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Legal access restrictions for coaches Edit or translate this description.
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Coaches are buses used for inter-city and long-distance travel. Usually, such buses differ mainly from transit buses used in public transport by that:

  • no standing passengers are assumed, usually all the seats have seatbelts, a requirement in many countries
  • they have extensive luggage space, usually under the floor of the passenger compartment
  • Individual seats with armrests reflecting a generally higher level of fittings. Seats may be reclinable too.
  • they often have additional facilities such as an on-board toilet, USB charging points, entertainment systems or other conveniences
  • A luggage rack for small items above the seats

The key coach=* is used to tag legal access restrictions for these kinds of buses. For example, bus lanes are not reserved for coaches, but only for buses of the public transit system. Also, different speed limits may apply for buses than for coaches: In many countries, coaches, that is, buses specifically fit for long-distance travel, may drive faster than transit buses.

In the traffic law of the United Kingdom, coaches are defined as any bus over 7.5 tonnes and a maximum speed of above 60 mph.

Relation to tourist_bus=*

While the tag tourist_bus=* once originated from a translation of the Italian word „pullman turistici“, its meaning in OSM became that of a vehicle of the bus vehicle class which isn’t acting as a public service vehicle.

See also:

  • access=* for an overview of legal access restrictions
  • psv=* for public service vehicles