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Below is a list of the bus routes in northeast Hertfordshire, mainly centring around the towns of Royston and Buntingford;[1] these bus routes may or may not have appropriate relations. Remember that this page is not a travel guide; it's simply to aid in, and document the progress of, the relationisation of northeast Hertfordshirian bus routes. Tables and lists on this page may be incomplete; feel completely free to add routes to the table.[2] Some routes in northeast Herts are already being relation'd through the Bus routes in Cambridgeshire project; progress on these routes can be found over on that other page, there.

Localities of termination

  • Royston: routes 15, 16, 23, both 24s,[3] 26, 27, 43, 90/91, 127, 128, 139, 290, 331 and 386 terminate somewhere in Royston.[4]
  • Buntingford: bus routes 21, 25, 28 and 354 terminate in Buntingford; route 334 passes through.
  • Saffron Walden[5] 5, 301, 302, 444 and 446 terminate in Saffron Walden.
  • Hertford: bus routes 331 and 351 terminate in the town of Hertford.
  • Bishop's Stortford: routes 5, 7/7A, 10, 20, 33, 62 301, 306, 308, 318, 319, 321, 351, 386, 808 and SM18 terminate here.
  • Harlow:[6] routes 333, 347, 354, 510, C2/C3 and SM18 terminate in Harlow.

Table of routes

Route Bus operator Route description Notes Extent of relationing Relation ID
5 Trustybus[7] South End - Green Tye - Much Hadham - Widford - Harlow One bus in each direction; Saturdays only. (may be relation'd)
5 Excel Coaches Saffron Walden - Stansted Airport - Bishops Stortford (may be relation'd)
7/7A Bishop's Stortford - Birchanger - Molehill Green - Stansted Airport (may be relation'd)
10 Chrishall - Bishop's Stortford (may be relation'd)
11 Renown Coaches Chrishall - Clavering - Newport - Audley End - Saffron Walden This bus route falls wholly within Essex Relation'd only a little bit in the village of Elmdon. relation 553404
15 C G Myall & Son Haslingfield - Bassingbourn - Royston Two parliamentary services each Wednesday; falls primarily within Cambs. See Bus routes in Cambs for route progress relation 535733
16 Royston town - Burns Road, Royston Circular route (may be relation'd)
20 Anstey/Brent Pelham - Bishop's Stortford (may be relation'd)
21 Dane End - Buntingford (may be relation'd)
23 Royston - Hitchin (may be relation'd)
24 Richmonds Coaches Roe Green/Rushden - Royston Wednesdays (running to Roe Green) and Saturdays (running to Rushden) only; one bus in each direction on either day. (may be relation'd)
25 Richmonds Coaches Buntingford - Sandon Operates only on Mondays; one bus in each direction. Circular route. Route and stops relation'd relation 1115719
26 Stagecoach in Cambridge Cambridge - Foxton - Melbourn - Royston Falls primarily within Cambridgeshire See Bus routes in Cambs for route progress relation 318727
27 Royston - Brent Pelham (may be relation'd)
28 Richmonds Coaches Furneux Pelham - Buntingford One service a day, in each direction; operates only on Mondays (may be relation'd)
31 Meridian Line Travel Cambridge - Fowlmere - Barley Falls primarily within Cambridgeshire See Bus routes in Cambs for route progress relation 318739
33 Chelmsford - Bishop's Stortford (may be relation'd)
43 Richmond's Coaches Royston - Heydon - Chrishall A few buses each day, Monday to Saturday relation 553528
62 Elmdon - Bishop's Stortford (may be relation'd)
90/91 Centrebus[8] Letchworth - Royston One service per day is numbered 90; remainder are numbered 91. relation 90 and relation 91
127 Charter Travel Royston - Bassingbourn - Litlington - The Mordens See Bus routes in Cambs for route progress relation 556675
128 Charter Travel Royston - Shepreth - Meldreth - Melbourn Circular route See Bus routes in Cambs for route progress relation 544469
139 Stagecoach in the Fens[9] Foxton - Great Shelford - Sawston - Royston See Bus routes in Cambs for route progress relation 538450
202 relation 555564
290 Hinxworth - Royston relation 555565
301 Excel Coaches Stansted Airport - Bishop's Stortford - Saffron Walden A pretty full Monday to Saturday timetable; must be a popular route. (may be relation'd)
302 St Michael's Mead - Saffron Walden School service; not to be relation'd Not to be relation'd (school service)
306 First Essex Wicken Bonhunt - Clavering - Bishop's Stortford School service; not to be relation'd Not to be relation'd (school service)
308 Excel Coaches Bishop's Stortford - Stansted Airport Well-used and popular bus route. (may be relation'd)
317 Elsenham - Bishop's Stortford Service withdraw---last day of service: 9th April 2010. Do not relation; don't relation withdrawn services[10] (do not relation)
318 Thaxted - Bishop's Stortford (may be relation'd)
319 Great Dunmow - Bishop's Stortford (may be relation'd)
321 Excel Coaches Sheering - Bishop's Stortford Route/timetable until 30/4/2010;[11] operates on Thursdays only. (may be relation'd)
331 Arriva Shires & Essex Royston - Hertford Relation'd in parts between Reed-Barley-Royston, and Reed-Royston.[12] relation 553394
333 Arriva Shires & Essex Harlow - Sawbridgeworth - Thorley Park Circular route (may be relation'd)
334 Richmond's Coaches Cambridge - Elmdon - Buntingford - Puckeridge & Standon Runs Friday only; one bus in each directions. So obviously a parliamentary service. Complete between Standon/Puckeridge[13] and Chishall; the Cambridge end of the route is also relation'd (stops only). There's a snag at Elmdon: node one of the bus stops is listed[14] as being both the northbound and southbound stop for the 334. I'll leave the ways for now,[15] but remember that node Elmdon, Hollow Road (adj) is the last stop on the timetable before Cambridge---and the route into Cambridge is unknown without an on-bus survey. relation 545875
347 First Essex Harlow - Eastwick - Sawbridgeworth - Sheering - Hatfield Broad Oak (may be relation'd)
351 Hertford - Bishop's Stortford (may be relation'd)
354 Trustybus[16] Buntingford - Puckeridge - Much Hadham - Harlow One service each way, on Saturdays only (may be relation'd)
386 Royston - Bishop's Stortford (may be relation'd)
444 Viceroy of Essex Saffron Walden - Newport - Wendens Ambo - Elmdon - Chrishall - Barley School service; not to be relation'd Not to be relation'd (school service)
445 Viceroy Coaches of Essex Chrishall - Elmdon - Newport - Saffron Walden This route falls completely within Essex, but I'll stick it here for now. Good chunk done—relation'd between Chrishall and Wendens Ambo. relation 553405
446 Berden - Saffron Walden (may be relation'd)
455 Excel Coaches Stansted Mountfitchet - Wicken Bonhunt School service; not to be relation'd Not to be relation'd (school service)
510 Arriva Shires & Essex Stansted Airport - Bishops Stortford - Sawbridgeworth - Harlow Looks very complete relation-wise and through ÖPNV-Karte relation 540562
700 Stevenage - Stansted Airport (may be relation'd)
808 Olympian Coaches Bishop's Park - Bishop's Stortford School service; not to be relation'd Not to be relation'd (school service)
A2 Anitas Coaches Thorley - Birchwood High School School service; not to be relation'd Not to be relation'd (school service)
C2/C3 Centrebus Beds & Herts Harlow - Holdbrook Estate Majority of services numbered C3; a few are numbered C2. (may be relation'd)
SM18 S M Coaches Harlow - Sawbridgeworth - Bishop's Stortford Looks complete relation 541625

References, etc.

Sources of data

Footnotes and the such

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  2. Either with a relation, or as a 'can someone relation bus route X, please?'-type request.
  3. There are two 24s, operated by different companies.
  4. Obviously, there will be ones that are not listed here; by its nature, this list will be incomplete.
  5. Which is in Essex, but I'll cover it here for bulk.
  6. Which, like Walden, is also in Essex but included here.
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  13. The southern terminus of route 334.
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  15. 'Now' being 8th April, and the ways for the 334 currently stop short of the Chishall triangles.
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  17. The latter, Intalink, being unique to Hertfordshire.