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The requirement:
a simple piece of marketing that mappers can hand out to people who 'what are you doing?' when they are spotted wandering around with a GPS, writing down the name of supermarkets, street signs, parks, etc.

This page is intended to collect examples of 'business cards' designs produced by the OSM community

Simple Example from SK53
Cards for giving away at Великие Луки Mapping Weekend («We've come from different cities of Russia and Belarus to create the best map of Velikiye Luki in the world»)
Backside of the card («Free maps created by enthusiats — for everyone. You can browse them in the net, print for the road, upload to a GPS-navigator or a phone. Using a map in an ad or in a book costs nothing»)
Cards for giving away at RU:Saint Petersburg Mapping Party One («We are surveying your area to put it on the map. You can help by reporting bugs»)
par Frodrigo par Padorange par LySios
Carte de visite-recto.svg
Carte de visite-verso-info.svg
sheet recto- & verso-1

sheet recto & verso-2

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