanzania especially the Kilimanjaro Region



Ghana (1x) has had formal imagery requests for our pilot mapping project in Tamale, Ghana. However the volunteer mappers in Tamale & the rest of Ghana want to improve mapping of the whole of Ghana. The project will be running in Ghana from August 2011 until at least the end of the year. It is key for us to find out when this imagery might be available in Bing as we will purchase our own imagery for areas that are not covered by Bing by autumn of 2011. The pilot project in Tamale will require this extent of imagery at the least. The following requests have been made for the rest of Ghana:

Generally better large scale coverage of Ghana but particular cities include:

Tanzania is a group of GIS users in Tanzania which shares a mailing list and a website. Many of the central users live in and around Arusha. The group is keen on doing training for OpenStreetMap mapping sometime after August 2012. It would be ideal to have imagery covering Arusha so that the users can see the benefits of OpenStreetMap in their own neighbourhood. Arusha is tha safari gateway for famous National Parks like Serengeti and Kilimanjaro. A lot of tourists pass through Arusha every day. Providing them with good maps OpenStreetMap data would be good. Arusha is also where Tanzania National Parks, Tanzania Wildlife Research institute and Tanzania Conservation Resource Centre holds offices.

The following Areas are of particular interest:



  • Bing coverage is fully available, only on 5 mid size cities (Echmiadzin, Vayq, Kapan, Goris, Ararat).
  • Capital Yerevan is covered only by rougly 20-25% (and with Yahoo turning off soon, this is an issue). Only western part of Yerevan is available.
  • Gyumri is covered by around 70-80%, with northern parts missing. There is partial coverage of Ashtarak.
  • Other big cities and regions are not covered at all (Vanadzor, Spitak, Aboyan, Hrazdan, Armavir, Dilijan, Ijevan, Stepanavan, Gavar).
  • It would help a lot if we can bring Bing to real geographical coordinates. Currently there is drift of ~20-30 meters, and adjusting it doesn't make much sense, as new users come and "fix" objects according to Imagery, not real GPS data. Reverting is rough and unwelcoming, adjusting over and over, is sisyphean work. There is no option to adjust imagery in Potlatch 2, which new users prefer. Sometimes you're happy there's only partial Bing coverage, because of that.
  • After Yahoo turning off, Bing will be only aerial imagery available for Armenia.

India (3x)

  • Better zoom levels of Indian cities ( capitals of states, tourist and religious places) and better zoom levels for Indian rural areas ( I know asking this is huge but try as much as you can ( would love for Andhra pradesh state ) )
  • Himachal Pradesh, a Himalayan state in India prioritized. Along with that, any improved coverage of the Himalayas will be appreciated
  • Imagery for India please, particularly the rural areas and small towns.
  • Tirupati and Tirumala, Andhra pradesh - Major pilgrimage center
  • Cauvery delta, Tamil Nadu - Hub of rice production in the south, high density of prosperous villages, complex irrigation systems, places of tourist and historical importance
  • Forests of Chattisgarh and Orissa - Naxalite affected districts, maps can help improve information dissemination and planning
  • Northeast India, Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura - Strategically important, difficult to travel due to geography and security situation, ecologically sensitive forests and river systems, uncertain infrastructure

Indonesia (1x)

  • Padang, Indonesia would be greatly appreciated.

Israel (3x)

There's still a need in hi-res imagery for Israel. One addition zoom level would be amazing for the biggest cities.

Philippines (1x)

Populated areas that don't have any imagery.

East Timor

East Timor (Timor Leste) needs a much bettter coverage. The main city Dili could need a much better map. Also roads in general are not covered very well. user:raglar will be going to East Timor in a months time, so some gpx-traces will be used to update OSM in Dili. Being able to trace data would be better though.


It would be great to have more detailed aerials of Turkey.


In Mongolia are no hires-aerials available. Also OSM-Data is very bad.


Missing aerials starting at zoom level 14 in north-east Laos from Muang Kham to Vietnamese border. See


Austria (2x)

  • updated images of Linz, Austria and the surrounding areas. also the other two bigger cities in upper austria, Wels and Steyr could benefit from new images
The City of Linz/Upper Austria would need new images as there are bad failures in the Spallerhof area. Buildings and Streets are up to 20 meters away from their real position. The City of Linz is at a good general state, the city is willing to make publish their geodata (including adresses) under a free license, it would be bad if we could not use them because of the poor aerial images.
There are also some areas in Carynthia which are nearly uncovered by Bing. However, there is a second available image service called --Humanist 10:34, 27 June 2011 (BST)
  • need a better resolution of Osttirol especially Virgental, Defereggental, Groß Venediger... Zoom 17 or higher.


There's still a need in hi-res imagery for Belarus. Forwarding a thread. Since then, we've found black-and-white hirez for Mozyr, but all the other cities are still uncovered.

Any other places in Belarus would be nice too. As Yahoo is going to close their API, we're going to lose the most contemporary OSM-mapping-allowed image for Minsk, the capital.

The largest cities (>100K population) in Belarus that do not have hi-res images

  • Homel (Гомель), pop: 483K; node
  • Mahilyow (Могилёв), pop: 365K; node
  • Baranovichi (Барановичи), pop: 169K; node
  • Barysaw (Борисов), pop: 147K; node
  • Pinsk (Пинск), pop: 131K; node
  • Orsha (Орша), pop: 117K; node
  • Navapolatsk (Новополоцк), pop: 101K; node
  • Soligorsk (Солигорск), pop: 102K; node

Other cities of Belarus

  • Cherven map
  • Vitebsk map
  • Svetlogorsk map
  • Kalinkovichi map
  • Pozhartsy village map

England (1x)

  • University of Birmingham and environs Edgbaston Birmingham UK -current tiles are discontinuous


  • The south-west regions of Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
    • Freiburg is quite blurry.
    • The Black Forest and the areas east of it are very old and outdated. Cities in and around this area are Freiburg, Villingen-Schwenningen, Donaueschingen, Tuttlingen, Waldshut. Google Maps has the same old imagery in most parts. This would be a nice opportunity to get people to use Bing instead of Google.
  • The region between and around Cologne-Bonn has outdated images from june 2005
    • While bonn has a pretty good resolution (Z19) the images are dark and blury. Google has much better imagery in terms of resolution and sharpness but looks even older. OviMaps (Nokia, Source DigitalGlobe) have more uptodate imagery with better resolution and contrast compared to Bing.
    • Cologne has only medium resolution (Z17) which is a not enough for such a densely populated area. Google and OviMaps have much higher resolution and image quality. For the city of cologne you might acquire high resolution, high quality uptodate imagery (april 2010) from Aerowest.
  • The Eifel (see Wikipedia) has medium resolution (Z17) and medium quality. Images are outdated (june 2005). Really bad and annoying great parts of this region suffer from poor to bad alignment, changing several times even within a few 100 meters.
  • the region Ostfriesland (East Frisia), Germany
    • with the exeption of the cities Emden and Wilhelmshaven it is very blurry and outdated. In cities it is hard to draw houses that way, that you can assign the housenumbers. Google has the identical old imagery but with a higher resolution which would be sufficient. Beyond that parts of the area are covered by Aerowest with recent and high quality imagery.
  • The Peak "Zugspitze" is the highest Mountain of germany and so probably a common target. The Peak and the top station are blurred and displaced.
  • Frankfurt Airport has bad coverage. The images are overexposed and thus quite unusable. In addition to this there are major changes made like another runway, a new gate, a new terminal.

Hungary (1x)

East and West Hungary have a low coverage (only big cities) whereas Budapest and South Hungary have a rather good coverage. Details:

  • Northwest to the city of Veszprém (population ~60K) there is virtually no coverage. This includes even an inhabited part of Veszprém (Csatárhegy).


Clouds cover or imagery is too low-res to be useful in the Western Fjords mostly and in North Iceland. South-West Iceland and the Westman Islands also suffering.

Towns and villages lacking in imagery:

Ireland (3x)

  • Naturally, I'm going to mention my local town of Athy, Co. Kildare, Ireland (52.99N 6.99W roughly). But if you're talking about cities, then the quality of the imagery in Dublin, Ireland isn't great, and the long shadows from buildings make many building outlines and streets indistinct. An update would be great!
  • Other cities in Ireland with no detailed imagery include Kilkenny City (a very popular tourist destination) and Waterford.

the island of Ireland:

Drogheda Ennis Dundalk Killarney Longford Monaghan Cavan Omagh Dungannon Enniskillen

And maybe, if existing imagery will be considered for a refresh:

Dublin (existing stuff is lower res than a lot of what's coming available elsewhere and of poor contrast)

  • village of Moneygall (and nearby towns such as Birr, Roscrea, Nenagh) in Ireland where American President Obama came to visit his ancestorial home.


Poland (2x)

  • include more Poland coverage would be wonderful
  • higher resolution of the Masurian Lake District and High Tatra needed. Zoom 17 or higher.

Romania (1x)

  • Romania has around 25% Bing imagery coverage, but mostly seriously old (~2001) and some major cities are not or only partially covered. Any improvement would help us to compete better with Map Maker and gain more contributors.


Population over 400K

We have a list of sources for all cities with population over 100k in Russian Wiki:

Several cities with population over 400k lack Bing imagery for entire or a part of their area. They are:

  • Izhevsk map
  • Ul’yanovsk map
  • Penza map
    • Coordinates: 53.2N; 45E.
    • There are more than half a million people living there and the city is the capital of the region, but still has no areal imagery coverage. There is one Bing stripe, that hits one little part of the city, but that’s it.
  • Cheboksary map
  • Magnitogorsk map
  • Tver map
    • Population: 410K

Other cities of Russia

  • Velikie Luki map
    • A town where the first Russian country-wide mapping party was held.
  • Sergiev Posad map
    • Population: 200K
  • Ivangorod/Narva map
    • Rus-Est border divides one town into two, has Yahoo imagery, but it'll disappear in three months.
  • Kamensk-Shakhtinsky map
    • Population: 100K
  • Salsk map
    • Population: 60K
  • Kogalym, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug map
    • The headquarter of the main extraction subsidiary of LUKOIL.
    • Of all significant cities in district, probably, the only city which is uncovered by high-res imagery.
  • Nizhny Tagil map
    • Population: 373K
  • Verkhnyaya Salda map (+ Nizhnyaya Salda map)
    • Population: 47K (+ Population: 18K)
  • Gryazi, Lipetsk suburb, Russia (Грязи, Липецкая область, Россия) map
  • Pereslavl-Zalesky, Yaroslavl suburb, Russia (Переславль-Залесский, Ярославская область, Россия) map
    • Population: 42K

layers=M map]

    • Population: 100K

Scotland (2x)

It's really patchy at the moment, unlike England and Wales which have full coverage. I expect it's going to be covered by the "Global Ortho" project, but if it can be bumped up the list then so much the better.

Serbia / Kosovo (2x)

  • Serbia/Kosovo (e.g. Prishtine) would be helpful
  • Maybe a better coverage in Serbia/Kosovo (e.g. Prishtine) would be helpful.

Slovakia (1x)

  • higher resolution of Hight Tatra. Zoom 17 or higher.

Switzerland (4x)

  • Large areas of Switzerland have pretty low resolution.
  • Only patchy coverage, mostly either cloudy, shifted or really low-res. Basel and Zürich are looking really fine.
  • We are missing large parts of central Switzerland. Lucerne itself is OK, but the rest is either missing, or has images that are barely usable.


  • Sumy map pop: ~292K
  • Kharkiv map pop: ~1,4 mln
  • Kyiv map pop: ~2.8 mln
  • Kremenets (not from emails) map pop: ~24K
  • Dnipropetrovsk region^
    • Kruvyi Rig map pop: ~654K
    • Nikopol map pop:~160K
    • West part of Dnipropetrovsk map pop: ~1 mio
    • Dniprodzerzhinsk map pop:~250K
    • Pavlograd map pop: ~110K
    • Zhovti Vody map pop: ~50K
    • Marhanetsʹ map pop: ~50K
    • Synelnykove map pop: ~32K
  • Zaporizhzhya map pop: ~774K
  • Berdyansk map pop:~112K
  • Kherson map pop:~425K
  • Mykolaiv map pop:~498K
  • Odesa map pop:~1,191 mln
  • Melitopol map pop:~158K
  • Mariupol map pop:~488K
  • Donetsk map pop:~959K
  • Gorlovka map pop:~265K
  • Lugansk map pop:~469K
  • Lviv map pop:~760K
  • Lutsk map pop:~212K
  • Kovel mappop:~68K
  • Volodymyr-Volynskyi & Novovolynsk mappop:~120K
  • Vinnica [1] pop:~370K
  • Makievka map pop:~432K
  • Poltava map pop:~300K
  • Chernigiv map pop:~299K
  • Cherkassy map pop:~340K
  • Zhytomyr map pop:~271K
  • Khmelnytskyi map pop:~262K
  • Rivne map pop:~247K
  • Kirovograd map pop:~245K
  • Kremenchug map pop:~229K
  • Chernivtsi map pop:~243K
  • Crimea:
    • Alupka map pop:~8K
    • Alushta map pop:~40K
    • Armyansk map pop:~24K
    • Bakhchisaray map pop:~26K
    • Belogorsk map pop:~18K
    • Jankoy map pop:~15K
    • Evpatoria map pop:~123K
    • Saki [2] pop:~26K
    • Kerch map pop:~1.4K
    • Sevastopol map pop:~380K
    • Simferopol map pop:~360K
    • Sudak map pop:~14K
    • Feodosia map pop:~75K
    • Foros map pop:~2K
    • Yalta map pop:~389K


Australia (1x)

  • east coast of Australia, in many areas the coverage seems to cover huge regional areas but then stops short of the townships. I'd also like to throw in a vote for imagery of the alpine snowy mountains here too.

New Caledonia (2x)

  • New Caledonia and its islands would need some more high res imagery

North America


capitals of the Canadian territories are under served by aerial imagery.
  • Whitehorse, Capital of Yukon Territory: East part of town has no Bing imagery.
  • Yellowknife, Capital of Northwest Territories: No Bing Imagery
  • Iqaluit, Capital of Nunavut: No Bing imagery
  • Toronto, Ontario: Several major highway construction projects currently being built. They are upgrading the 401 to add in C/D lanes West of the 410. Also, the new Northern segment of the 410 which has been open since late-'09 isn't shown yet in the imagery (construction had started in '06, so the imagery here is at least pre-'05).
  • Newmarket, Ontario: New Northern extension of the 404 expressway is being built in this area that will be completed in December of 2012.
  • Sudbury, Ontario: New expressway alignment of 69 has been built in the area South of town. Imagery currently only shows the early stages of some of the construction and then it's low-resolution South along the rest of the new expressway alignment.
  • St. Catharines, Ontario south to Welland, Ontario: The QEW here has been completely rebuilt from the ground up recently and all the exits in this area have been modified. Also, the 406 has been twinned in a segment (you can see the construction on the 406 started in the current imagery).
  • Parry Sound, Ontario: New 400/69 expressway has been built and opened here, but the imagery is way out-of-date/low-resolution that a proper trace can't be entered into OSM at this time leading to missing at least one exit along it.
  • Sundridge, Ontario: 11 is having an expressway bypass being built here.
  • Arnprior, Ontario: 17 is being converted to 417 in this area and the imagery for this town to the West of Ottawa is really low-resolution/out-of-date.


  • more Haiti

United States

  • Kankakee, IL is offset
  • St. Ignace, MI is blanked
  • Frankfort, KY, Charleston, WV, Concord, NH, and Montpelier, VT (state capitals) may be the most important US cities to have no high-resolution coverage.
  • Sioux Falls, SD
  • Dubuque, IA
  • Washington's Tri-Cities (Pasco-Kennewick-Richland)
  • Alexandria, LA
  • Asheville, NC
  • Paducah, KY
  • Roanoke, VA
  • Lynchburg, VA
  • Cumberland, MD
  • Huntington, WV

Note: NAIP has 2010 imagery for many places.

  • DFW area. The whole interstate network has been undergoing a huge revamp over the last 4 years. It won't be complete until 2018 but there is a lot of work I could do now if I had better imagery. Routing (even via Google) is awful.
  • area around Dallas Cowboys stadium/Texas Ranger stadium. I have searched everywhere and the most recent I can find is late 2009/early 2010. For perspective, this area is so bad that local news channels did stories on it during the Super Bowl because no one from out of town could find their way around.
  • Walworth, Racine, and Kenosha Counties, WI. WisDOT recently completed an at-grade expressway bypass of Burlington, but the imagery is not new enough to show it, so I've been unable to finish mapping it.
  • southern California has been covered at zoom 19 (~0.25m/pel) at 2010-05, but even this year-old coverage is becoming stale with the resumption of building as the economy recovers
  • St. Louis, MO: imagery is from 2009 at the latest, since is still under construction. Crap, that was fast.
  • Charlotte, NC: The entire road network surrounding the Charlotte Douglas International Airport on the West side of the airport has been reconfigured in the year since the current imagery in Bing was acquired all because of the new runway that was built. Would be nice to have some updated imagery there so the area can be fixed properly to know which sections of old road are now gone, and where the new roads connect/go.
  • Orlando, FL: Any chance of getting the 2013 aerials here? --NE2 20:55, 23 February 2013 (UTC)
  • Tyler, TX: Brand new section of Toll 49 has recently opened up here. Imagery currently doesn't even show this segment under-construction and the imagery is dated from mid-2011. Shows you how fast they constructed it.
  • Lawrence County, TN: Several new alignments for US-64 have been built or are under-construction in this county. Some sections are shown being built in the Sat images and are supposedly open (can't confirm), and other don't even show any construction started.
  • San Francisco, CA. The new bridge and tunnel of the new Doyle Drive at the Golden Gate Bridge are not visible. Additionally, the South San Francisco area has changed recently with the excavation of Candlestick Park and the extension of runways and new taxiways at SFO.

  • The USGS 0.5 Eastern New York from the National Map is much MUCH better than the data available from Bing. Would be nice if it could be incorporated into the Bing aerial photos.

South America

Argentina (2x)

  • Termas de Río Hondo, Santiago del Estero Province, Argentina (because it is the major city between Tucuman and Santiago del Estero and a very touristy place), and the missing Western part of Yerba Buena, Tucuman Province, Argentina (because it is still missing to completely map the bigger San Miguel de Tucuman area).
  • more cities in Argentina.

Bolivia (1x)

  • Bolivia (NW and Central Bolivia)

Brazil (1x)

  • 1. Unaí
  • 2. Brasília
  • 3. Natal
  • 4. Orlândia (and surroundings)

Colombia (2x)

  • city of Manizales, Colombia
  • City of Popayán (Popayán, Cauca, Colombia)

Ecuador (1x)

  • Ecuador (higlands and coast)

Guyana (1x)

  • Coast East from Georgetown to New Amsterdam, and from New Amsterdam to Moleson Creek.
  • Coast West of Georgetown and heading south at Essequibo River to Bartica.