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It is great this is available. However, folks have been dumping the unrefined GPS track, ele tags (one per node) included, into the main OSM database. For various reasons this is not a good approach, spider webs, duplicate ways, overlapping ways, elevation tags, etc. Most of these are fairly extreme adventures off the main path with 'bushwacking' where there is no designated trail. Care needs to be taken in considering the existing “normal” trails, or lack of “normal” trails before these extreme ones dominate the map.

I would personally upload this to GPS Traces first and map the track with consideration to existing trails, splitting the approach part from the main scramble/climb, perhaps not including the approach part if the main trail exists.

Anyone else thinks perhaps we should define a 'how to process unrefined GPS' approach for these and other unrefined GPS tracks?

For example, a simple statement:

When mapping based on unrefined GPS please follow the procedure outlined in to upload the track to GPS Traces first and use the GPS Traces to map the track manually in a similar way to tracing from aerial imagery.