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Radweg Berlin-Dresden is a booklet with maps based on OSM-data of the bicycle route with the same name. It was published in April 2014. Radweg Berlin-Dresden is a bicycle route between Berlin and Dresden developed by members of the non-profit-making German bicycle organization ADFC in Dresden.


  • Tilemill was used for rendering. Mapnik scale factor 3. Print resolution 300 dpi.
  • The well-known CartoCSS-stylesheet openstreetmap-carto by Andy Allen was used with several modifications.
  • Typical command for rendering with tilemill:node /usr/share/tilemill/index.js export openstreetmap-carto 8-z12.png --format png --bbox="13.6893, 51.1811, 13.8507, 51.3347" --width 1475 --height 2244 --scale 3.0
  • The PNGs (map files) were combined into one PDF-file using LaTeX and tikz.
  • Scale bars were created with tikz in LaTex.
  • A custom map key was created with tikz in LaTex.

openstreetmap-carto stylesheet modifications

  • admin.mss: Don't show anything with admin-level equal or less than 7.
  • power.mss: Don't show anything
  • stations.mss: station name already [zoom >= 13] instead of [zoom >= 14]
  • several other modidications ...

Manipulations of the data in the Postgres database

Sometimes I was not satisfied with the output created by Tilemill with openstreetmap-carto. Often, I encountered some wrong or annoying labels. I did not find a very convenient way to get rid of single labels, but this is how I did:

  • Install and open pgadmin III
  • go to schemas->public->tables in the relevant database

Rename label SQL

UPDATE planet_osm_line SET name = 'Amselstr.' 
(SELECT CTID FROM planet_osm_line WHERE name='Amselstraße'  )

Delete maximum one label with a certain name SQL

UPDATE planet_osm_point SET name = ''
(SELECT CTID FROM planet_osm_point WHERE name='Diakonissenkrankenhaus' LIMIT 1 )

Map key

Legend created with LaTeX and tikz

In order to make a printable map key, LaTeX and tikz was used to make a copy of I have pasted the code I used here.


We are grateful for the data and the tools provided by the OpenStreetMap community. We do what we can to spread the word about OSM. Feel free to ask any questions about the creation of the booklet - preferable via the Talk page. I would supply more source code if needed.

We sell the booklets at a rate of 3€ and also ship them worldwide (Germany 3€, worldwide 5€).