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This is the archive of Kevin Steinhardt's survey notes. His survey notes normally end up on his userpage but, after a while (six months or so), they should be migrated to this archive.


June 2010

Date and time 'Raw' note or information Interpretation of note Satisfied?
2010-06-03 09:58 Costa Coffee on Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush: tea costs £1.65, there are toilets for patrons and disabled patrons; there's a little beergarden-type patio with tables and chairs out back. It's just between TfL bus stops X and Y, but it's much closer to stop Y. name=Costa Coffee; addr=72 Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush, London W12 8LP though this will need expanding into the appropriate addr=* tags; cost:tea=£1.65; toilets=patrons, toilets:disabled=patrons. 4895793
2010-06-11 17:22 (i) The National Byway is signed up North and Middlemoor Roads, Whittlesford on its way out of the village towards Newton. (ii) The High Street has a weight restriction of "7.5 t except for access". (iii) A Citi 7 bus was seen turning from Duxford Road[1] into High Street; I think the route through and around Whittlesford is unidirectional[2] but I could be wrong. 4973900
2010-06-21 15:59 The X5 leaves (for Oxford) from stop 16, Parkside. See footnote[3]
2010-06-21 16:05 Emery St (off Mill Road) is no motor vehs except for access. Append these three tags to Emery Street: access=destination, bicycle=yes and foot=yes 5098557
2010-06-21 17:40 The Adams/Grange/Burrells crossroads in West Cambridge is signal-controlled with a four-way pedestrian scramble. Add highway=crossing and crossing=pedestrian_scramble to the crossroads' node. 5098506
2010-06-21 18:05 Both bridleways between the B1368 and the northernmost dwellings of Thriplow are highway=track, foot=permissive, bicycle=permissive, horse=permissive, abutters=agricultural and surface=grass;dirt. Tag the bridleways in question with the above tags, and also source:surface=survey (June 2010) and source:access=signage (June 2010). 5098379

July 2010

Date and time 'Raw' note or information Interpretation of note Satisfied?
5-7-10 14:53[4] Indigo Coffee House opening times, according to their own publications:[5] opening_times=Mo-Fr 10:00-18:00, Sa 09:00-18:00, Su 10:00-17:00; food tends to stop being served at either 16:00 or 17:00, depending on staffing and day. 5365023
9-7-10 12:18 That link up from the car park near Days;[6] …between that and the High Street junction is called John Street; no motor vehs except for access, with quite a few parking and loading restrictions.[7] Royston, this is. 5184766
9-7-10 12:50 Four Sheffield stands (tf. capacity=8) outside the Old Crown PH on Baldock Street. Mello[8] have changed their tea price.[9] Kneesworth Street (the northbound one-way bit) is signed as "no vehs over 7.5 t except for access". 5184766
9-7-10 20:22 (Just to clear things up.) Royston town centre is covered by a 20 mph blanket speed limit; the only motor vehicle entrance to the town centre is off the A10 gyratory and north down Fish Hill. The 20 mph limit returns to 30 mph on town centre exit, at the southern ends of the High Street, Upper King Street,[10] and Market Hill; motor vehicle traffic cannot proceed north of the town centre without first heading around the gyratory and along Melbourn Street. All three of these exit roads lead back onto the A10 gyratory; the gyratory itself is subject to a 30 mph limit for motor vehicles. Also, as we're in the area, make sure that Sun Hill is one-way eastbound at its eastern-most end; the end leading onto the gyratory. The town centre roads[11] need to have the following tags applied to them: highway=unclassified, maxspeed=20 mph, access=destination, bicycle=yes, foot=yes,[12] description=No motor vehicles except for access, note:highway=Not highway equals pedestrian; no pedestrian zone designation,[13] source:access=survey (July 2010), source:maxspeed=survey (July 2010). The highway=*, maxspeed=* and source:maxspeed=* tags are to be copied, as written above, to roads leading up to the town centre—starting with Fish Hill.[14] 5184766

August 2010

Date and time 'Raw' note or information Interpretation of note Satisfied?
18-8-10 22:13 At the southern end [of that] footpath between Sheralds Croft Lane and Fowlmere Road in west Thriplow, ...literally before the pavement of Fowlmere Road: barrier=cycle_barrier,[15] bicycle=no, foot=yes, wheelchair=no, source=survey (August 2010).
24/8/2010 16:41[16] "Bicycle parking at IKEA Milton Keynes ... (Kevin counts) Eight, kind of really thick Sheffield stands ... (inaudible) what I guess is north of the build-out;[17] it's in line with parking aisle B. There's a car park north of the building—in between the main car park and the underground bit of the car park. The cycle parking is under the building in the underground bit, and is more-or-less in line with ... in between ... you've got the main road with the mini-roundabout at the top and then you've got one parking aisle, another parking aisle, third parking aisle, fourth parking aisle—in between, to the east, of the third and fourth parking aisles; under the building." ---> add a amenity=bicycle_parking node (also capacity=16, bicycle_parking=sheffield) in the location described
24-8-10 17:3x[18] West of Sandy, Beds: the A1 roundabout was covered by a 50 mph speed limit. Immediately off the roundabout, the B1042 is maxspeed=30 mph until the 20 mph limit in Sandy town centre is reached. 5584421
24-8-10 17:36 Sandy, Bedfordshire: from the roundabout[19] to the eastern side of the railway bridge is maxspeed=20 mph. Shortly after/east of the railway bridge, there is a northeast fork off to somewhere—twenty or so metres after this junction, the B1042 becomes national speed limit (maxspeed=national). 5584421
24-8-10 17:51 Speed limit through Wimpole is maxspeed=40 mph; small garage named Wilshers Garage at eastern end of village, before maxspeed=national resumes. prob. 5584626
24-8-10 17:55 Eastern end of Orwell: maxspeed=national just after the Malton road t-junction, when heading towards Barrington. National Byway[20] follows the Barrington road out of Orwell and into Barrington. The 40 mph limit of Barrington begins at the Orwell Road/Trinity Farm access road junction. 5584677 and 5584679
26-8-10 09:55 Barrow Road, Cambridge (situated off A1309/Trumpington Road): signage states "[p]rivate road" and "[no] parking" → access=private and then go off to the wiki and find some kind of parking restriction tag.
26-8-10 09:56 Cambridge Lakes golf course: access road is coach=no (or maybe it's psv=no), source:access=signage;survey (August 2010). The sign says "NO COACHES".
26-8-10 10:36 Magdalene Street, Cambridge: access=destination (no motor vehicles except for access), psv=yes (buses exempt), taxi=yes (taxis exempt), blue_badge_holder=yes (not sure what the tag is for blue badge holders), bicycle=yes (bicycles aren't motor vehicles), foot=yes (...neither are pedestrians), maxspeed=20 mph, etc. Source of information: this awful picture I took for CycleStreets.

September 2010

Date and time 'Raw' note or information Interpretation of note Satisfied?
15-9-10 16:46 Great Shelford-Addenbrookes cycleway: between benches on southern section, the cycleway is 6.5 foot·lengths (0.3 × 6.5 = ~2.0 m) wide; highway=cycleway, cycleway=track, segregated=no, lit=night, note:lit=Solar-charged delineating lights, width=2.0, source:width=survey (September 2010), etc. 5815746
15-9-10 17:02 Little Shelford and Great Shelford: Church Street ends at the first bridge[21] (also known as 'the bridge closest to Great Shelford' or 'the most eastern bridge [of the two]'. After the first/eastern bridge, ...the highway=tertiary in-between the two bridges is called Bridge Lane (name=Bridge Lane, source:name=street_sign;survey (September 2010)) and then I'm guessing the highway=tertiary after the second/western bridge[22] is also called Bridge Lane, up to the odd wrong-priority T-junction. [There's an] impression that [Bridge Lane] is still maxspeed=30 mph.[23]
15/9/10 17:13 (voice memo) You know the odd-priority junction [in Little Shelford]... there's a bench [in between] Manor Road [...] on the eastern side... right; you know Church Street, Little Shelford, and it kind of bends 'round after the speed cushions—when you're travelling towards Great Shelford; eastwards with All Saints Church on your left—and it bends 'round to the right [...] and then there's a half-surfaced private road forking off to the left, at the same kind of orientation and alignment as Church Street. (Tangent: the "private unmade road" at the Church/High/Hauxton is indeed called Garden Fields; add a verification and remove any fixme tags relating to checking its name.) [...] that kind of half-surfaced private[24] road that forks off to the left after the church is called Manor Road [if I recall]; it's probably already mapped... but in between Manor Road and Bridge Lane, there is a bench. (Yeah; that's what all this is documenting. A single bench.) (Did someone say "overkill"?) What I would see would be the... eastern side of ...if you get what I mean, [...] but anywho. Also: there's a bench at th... you know Church Street, Great Shelford bends 'round [to the right][25] ...where Church Street bends 'round... after the bridges, [when] heading towards Great Shelford, and it kinds of... it bends 'round to the right [... (I'm going to stop with the voice note transcription; it's slowing me down] Church Street bends around to the right and the wall of 38 Church Street and the fences of that farm to the west of the primary school cause a small inverted circle-square cutout thing; in that cutout, a bench exists. (Again: all this for a bench.) (I was so tired, so it's four minutes and 25 seconds of rambling-on.) So that's two benches—one in Little Shelford, although it's eastern Little Shelford; one in western Great Shelford.
16-9-2010 16:37 (I), email Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge: there's a concrete track off Robinson Way, which runs between 'that mini-roundabout near the Red Cross Lane zebra' and 'the NCR 11/Robinson Way junction'—highway=track, tracktype=grade1, surface=concrete. 5815746
16-9-2010 16:37 (II), email Wulfstan Way, Cambridge is maxspeed=20 mph for its entire length: Cherry Hinton Road to Queen Ediths Way. 5815799
16-9-10 16:41, email'd "This path is for […] pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users only and is not a public [right of way]" and also "no motorcycles" are permitted on the path—this being the Addenbrookes-Great Shelford cycleway; information sourced from Sustrans signage. → bicycle=permissive, foot=permissive, wheelchair=permissive, motorcycle=no. 5815781
16-9-10 17:53 The Square and Compass in Little Shelford is operated by Greene King, it would seem.
18-9-10 17:06, email'd There is a footway along the A10/Melbourn bypass between the byway crossing, Bury Lane Farm Shop (neé Fruit Farm) and I presume it continues down towards Ashwell Street and the junction with the old A10 alignment. The footway is on the north side of the road; I did see a female cyclist using it, but two male cyclists were braving the gusts of 60 mph motor vehicles on the carriageway. Presume part of the greater Royston-Trumpington footway; width no better than most. Not yet
18-9-10 20:27, voice I put in a waypoint… I still haven't figured out this [Dakota 20 when it comes to] waypoints, but I put in a waypoint called SPACE—and it's kind of a concreted […] area for (maybe) parking agricultural vehicles; something like that. It's a track; highway=track and tracktype=grade1 at least for that first bit…I think the track goes off down towards the A505 but I haven't gone along it [this evening].
18-9-10 20:31, voice The milestone on the B1368 [south of Fowlmere] is the Trinity College[26] milestone [denoting 10 miles to Cambridge].
18-9-10 20:45, voice 3-3.5 foot·lengths (0.3[27] × 3 = 0.9 m; 0.3 × 3.5 = 1.05 m)[28] -wide footway [beside the B1368 coming into Fowlmere from the south] …it starts at the exit of Appleacre Caravan Park. It's surfaced, actually remarkably-well surfaced; tarmac. 5815807
18-9-10 20:54, email'd Shortcut between Dovehouse Close and Ryecroft Lane, Fowlmere: unlit, tarmac'd footway; 4 foot·lengths (0.3 m × 4 = 1.2 m) wide. way 78071273 (cs. 5814978)
21/9/10 16:50 (v/m) "Add a fixme [...] to the footpath; there's a [public] footpath that goes from the end of [the High Street in Dry Drayton]... [...] that says [Pettitt's Lane up there], but it's on the [western] side of a hedge and quite a thick hedge[; it runs parallel to the cycleway between Drayton and Bar Hill.] Either bump [the public footpath west] out a bit, or bump the cycleway [east] a bit---and put a hedge down the middle [as a simple line with barrier=hedge]; I think it lasts all the way to the junction with [that] track where the cycleway goes off to Bar Hill. It lasts all the way down [...] but [so does] the hedge... as in when you're going towards Bar Hill, you turn left at the junction with the track; then you [past the north end of the hedge] and then on the left [on the west side of the hedge, there's the public footpath]. [The footpath's] a field edge path: highway=footway, foot=designated, footway=field_edge, surface=grass;mud."
29/9/10 17:37 (v/m) "Note to self: the umm [... one of] the 30 mph / 40 mph transition[s] in Great Shelford is at the bottom of the bridge over the Hitchin-Cambridge Line by [the junction with] Granhams Road. On the [... High Green] side of [High Green], it's 30 mph; Granhams Road [to the level crossing and a bit beyond] is 30 mph; and, the bridge [and the bit of road between the bridge's way and the t-junction of Granhams Road and the A1309/High Green] is 40 mph." 6545490

October 2010

Date and time 'Raw' note or information Interpretation of note Satisfied?
2010-10-09 14:24 (I) There is a shared-use cycleway on the south side of Fen Causeway, Cambridge between the 'Royal Cambridge Hotel junction' and 'that toucan crossing 100 m before the Newnham roundabout with the petrol station'—unsegregated and surface with tarmac; lampposts do tend to get in the way. Use 'parallel way' function and add cycleway in: highway=cycleway, segregated=no, surface=tarmac, source=Devolved from Fen Causeway way, bicycle=yes, foot=yes
2010-10-09 14:24 (II) Newnham Croft access road: traffic is calmed with wide humps, 2.0 m height restriction, "no turning facilities" and "no waiting at any time". Add traffic_calming=humps, maxheight=2.0 and description=No turning facilities to the way; make a relation for the 'no waiting' restriction.
2010-10-10 13:00ish The Shell petrol station on the Newnham roundabout, west of Cambridge proper, is closed; the nearest Shell according to signage is the Trumpington branch. Replace amenity=fuel with amenity=disused_fuel 6204217
2010-10-10 13:45ish There are gates along Willow Walk, Cambridge—which is a private road that is "not a public right of way" (n.v.) Resurvey Willow Walk with a high-accuracy device and survey-in gates as barrier=gates; in the meantime, add access=private and a fixme=* to the way. 7247922
2010-10-10 14:45ish Regent Terrace, Cambridge is not part of the central 20 mph limit; it is 30 mph. Change the maxspeed=* tag on the way from 20 mph to 30 mph. 6204209
2010-10-10 15:10ish Senate House Passage, Cambridge is cobbled. Add surface=cobblestone to way 6204213
2010-10-11 13:26 The link between the two halves of the Cambridge Science Park---the road with the 2 m restriction---is de facto permissive access for all traffic[29] according to traffic signs. 6204223
2010-10-20 16:57 Cherry Hinton Road, Great Shelford is signed as "unsuitable for heavy goods vehicles" description=Unsuitable f..., hgv=no, source:hgv=2010-10-20
2010-10-26 11:28 The Access Road is signed as Addenbrookes Road on both sides of the Shelford Road junction. name=Addenbrookes Road on section between M11 and first roundabout NE of Shelford Road 6183003
2010-10-29 12:20 The old alignment of the Addenbrookes-Trumpington cycleway east(?) of Francis Crick Ave has been replaced with that tarmac'd new cycleway. The old alignment is closed with hoardings. The track that connected to it ends just southish of the bus stops on parallel Robinson Way.
2010-10-29 13:25 Name of site is now "Cambridge Biomedical Campus" according to (almost) all new signage Add name=Cambridge Biomedical Campus to area around Addenbrooke's site 6219822
2010-10-29 14:10 "No goods vehicles [...]" permitted on the road that has the Outpatients off it, A&E and then the main entrance to Addenbrooke's. This is according to signs on both sides of the unnamed one-way road off the Hills Road roundabout. hgv=no, source:hgv=signs (Oct 2010) 6219358
2010-10-31 12:03 The 'no motor vehs except for access' restriction at the northern (Long Road) end of Robinson Way begins after the junction with the service road for Long Road Sixth Form College[30]
2010-10-31 12:06 Radegund Road is part of the LCN/LWN. Black signage leading off from Perne Rd: towards the Leisure Park, station and other such frivolities.
2010-10-31 12:12 Gwydir St, Cambridge is part of the LCN/LWN: signposted destinations from Mill Road[31] are East Road and Coldhams Lane. St Barnabas Road is also LCN/LWN, signposted as "Station".
2010-10-31 13:37 No right turn out of 'Queen Anne Terrace car park'; car park users must turn left onto Gonville Place and head towards the Catholic Church junction. Add a turn restriction in the appropriate place and to the appropriate ways

November 2010

Date and time 'Raw' note or information Interpretation of note Satisfied?
2010-11-01 19:02 Francis Crick Avenue is lit at night between its two roundabouts lit=yes to Francis Crick Ave way(s) 6361352
2010-11-12 17:00ish The Sawston-Whittlesford cycleway[32] is unlit for its entire length; no up-lighting and no street lights. It's about as wide as the Addenbrookes-Shelford cycleway (2.0 m) and is surfaced with tarmac.[33] 6361352
2010-11-12 18:40 "Oakington Immigration Reception Centre closed its doors on 12 November 2010 after 10 years of housing asylum seekers"[34] 6362853
2010-11-21 12:24 The restriction on the A10's Kingsmead Viaduct is, at least when travelling south, no pedestrians (signed with a half-pulled-off-its-post 'no pedestrians' sign, circa 21/11/10); a 'no stopping' restriction also covers the bridge. I think it's safe to assume both restrictions are in force on both carriageways. Add foot=no and traffic_restriction=no_stopping to both 'bridge' ways (tagged with bridge=yes, amazingly) 6545525
2010-11-21 12:24 also[35] The old A10 alignment south of Puckeridge has street-lighting between the A120 crossroads and the point at which it tunnels under the 'new' A10. Whether the tunnel is lit or not, whether the section of cycleway on the SW'ern side of the A10 is lit ... or even whether the section I've described above is lit at night would require a survey. All I can see is a series of streetlights. 6545545
2010-11-21 16:50 The roundabout interchange between the A1(M) and the A505 is lit overnight. // The A505 carriageways between said A1(M) interchange and the junction with the B197[36] are lit, ...both carriageways; there's also a no stopping restriction and a shared-use cycleway/footway on the northwest side of the road's alignment; this stretch is possibly 50 mph. // The roundabout at the southern end of the Baldock bypass is subject to a 50 mph speed limit and is lit at night. // Southern end of bypass to Weston Hills Tunnel: unlit, maxspeed=national, 'no stopping' restriction. // The tunnel is lit 24/7. // Northern side of tunnel to Royston end of B656/Wallington interchange: no stopping, unlit, national speed limit. 7247865 and 7247882
2010-11-21 16:58[37][38] Unlit past Wallington, unlit past Sandon and Morden turns, ...the Gulf petrol station still open, .. unlit beside the Heath and the Shell (London-side), unlit all the way until the Therfield roundabout + 100 yards (or whatever those 100 something countdown signs mean) on both carriageways. Also 100 yds on other A505 section, then unlit to Tesco roundabout + same 100 yards. Roundabout lit, and again with the 100 yards on both carriageways of the A1198-to-A10 section. Same 100 yards on London side (both carriageways) of A505 at A10 roundabout. Hill on A10 lit until (basically) where footway joins the A10 alignment.

December 2010

Date and time 'Raw' note or information Interpretation of note Satisfied?
2010-12-01 13:56 The B1049/A14 junction is signal-controlled. Four signals exist at the points where roads join the roundabout ('the Entries'). The cycleway crossings across the two A14 entries (exits off the A14) can be used with the signals; where traffic leaves the roundabout to join the A14, ...the cycleway crossings are uncontrolled.
2010-12-01 14:06–14:48 Street lighting infrastructures placed at reasonable distances apart along the A1301, between the Shelford/Addenbrookes Road junction and the turning for Scotsdales; certainly lit=yes. Still lit, southwards still, down Cambridge Road—to the Lloyds on the corner of the High Street. Add lit=yes to ways between the aforementioned junctions; also add source:lit=2010-12-01. 6508986
2010-12-07 22:36 The M11 between junction 13 and junction 11 is unlit---even under the interchanges, both carriageways. 7247694
2010-12-12 15:32 The upgraded Madingley Road cycleway is open between Lady Margaret Road and Clerk Maxwell; the open section needs resurveying. East of Clerk Maxwell, the cycleway is still under construction.
2010-12-17 12:45 Right turns into the CB1 development from Hills Road at the Brooklands Avenue (soon to be a) crossroads are prohibited except for buses and pedal cycles when travelling northbound.[39]
2010-12-XX[40] Station Road, Foxton is […] lit; there are dark spots, but they're always covered by the afterglow of another streetlight further on. Tag all of Station Road, Foxton as lit=yes.


January 2011

Date and time 'Raw' note or information Interpretation of note Satisfied?
2011-01-02 13:37 At the eastern exit from that large layby just outside Cambridge city district on the A603, there's a custom signage job advising vehicles to use the M11 junction 12 roundabouts to reach "City". Relation:restriction=only_left_turn, me thinks 7247642
2011-01-22 13:56 Victoria Park, Primrose Street and Green's Road (all off Victoria Road, Cambridge) are signed as "no motor vehicles except for access". Add access=destination, bicycle=yes and foot=yes to aforementioned roads, as well as source:access=2011-01-22. 7247585

February 2011

Date and time 'Raw' note or information Interpretation of note Satisfied?
2011-02-15 19:39 Victoria Avenue, Cambridge is lit between the River Cam and Four Lamps Roundabout. The cycleway between the Fort St George and that toucan over Victoria Ave is not lit, nor is the Fort's service road. 7539918
2011-02-15 20:19 Maids Causeway between Fair Street and Four Lamps Roundabout is lit at night. Four Lamps itself is also lit overnight. 7539918

March 2011

Date and time 'Raw' note or information Interpretation of note Satisfied?
2011-03-04 19:34 The Kingston Arms, halfway down Kingston Street, has WiFi available to customers. Add wifi=free to pub's node 7468436
2011-03-12 22:06 Clarendon Street, between New Square and Parkside, is lit at night… as is Parker Street (the road between Clarendon and Emmanuel Roads), Park Terrace and Parkside—the latter down its junction with East Road. Also Herbert Street is lit between Milton Road and the cut-through by the new Co-op onto Chesterton Road; Gonville Place is lit between the East Road junction by the fire station and the Catholic Church junction. Add lit=yes to the appropriate ways. 7539738 and 7539918
2011-03-12 22:20ish Hills Road, between its junction by the Catholic Church and the (main) Addenbrooke's roundabout, is lit at night—as is the Addenbrooke's roundabout and also Hills Road heading south until its junction with Worts Causeway. Add lit=yes to the appropriate ways. 7539668
2011-03-12 22:24 Granhams Road, Great Shelford is lit between High Green and its WAML level crossing; the road is also lit east of the level crossing. Tag Granhams Road between High Green and the level crossing with lit=yes. 7539601

April 2011

Date and time 'Raw' note or information Interpretation of note Satisfied?
2011-04-16 19:00ish There are fifty (50) covered banana-wheelbender spaces for bicycle parking at Hollandsche Rading railway station; this figure of 50 does not include 'private' cycle lockers. amenity=bicycle_parking, capacity=50, bicycle_parking=banana_wheelbender, source:details=survey (2011-04-16) 7886474
2011-04-18, evening The A27 between the Hilversum-Zuid junction and the bridge by Hollandsche Rading station (and most possibly further south to Maartensdijk) is lit at night. lit=yes, source:lit=observation (2011-04-18) 7926290
2011-04-19 21:05ish The main carriageway of the N417 is lit between the Utrechtseweg—something roundabout, south Hilversum and the Hollandsche Rading crossroads. lit=yes, source:lit=survey (2011-04-19) 7926290
2011-04-19 21:10ish The bridge over the railway on the cycleway between the N417 and knooppunt 83[41] has a 1 t limit; the supplementary plate on the restriction's traffic sign states "bij gladheid wordt er niet gestrooid".[42] maxweight=1, source:maxweight=survey (2011-04-19); surface=unsurfaced, source:surface=survey (2011-04-19) …and while you're there, add surface=tarmac and source:surface=survey (2011-04-19 to the cycleway bridge over the very nearby A27. 7926218
2011-04-19 21:15ish Vuurse Dreef, Hollandsche Rading is not lit at night between knooppunten 98 and 82, and the same section is subject to a maximum speed limit of 60 km/u. maxspeed=60, lit=no, source:maxspeed=survey (2011-04-19), source:lit=survey (2011-04-19) 7926218

May 2011

Commented-out table (cf. source) should be populated November 2011

Date and time 'Raw' note or information Interpretation of note Satisfied?
2011-05-02 21:44 St Matthews Gardens, Cambridge is subject to a 20 mph speed limit and is lit at night. Add maxspeed=20 mph and lit=yes to St Matthews Gardens' way(s).
2011-05-06 14:45 Stagecoach routes 12A, 15, 31A and City Circle won't operate after Something'th April 2011, according to posters at Addenbrooke's bus station. Cf. Bus routes in Cambridgeshire 8283285
2011-05-18 09:29 Paddenstoel #20041/001 is located about 20--30 m south of the Berkenlaan bus stops on Utrechtseweg, Hilversum; about 100 m south of the T-junction with Berkenlaan and Utrechtseweg. It is/was in the northeast corner of the junction if Utrechtseweg is north--south and if the fietspad off it heads due east. (If you want me to be Cartesian when referring to objects relative to junctions in the future, message me.)
2011-05-18 13:11 There are steps for pedestrians on both sides (north and south) of the Hilversum RING bridge over Lage Naarderweg. Both sets of steps connect the pavements on the west-side Lage Naarderweg with the pavements of the Hilversum RING.
2011-05-18 23:12 Dorpstraat, Lage Vuursche is not brick-surfaced; it's tarmac and lit between its junctions with Koudelaan and Hoge Vuurscheweg. surface=tarmac, lit=yes; both qualities observed 2011-05-18
2011-05-24 09:27 The maximum speed of the N415 is 80 km/h between the Lage Vuursche turn and a point a few tens of metres before Stad Gods bus stop when traveling into/towards Hilversum. Past said point, one enters Hilversum (traffic_sign=city_limit) and a 50 km/h speed limit takes effect.
2011-05-24 09:45 The signal-controlled junction of the eastern RING of Hilversum and Van Riebeeckweg has an 'tegelijk groen' phase for pedal cycles.
2011-05-24 09:48 Off the eastern RING, all minor side roads are subject to a 30 kph speed limit, and major roads like Van Riebeeckweg are also 30 kph. In the case of Van Riebeeckweg, it is 30 kph from one end to the other—from the eastern RING to its junction with Soestdijkerstraatweg and Waldecklaan—with most, if not all, side roads to its southeast being 30 kph too.
2011-05-24, evening probably The arterial road through Media Park, Hilversum is subject to a 30 kph speed limit, from Sumatralaan (in the south) to Witte Kruislaan and Mies Bouwmanboulevard (in the north). Add maxspeed=30 to the appropriate ways
2011-05-29 01:34 Witte Kruislaan (Mies Bouwmanbvd.–Bussumergrintweg) is lit at night, and subject to a 30 km/h speed limit with some waiting restrictions also; as is Bussumergrintweg between its junction with Witte Kruislaan and its almost-a-junction with the Hilversum RING—there's a short cycleway road closure. The cut-through is also lit, as is the RING ‘as far as the eye can see’ in both directions: southwards to the junction with 's-Gravelandseweg and eastwards towards Media Park.
2011-05-29 01:40 The RING from Bussumergrintweg (well actually, the junction with 's-Gravelandseweg) to the overbridge over Lage Naarderweg and the Gooilaan is lit and subject to a 50 km/h speed limit.
2011-05-29 01:41 Hoge Naarderweg is a fietsstraat (cycleway=cyclestreet, bicycle=designated)—and is lit, surfaced with tarmac and is 30 km/h all the way from the Hilversum RING to Melkpad. Some sections used to be one-way for motor vehicles but since fietsstraat-irisation, all sections are two-way for all vehicles. The fietsstraat continues a little bit further from Melkpad (a junction at which Hoge Naarderweg loses priority)—with the same tags—before turning into a short two-way cycleway for the last 10 m or so before hitting 's-Gravelandseweg at a shallow angle.
2011-05-29 01:58 After getting mightily lost in one of Hilversum's many residential areas, I found that Couperusweg is lit and subject to a 50 km/h speed limit even though being a residential street; Loosdrechtseweg is what I turned onto, and it is lit (even at two o'clock in the morning; I know some places turn their lights off at 23:00). The large roundabout of Loosdrechtseweg, Diependaalselaan (Hilversum RING) and the road off towards Loosdrecht is fully lit, and quite a large roundabout it is. The RING between this roundabout and the roundabout for Maartensdijk (Utrechtseweg) some kilometres later is lit and is subject to a 50 km/h speed limit. The Utrechtsweg–Diependaalselaan roundabout is also lit, or “very lit” according to my voice memos. 8282951 and 8283420
2011-05-29 02:06 N417/Utrechtseweg is lit between its junction with Hilversum RING (Diependaalselaan) and the junction in Hollandsche Rading with Vuurse Dreef. Some sections of the southbound fietspad are lit independently, roughly 3 m wide and surfaced with concrete...but there are only two sections of decent fietspad. The southern of the two stretches of decent cycleway begins (heading southbound) more-or-less at the bus stop node BERKENLAAN, and ends at the N417–Hoorneboeglaan junction. 8282951 and 8283420
2011-05-29 02:09 The southbound fietspad from the Noodweg–N417 roundabout is lit and is surfaced with concrete; this is a continuation of the ‘second’ stretch of decent cycleway down the N417, and it lasts until the junction in Hollandsche Rading with Vuurse Dreef, where cyclists have to oversteken no matter what. The N417 carriageway is also lit until this point, and then beyond.
2011-05-29 02:12 Vuurse Dreef is lit in my opinion only between its junction with the N417 and its junction with Dennenlaan, Hollandsche Rading. East of Dennenlaan to the junction with Karnemelkseweg, …it should be tagged as lit=yes but I wouldn't call it a "lit way"; streetlights every 30–40 m or so and then, out of Hollandsche Rading, they get further apart—but they are there and that's why one should tag it as described. lit=yes to Vuursche Dreef between the N417 and Karnemelkseweg 8282951 and 8283325

June 2011

Date and time 'Raw' note or information Interpretation of note Satisfied?
2011-06-02 09:22 One cannot turn left into Utrechtseweg, Hilversum when travelling south on Soestdijkerstraatweg towards Hilversum centrum. Also, one cannot turn right into Oude Amersfoortseweg—even as a pedal cycle—when heading into Hilversum; there's no plate under the 'ahead only' sign at this location stating "except pedal cycles and mofas".
2011-06-03 23:25 Oude Amersfoortseweg is lit for its entire length, from Emmastraat to the Hilversum RING. Tag all Oude Amersfoortseweg ways as lit=yes.

July 2011

No survey notes were recorded in July.

August 2011

Date and time 'Raw' note or information Interpretation of note Satisfied?
2011-08-16 18:20 De Slinger between the Diemen-Duivendrecht border and Astronautenweg: surface=brick. 9116234
2011-08-17 somewhen The S112 is ahead-only in both its directions across Sarphartistraat; the junction above Station Weesperplein. Add relations to the affected highways, inc. type=restriction and restriction=only_straight_on. 9116298
2011-08-27 20:00ish While abused, the busbaan near the Kruidenhof is in fact NOT open to all vehicles and is in fact open to "no vehicles except [PSV buses]". Add back tags access=no and psv=yes to busbaan in question.

September 2011

No survey notes were recorded in July.

October 2011

Date and time 'Raw' note or information Interpretation of note Satisfied?
2011-10-27 21:30ish Cycle parking capacities around Amsterdam CS are: Fietsflat 2500, and West (bewaakt) 1200 + repairs; and Spoorviaduct 500 spaces.


  1. Where the bus was travelling northbound.
  2. In the same way that the route around Cottenham, at the other end of the Citi 7 route, is also unidirectional.
  3. The relation had already been added to stop 16; references to the X5 were removed from Drummer Street bus station and its approach in changesets 5098716 and 5098868.
  4. This note was written up on 31/7, however.
  5. Publications read and photographed 5th July 2010.
  6. Days refers to Days of Ashwell: a bakery with premises in Royston, Ashwell and Great Shelford.
  7. I don't know the syntax for loading restriction tagging; would be a bit complex, also.
  8. Who are on the south side of Angel Pavement, not the north.
  9. No longer 80p/£1 (small/large, respectively) for tea in Mello.
  10. Parallel to the High Street, but slightly further west.
  11. At time of writing, these roads are marked with what looks like highway=pedestrian.
  12. These two tags exempt bicycles and pedestrians from the "except for access" restriction, as they aren't motor vehicles.
  13. The wiki isn't happy about equals symbols being put inside tagging demonstrations.
  14. Fish Hill is the only access to the town centre for motor vehicles.
  15. The barrier is of the extremely common classic-style type.
  16. This was a voice note and a very windy voice note at that. Quoted as best as I could transcribe.
  17. A built-out might be visible on Yahoo! aerial imagery.
  18. The time of this survey note was inaccurately recorded.
  19. The roundabout where one turns right when coming from the A1 to continue along the High Street
  20. That regional/national scenic cycle route; relation relation 935883 (Cambridgeshire).
  21. There are two bridges over two rivers between the two villages; the river crossings form the 'de jure' boundary between Little and Great Shelford.
  22. The western or 'second' bridge is the bridge closest to the village of Little Shelford.
  23. ...and it would actually be rather nice if there were a few repeater signs between Great Shelford Primary School and the odd T-junction near All Saints Church, Little Shelford.
  24. Or at least potentially private: access=unknown, fixme:access=Check access restrictions..
  25. When travelling eastish, into and towards Great Shelford proper.
  26. You can tell it's a Trinity College milestone owing to the large upside-down crescent glyph present on the its face.
  27. 0.3 m is, by the way, the accurate length of my trainers; the shoes that I wear almost every day, and have worn for almost every day of the last two years. Whether cycling or walking, these are my shoes. They measure 0.3 m from heel to tip.
  28. So for the purposes of this entry, we'll assume the path is 1 m wide.
  29. Traffic includes pedestrians as well as vehicles.
  30. But not before the service road junction for the daycare centre on the eastern side, a mere 10 m further south; I suppose it's because Long Road XIIFC has another exit and the daycare centre doesn't.
  31. The crossroads with St Barnabas Rd; …with the Lloyds on the corner
  32. Which, without signage, is rather hard to find.
  33. Minus the bridges, which are surfaced with something else I think. It was dark.
  34. Quote source: [1], accessed 12/11/10
  35. Phone might have been on Airplane Mode, so all my emails to myself could well have been sent (and received) at the same time.
  36. The roundabout where the old alignment of what was the A6141 (now B197, London Road) meets the new alignment of the Baldock bypass (now A505).
  37. The following note was poorly written-down, being written in sections (as we travelled) in the unlit back of a car, tired ... excuses, excuses. Hope it makes enough sense.
  38. Perspective: A505 between Baldock and Royston, travelling eastbound (towards Royston).
  39. Because a right turn when travelling southbound would be into Brooklands Avenue, now; wouldn't it?
  40. Voice memo was recorded somewhen before 2010-12-17. The creation date got lost in an AMR--MP3 batch conversion.
  41. There are actually *two* knooppunten numbered 83 in the Lage Vuursche area; I'm talking about the southern of the two 83s; …the one closest to Vuurse Dreef.
  42. The best Google Translate could muster, as far as translating goes, was "of smoothness is not scattered"; the bridge's approaches are unsurfaced and I guess you could say the same for the bridge over the railway. The bridge over the A27, however, is smoothly tarmac'd.