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This page is to aid in, and document, the progress of relationing bus routes in Cambridgeshire. This project's sister is Bus routes in northeast Hertfordshire but it is, at the time of writing, far less developed than this project.

How one can help

One can help this mini-project in a number of different ways:

  • the most obvious one is if you take a bus route which hasn't been relationed, use a GPS or GPS-capable device to record the route the bus takes. In some areas, it may be necessary to record a 'trace' for each direction.
  • add bus routes which aren't in the table below; the wikitable syntax should be obvious but, if it isn't, copy a 'row' from another bus route and change the appropriate details.
  • add relation information to bus routes which are already in the table but appear as if noöne has relationed that route.
  • update progress of a particular route's relationing.
  • make changes on a relation level to bus routes, correcting mistakes or inaccuracies.

A few things worth mentioning

Neighbouring counties

Some bus routes listed in the large table below may travel into neighbouring counties. If you're wondering whether or not a route should be in the table below, the general rule is that “if a bus route stops inside the boundary of Cambridgeshire, it should be in the table”. Some routes in the table below may refer you to similar projects (e.g. Bus routes in northeast Hertfordshire): bus routes that stop primarily in neighbouring counties should be listed in the table below, but progress information on said route should be updated on the neighbouring county's project page.

The term “route structure complete”

The term “route structure complete” basically means that the route of a particular service has been relationed in its entirety. Since bus stops themselves can be added to a route's relation, the ideal is that a particular bus route would have a relation on OpenStreetMap containing…

  • the route the service takes, in both directions[1]
  • all stops along the route with, as their role, the terminus that would be reached from that bus stop
  • tags detailing things such as days of operation (days=*) and the operator of the service (operator=*)

…but this is an ideal. A client would not have to look for nearby highways in order to figure out which services call at a particular bus stop and, in any case, not every service calls at every bus stop it passes; setting a terminus as a role might be difficult on routes with various termini and, in this case, it's best to leave the role for the bus stop blank.

When a service is withdrawn

If a bus route is ‘withdrawn from service’ for whatever reason, apply one of the following two policies:

  • if the bus route was only partially relationed, remove the relation from the database. To delete a relation in the Java editor JOSM, download the relation from the database (FileDownload object), open the Relation panel by pressing the ‘cog in a box’ icon (or press Alt-Shift-R), select the relation in the panel on the right-hand side of JOSM, then press the Delete button.
  • if the bus route was at a stage of “route structure complete”-dness, the relation should remain on the database but its tags should be changed to reflect the fact that the service no longer runs. route=bus should be changed to route=disused_bus and inserting a note:disused_bus=* tag[2] would give contributors and clients information about when the service was withdrawn.

Table of routes

The colour of the far-left table is related to recent threats of cuts to services from Cambridgeshire County Council.[3][4] If a bus route is without colour in this column, the bus route is not under threat from truncation or complete withdrawal; yellow means that the bus route might be truncated, while maroon means that the route might be withdrawn entirely. Routes already withdrawn from service—though these withdrawals might not be to do with the Winter 2011 threats of closure—are coloured medium grey.

Route Operator Route description Notes Extent of relationing Relation ID
Citi 1 Stagecoach in Cambridge Kings Hedges[5] - Arbury - Round Church Corner - city centre[6] - Cambridge station[7] - Addenbrooke's - Cherry Hinton - Fulbourn Route structure complete relation 172041
Citi 2 Stagecoach in Cambridge Milton - Chesterton - c/c - Mill Road - Addenbrooke's Hospital Route structure complete relation 172045
Citi 3 Stagecoach in Cambridge Cherry Hinton - railway station - c/c - Newmarket Road - Whitehill Estate - Fison Road Route structure complete relation 172046
Citi 4 Stagecoach in Cambridge Orchard Park - Cambridge c/c - West Cambridge - Cambourne Route structure complete relation 531503
Citi 5 Stagecoach in Cambridge Cambridge c/c - Girton Corner - Bar Hill Circular route Route structure complete relation 533190
Citi 6 Stagecoach in Cambridge Cambridge c/c - Girton Corner - Oakington Circular route Route structure complete relation 533218
Citi 7[8] Stagecoach in Cambridge Cambridge - Addenbrooke's - Trumpington - Stapleford - Sawston - Saffron Walden - Duxford - pampisford Route structure complete relation 8062278
Citi 8 Stagecoach in Cambridge Cottenham - Impington - Cambridge - Addenbrooke's Route relation believed to be complete but needs to be checked by bus or by looking carefully at timetables. Citi 8 follows old Citi 7 route: north from Addenbrooke's Hospital, into Cambridge city centre, out via Mitcham's Corner, up to Impington then Histon, then doing a loop in Cottenham before returning to Addenbrooke's. relation 1595346
1 Whippet Coaches Cambridge - Cambourne - Fenstanton - St. Ives
1A Whippet Coaches Cambridge - St. Ives - Huntingdon There is another 1A service, also run by Whippet Coaches, that runs on Sundays only between Huntingdon and Peterborough. Has barely been mapped out of Cambridge c/c[9] relation 534537
1B Whippet Coaches Cambridge - St Ives - Huntingdon
5 Whippet Coaches Cambridge - Lolworth[10] - St Ives - Huntingdon A stretch along the A14 has been relation'd. relation 918882
7 Whippet Coaches Huntingdon - Godmanchester
8 Whippet Coaches Cambridge - Dry Drayton - Lolworth[11] - Papworth Everard Barely mapped in Cambridge; a stretch along the A14 has been relation'd. Also: Coton loop and into Madingley. relation 542577
9 Stagecoach in Cambridge Some services run only between Cambridge and Ely Relation'd down Milton Rd: between Mitcham's Corner and the A10/A14 roundabout; also from Ely to the hospital north of Ely. relation 538731
10 Stagecoach in Cambridge Cambridge - Bottisham - Burwell - Newmarket Relation'd between Studland's Park and Ditton Lane, Cambridge—including the Burwell one-way loop. Still to do: (1) the route into Cambridge and (2) the route into Newmarket town. relation 553354
10A Stagecoach in Cambridge Cambridge - Bottisham - Newmarket relation 557245
11 Stagecoach in Cambridge Cambridge - Newmarket - Bury St Edmunds Relation'd into and out of Newmarket, but not the mess in the town centre; also relation'd between Newmarket and Ditton Lane, Cambridge. relation 556003
12 Stagecoach in Cambridge Cambridge - Newmarket - Ely Relation'd between Ely c/c and Ditton Lane, Cambridge.[12] relation 555990
12A Stagecoach in Cambridge Cambridge - Newmarket - Soham Service withdrawn in April 2011 N/A N/A
13 Stagecoach in Cambridge Cambridge - Haverhill Cambridge c/c to Little Abington; also, into Haverhill and the Haverhill's eastern loop. relation 533281
13A Stagecoach in Cambridge Cambridge - Linton - Haverhill Bits and pieces both out of Cambridge, and into and around Haverhill relation 405690
13B Stagecoach in Cambridge Haverhill - Cambridge[13] One bus a weekday, in the Haverhill-Cambridge (northwestwards) direction only.
14 Whippet Coaches St. Andrews Street - Murkett's Corner - Arbury Circular route between Cambridge c/c and Arbury/Kings Hedges Relation'd between c/c and south end of Carlton Way (sans Emmanuel Road/Street section) relation 532748
14 Stagecoach in Cambridge Cambridge - Coton - Dry Drayton - Hardwick - Highfields - Childerley Operates at "peak times only".[14][15] Route structure complete relation 905652
15 Stagecoach in Cambridge Cambridge - St Ives Service withdrawn 4th April 2010 N/A N/A
15 Stagecoach in the Fens Ltd Cambridge - Bar Hill - Willingham - Fenstanton - St Ives Service withdrawn in April 2011 N/A N/A
15 C G Myall & Son Haslingfield - Bassingbourn - Royston Two parliamentary services each Wednesday Relation'd up and out of Royston (but not 'round the Priory Road gyratory), and in parts of rural southwest and westsouthwest Cambs. relation 535733
16 Stagecoach in Cambridge Chesterton - Cambridge c/c - Teversham - Fulbourn - Balsham - Haverhill A large section complete between the Grafton Centre and Fulbourn, via Ch'inton and Teversham; relation'd between the outskirts of Haverhill and Fleam Dyke, Fulbourn. relation 172048
16 Whippet Coaches Huntingdon - Oxmoor Circular service; runs Monday to Friday
16A Stagecoach in Cambridge Cambridge - Teversham - Fulbourn - Balsham - Great Thurlow Only a small few sections in Cambridge relation'd relation 538108
17 Stagecoach in Cambridge Chesterton - Cambridge c/c - Teversham - Fulbourn - Newmarket relation 172049
18 Stagecoach in the Fens Caxton - Cambourne - Comberton - Cambridge Between Fen Causeway, Cambridge and the centre of Toft. relation 553352
18A Stagecoach in the Fens Gamlingay - Comberton - Cambridge One service a day in each direction: one morning (Cambridge-bound) and one afternoon (countryside-bound). Relation'd between the M11/A603 junction and Toft. Also relation'd a bit near the A1198/A603 roundabout. relation 552450
21 Stagecoach in the Fens St Ives - Needingworth - Bluntisham - Colne - Somersham - Chatteris A section has been relation'd in eastern St Ives. relation 905103
21 Whippet Coaches St Ives - Earith - Somersham - Ramsey / Chatteris
22 Whippet Coaches Ramsey - Warboys - Woodhurst/Somersham - St Ives Most 22 services serve Somersham, instead of Woodhurst. Relationing has begun on the route via Woodhurst and Oldhurst; the route via Somersham is yet to begin the process. relation v. Woodhurst
Relation not defined yet for v. So'sham [16]
25 Stagecoach in Cambridge Addenbrookes Hospital - Trumpington (via Hobson's Square) Route structure complete relation 8061772
26 Stagecoach in Cambridge Cambridge - Foxton - Melbourn - Royston A single southbound bus (pm peak) diverts via Hills Road XIth Form, instead of Trumpington Rd Route structure complete relation 318727
27 Stagecoach in Cambridge Cambridge - Harston - Barrington - Bassingbourn - the Mordens One service towards Cambridge (am peak); one westbound service (pm peak). Route structure complete relation 444216
28 Whippet Coaches St Neots - Gamlingay - Cambourne - Papworth
30 Stagecoach in the Fens Huntingdon - Warboys - Wistow - Ramsey Relation'd a tiny bit through Oldhurst. relation 918873
31 Meridian Line Travel Cambridge - Fowlmere - Barley Branded as Village Link Route structure complete relation 318739
31 Stagecoach in Peterborough Peterborough - Ramsey - Whittlesey
35 Stagecoach in the Fens Ltd Huntingdon - Warboys - Chatteris - March Runs Monday-Saturday, "peak times only"[17] Relation'd a bit through Oldhurst. relation 918875
36 Stagecoach in Peterborough Peterborough - Thorney - Wisbech
43 Richmond's Coaches Royston - Heydon - Chrishall A few buses each day, Monday to Saturday See Bus routes in NE Herts for route progress relation 553528
45 Stagecoach in the Fens Ltd Huntingdon - Houghton - Wyton - St Ives Runs weekdays, at peak times only relation 904057
46 Freedom Travel Coaches Newmarket - Dullingham - Street End
47 Freedom Travel Coaches Newmarket - Dullingham
55 Stagecoach in the Fens Ltd Cambridge - St. Ives - Huntingdon The flagship Cambridge-Huntingdon route. Route may change when guided busway opens; could (perhaps) be replaced by route B. Barely mapped within Cambridge city centre, but mapped between A14 (ex. slips) and the Folk Museum crossroads. Also mapped through and out of St Ives. relation 533282
59 Clavering - Audley End - Walden - Haverhill Route is in Suffolk and Essex, but is included in this project's remit[18] Has been relation'd a tiny bit in Haverhill; close to no progress relation 555581
65 Stagecoach in the Fens Ltd Huntingdon - Buckden - Great Paxton - St Neots Related to the 66; the 65 and 66 share a route out of Huntingdon and into St. Neots, but serve different villages in between.
66 Stagecoach in the Fens Ltd Huntingdon - Buckden - Southoe[19] - St Neots Related to the 65; the 65 and 66 share a route out of Huntingdon and into St Neots, but serve different villages in between.
75 Whippet Coaches Cambridge - Haslingfield - Orwell - (Tadlow - Wrestlingworth)[20] Very few buses run to Wrestlingworth Relation'd out of Cambridge, but not up to Drummer Street bus station. Route is in patches along the rest of itself. relation 445100
77 Stagecoach in Cambridge Newmarket Rd P&R - Grafton Centre - c/c - Madingley Rd P&R Cambridge Park & Ride, operating the red P&R buses Route structure complete relation 534497
88 Stagecoach in Cambridge Trumpington P&R - c/c - Grafton Centre - Trumpington P&R Cambridge Park & Ride service. Blue P&R buses; circular service, where buses from the Grafton go direct to Trumpington P&R. Route structure complete relation 532747
91 Stagecoach in the Fens Cambridge - Willingham - Earith - Somersham - St Ives College (Hills Road and Long Road joint) service Not to be relation'd (college service)
95 Stagecoach in the Fens Cambridge - Longstanton - Willingham - Swavesey - Fenstanton College (Hills Road and Long Road joint) service Not to be relation'd (college service)
99 Stagecoach in Cambridge Between Babraham Rd and Milton sites Cambridge Park & Ride; uses green P&R buses Very almost complete; just need to get the route through the Milton P&R site itself, and then we're done. relation 534552
101 C G Myall & Son Whittlesford[8] - Duxford - Saffron Walden Runs Tuesdays only; parliamentary service. Route structure complete relation 554055
114 Whippet Coaches[21] and Freedom Travel[22] Addenbrookes - Beehive Centre - Grafton Centre - Cambridge Beehive, between the Beehive and Glebe Road, and a bit in town. relation 545889
117 A & P Coaches Ely - Soham - Upware Runs Thursdays only
127 Charter Travel Royston - Bassingbourn - Litlington - The Mordens Relation'd between Bassingbourn-cum-Kneesworth and Guilden Morden relation 556675
128 Charter Travel Royston - Shepreth - Meldreth - Melbourn Partially-circular route; think of two elaborate loops with an artery. One bus a day in each direction, Monday to Saturday. Route structure complete relation 544469
129 Freedom Travel Ely - Prickwillow - Black Horse Drove Runs Thursdays only From northern terminus (Black Horse Drove)[23] into Littleport; stops have been relation'd with destination roles[24] but the half-moon shape of the Littleport loop has not been relation'd. Also down the A1101/Mildenhall Road as far as the White House Road stops. relation 1111443
132 C G Myall & Son Cambridge - Duxford - Saffron Walden Sunday service only Mapped between Cambridge c/c, and the Hills/Long/Queen Ediths junction relation 533314
139 Stagecoach in the Fens[25] Foxton - Great Shelford - Sawston - Royston Operates one bus each way, Wednesday only; parliamentary service. The 139 operates a confusing and infrequent[26] route. Partially relation'd at one point in time but relation rm'd by original author.
196 Whippet Coaches Ltd Cambridge - Fen Ditton - Waterbeach Handful of services, weekdays only
199 Meridian Line Travel Cambridge c/c - Newnham Runs Tuesdays and Fridays only Route structure complete relation 553363
334 Richmond's Coaches Cambridge - Elmdon - Buntingford - Puckeridge & Standon Runs Friday only; one bus in each directions. So obviously a parliamentary service. See Bus routes in NE Herts for route progress relation 545875
341 ABC Cab Company Haverhill - Great Bradley - Wickhambrook Falls within the county of Suffolk, but is covered under Cambridgeshire's project remit[27] Awuga: bus route has been changed by the operator since relationing began, albeit it was a two-stop relation relation 555583
344 Burtons Coaches Haverhill - Stradishall - Bury St Edmunds Falls within Suffolk and w/n, but is covered under this project, just to make things complicated. Awuga: bus route has been changed by operator since relationing began, albeit it was a single-stop relation relation 555582
401 Stagecoach in the Fens Grafham - Huntingdon
431 Stagecoach in the Fens Great Raveley - St Ives Operates only on Mondays, with a single bus each way
903 Burtons Coaches Newmarket - Dullingham/Stetchworth Loopular[28] service Route structure complete relation 899865
A Stagecoach in the Fens Ltd Trumpington Park & Ride - Addenbrooke's Hospital Route structure complete relation 405737
A Stagecoach in Cambridgeshire or Stagecoach in the Fens Cambridge - Science Park (busway) - St. Ives P&R - St. Ives[29] Route structure complete relation 572488
B Stagecoach in Cambridge / Stagecoach in the Fens Ltd[30] Cambridge - Orchard Park Currently operational as a limited-service express route, running run non-stop between Cambridge c/c and Orchard Park. Relation to be removed once busway is up and running. Relation'd: the three stops, as indicated in the timetable. relation 543457
B Stagecoach in Cambridgeshire or Stagecoach in the Fens Cambridge - Orchard Park East - St. Ives P&R - St Ives - Huntingdon Relation'd between the Longstanton-CGB crossing and the Hartford outskirt-roundabout. relation 905102
C Whippet Coaches Cambridge - Orchard Park (busway stops) - St. Ives P&R - Somersham Relation'd between Somersham (inc. Somersham loop) and the Longstanton-CGB crossing. relation 534544
C2[31] Safford Coaches St. Neots - Longstowe - Orwell - Arrington - Croydon - The Hatleys Runs Thursdays only
City Shuttle Stagecoach in Cambridge Anti-clockwise around Cambridge c/c Service withdrawn in April 2011 N/A N/A
E1 Meridian Line Travel Gamlingay - Potton - Sutton - Biggleswade
E3 Meridian Line Travel Potton - Everton - Sandy
R Stagecoach in the Fens Babraham Road P&R - railway station via the busway Route structure complete relation 6867813
U Whippet Coaches Madingley Road P&R - West Cambridge site - Silver Street - the Botanic Garden - railway station - Addenbrooke's Route structure complete relation 6447563
Uni 4 Stagecoach in Cambridge Madingley Road P&R - West Cambridge site - Silver Street - the Botanic Garden - Addenbrooke's Replaced by Whippet U in July 2016
WHF W H Fowler & Sons Wisbech - Gorefield - Holbeach Drove Operates Monday to Saturday
X1 First Eastern Counties Lowestoft - Norwich - Kings Lynn - Wisbech - Peterborough
X4 Stagecoach East Peterborough - Kettering - Milton Keynes
X5 Stagecoach East Between Cambridge and Oxford, via St Neots, Eaton Socon, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Buckingham and Bicester Express coach service. A single route relation would be nice. Has been thoroughly relation'd, I think; from a distance?[32] relation Westbound
relation Eastbound
X7 Stagecoach in Cambridge Cambridge - Cottenham - Haddenham - Chatteris - March
X9 Stagecoach in Cambridge Cambridge - Milton - Waterbeach - Ely - Chatteris - March Some services run Cambridge-Ely only. Three loops exist in the southern section of the route: Milton, Landbeach and Waterbeach.[33] Relation'd between Cambridge and the west side of Ely. relation 538573
X13 Stagecoach in Cambridge Cambridge - Linton - Haverhill - Kedington Bits and pieces in Cambridge and Haverhill; needs a lot of work; all stops[34] have been role'd in, however. relation 539327

School and college bus services should not be relation'd as this project's purpose is to further public transport renderings.

References and footnotes

  1. Though if a service uses the same stretch of road, albeit on opposite sides of the road, one needs not relation said stretch of road more than once. In the Netherlands, the concensus seems to be that a bus route should have one relation per direction but I really don't think that's necessary. We have forward and backward roles within relations and the major public transport renderers, like ÖPNV-Karte render ‘one-way arrows’ if all routes using a particular way all go in the same direction.
  2. If a service was withdrawn in April 2011, for example, tag the relation with something like note:disused_bus=Service withdrawn 2011-04.
  3. Cambridge News (January 2011). 50 bus routes facing the axe as cuts bite.
  4. Cambridgeshire County Council (February 2011). Communities asked for views on changes to subsidised bus services.
  5. Kings Hedges is served by an anti-clockwise loop, from the junction of Campkin Rd and Northfield Avenue.
  6. City centre = c/c, for short.
  7. Circa 2010, Cambridge railway station is the only station in Cambridge; another is on the table (Chesterton station), but this is far from constructed.
  8. 8.0 8.1 When relationing routes in Whittlesford, the following relation may be of assistance: relation collection of bus stops in Whittlesford.
  9. Relation'd between Drummer Street bus station, and (ex.) Four Lamps roundabout.
  10. Only northbound services call at Lolworth.
  11. Only northwest·bound services call at Lolworth.
  12. Via Soham, the Fordham loop and Newmarket town centre.
  13. In the Haverhill-Cambridge (heading northwest) direction only.
  14. A marketing phrase to describe one bus in the morning (am peak, Cambridge-ward) and one in the evening (back from Cambridge).
  15. The origin (pm peak) and terminus (am peak, inbound) stops in Cambridge are in different places, producing an 'open' loop in the city centre.
  16. The route via Somersham has "may have been relation'd" c. May 2010.
  17. One service in the morning and one in the evening, in other words.
  18. For some reason; don't ask me why. Ask Jesus.
  19. Though Cambs CC says: "…Brampton - Lt Paxton - St Neots".
  20. Route 'ere has been taken from, and described by, Cambridgeshire County Council and the operator's timetable.
  21. Whippet Coaches operate the 114 Monday to Friday, as well as some of Saturday services.
  22. Freedom Travel operate the remainder of the 114's Saturday services.
  23. Though the final stretch of road is yet to be survey'd.
  24. Either Ely or Black Horse Drove.
  25. According to County-produced publications.
  26. Is it worth mapping for "one bus each way a day"?
  27. Until a suitable Suffolk & NW Essex project is established.
  28. Double-circular service
  29. According to County publications, route A buses will run clockwise around St. Ives then return to the P&R/busway.
  30. The Cambridge division is operating the Mo-Sa service, and the Fens division operating the Sunday.
  31. The C2 (run by Safford) is not related to the Citi 2 (run by Stagecoach).
  32. Surely not: someone's done thorough work on the X5 route.
  33. All three of these loops has been relation'd, along with the ways for X9 buses not serving looped developments.
  34. Remember: it's an express route, so only a few stops exist where you can hail the X13.

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