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For an archive of previous survey notes, see User:Kevin Steinhardt/Archive.

I'm Kevin Steinhardt and I operate on the map proper under the username Kevin Steinhardt. I'm in concern with a number of projects and pseudo-projects including the mapping of bus routes in Cambridgeshire and northeast Hertfordshire, and also with cycle- and walking-related infrastructure in and around the city of Cambridge.[1]

Survey notes

Survey notes older than a few months will have been migrated to User:Kevin Steinhardt/Archive.
Date and time 'Raw' note or information Interpretation of note Satisfied?
2011-10-27 21:30ish Cycle parking capacities around Amsterdam CS are: Fietsflat 2500, and West (bewaakt) 1200 + repairs; and Spoorviaduct 500 spaces. Update capacity=* tags, creating nodes for cycle parking if not already placed.
2011-11-28 18:20 One must not turn left at the northern end of Geldersekade, Amsterdam. Turning right onto Prins Hendrikskade or straight over onto Oosterdokskade Odebrug is permitted. Create a turn restriction. 11897113
2012-04-15 17:00ish One may not U-turn from/to Kennermerplein, Haarlem at its junction with Kennermerbrug when travelling westwards. Create a turn restriction. 11897068
2012-06-10 15:30ish Goods vehicles are not permitted on the Paul Krugerkade, Haarlem west of the Werfstraat. (Source: traffic signs) Apply hgv=no and source:hgv=* to the Paul Krugerkade, splitting the way if necessary. 11897032
2012-06-14 18:07 Motor vehicles travelling northwest on the N200/Prinsenbrug, Haarlem may not turn left onto the Friese Varkenmarkt. (Source: traffic signs above carriageway) Make a turn restriction relation. Relation already existed.
2012-08-01 Dangerously steep speed ramp 10 metres south of Overamstelstraat, Amsterdam on Weesperzijde.


  1. Though I mostly keep to my home village of Fowlmere and the places along my commute into town.