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Who is Bob Spirko?

Bob Spirko has agreed to allow the import the '.kml' files of his hikes and scrambles in the Canadian Rockies which he maintains on his website

The intention is to map the underlying tracks/trails/paths, and then create his routes in Relation Routes. As such I guess the Relation Route tags should be:

  • operator = 'Bob_Spirko'
  • name = '< name of hike >'
  • url = '< url of hike >'
  • source = ' '

The Hikes

(Only listing ones with '.kml', visit for write ups and photos from other hikes.)

The Scrambles

The 'Nugara' Scrambles (Relation 19125):

  • Anderson Peak (www, kml, map, Relation 18323)
  • Bellevue Hill (www, kml, Relation ????)
  • Drywood Mountain (www, kml, Relation 19122)
  • Gladstone, Mount (www, kml, Relation 19124)
  • Holy Cross Mountain (www, kml, Relation ?????)
  • Kananaskis Peak (www, kml, Relation ????)
  • Pincher Ridge (www, kml, Relation ????)
  • St. Eloi Mountain (www, kml, Relation ????)
  • Shunga-la-she (www, kml, Relation ????)
  • Syncline Mountain (www, kml, Relation ????)
  • Table Mountain (www, kml, Relation ????)
  • Tiara Peak (www, kml, Relation ????)
  • Victoria Peak (www, kml, Relation ????)
  • Victoria Ridge (www, kml, Relation ????)
  • Wasootch Peak (www, kml, Relation ????)
  • Wendell Mountain, East Peak (www, kml, Relation ????)

Permission Thread

From: Bob Spirko <>
Subject: Re: Open Street Map Trails
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 21:50:47 -0600

You're welcome to d/l the .kml files and use them. I certainly believe 
in sharing information when it comes to the mountains! wrote:
> Hello Bob,
> I found your website by following a couple of links from, I
> am one of the few Albertan volunteers with OpenStreetMap and am working on
> getting tracks/trails imported from various sources. I live down in the
> Crowsnest Pass and enjoyed reading your write up of the trails in the
> area.
> I notice that you have some '.kml' available to download, would you be
> agreeable to the idea of (me) importing these to OpenStreetMap?
> The OpenStreetMap project ( provides Free
> maps and geo-data of the planet under the Creative Commons (CC-SA)
> license. This means that the maps/geodata can be used by anyone without
> licensing costs, and the fact that the data is also available enables cool
> tricks like generating downloadable maps for GPS units.
> With the other imports that I have done, I have set a 'source=' tag to
> attribute the donor of the data. We can also set a 'URL=' tag which at
> present doesn't do anything, but maybe in the future it will.
> Yours faithfully,
> Simon Wood
> (aka Mungewell)