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Bulle, Switzerland
latitude: 46.62, longitude: 7.05
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Bulle is a town in Switzerland at latitude 46°37′12.00″ North, longitude 7°03′00.00″ East.

Bulle is a town of 17 621 inhabitants (2008). It's the main town of the District de la Gruyère, which is part of Canton de Fribourg.



How to help


Your help is welcome!

  • update street names. If a street name is missing and you know it, then please let us know. The simplest way for you is to add the name using Notes - just create a marker at the appropriate position on the map and add the missing name.
  • add points of interest. Do you know about schools, museums, public buildings, water parks, swimming halls, or sport areas? Just launch the online map editor Potlatch and add them to the map.

Please note that Yahoo has now nice orthophoto in winter time for the city Bern and the Aare valley up to Thun.

GPS traces wanted

Please collect GPS traces in and around Fribourg and upload them to OSM. Make sure you add the tags Switzerland and Bulle when uploading.