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latitude: Help translate this into French!7.5, longitude: Help translate this into French!12.2
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Le Cameroun est un pays en Afrique à la latitude 7°30′00.00″ Nord et la longitude 12°12′00.00″ Est.

Les images d’OpenStreetMap (et les données sous-jacentes) sont librement disponibles sous la license d’OpenStreetMap.
Régions du Cameroun : Extrême-Nord · Nord · Adamaoua · Centre · Est · Sud · Littoral · Ouest · Nord-Ouest · Sud-Ouest


Here are things you can do, as well as projects that have taken place in the past or are ongoing.

Using Bing: Yaounde is missing a few residential roads on the outksirts. Douala is missing some roads on eastern and southeastern outskirts. Garoua is missing lots of residential roads to the south.

Projet 1 (terminé) : tracé des principales routes et localisation des principales villes

I (Stéphane Kamga) am just starting this project in order to have a map of Cameroon. On the 27th of February in 2008 I've been adding data based on Yahoo satellite photos. Unfortunately, key parts of Cameroon are covered by clouds. Also, tarred roads are hard to see against the green background of forests and farms. Since I don't have access to the correct road names (not allowed to copy from Google maps or other proprietary sources) I have been naming roads based on the principle towns they connect.

The Wikipedia is a good source for the coordinates of cities and major towns.

Projet 2 : aide à l'établissement et l'équipement d'un groupe d'utilisateurs locaux

From March 2010 until Juli 2010 we are preparing a mapping project with a Cameroon student studying in Berlin (Germany). The main goal of this project is to establish a group of mappers in Cameroon, to equip them with mapping devices and to train them, so that they are able to map all streets of Cameroon. The project will be launched in Cameroon in August 2010. The initial training period for approx. 60 mappers will be 8 weeks. The project is financally supported with money for devices and for local training in Cameroon by a German provider of telematics solutions: ENAiKOON GmbH. Details about ENAiKOON can be found on the web page of ENAiKOON

Projet 3 : HOT dans la région Extrême-Nord du Cameroun

HOT is conducting a mapping project in the Far North of Cameroon since February 2013 as part of the EUROSHA project together with France Volontaires. The initial focus is on baseline mapping of Maroua and the regions in which the needs are most crucial and extend the use of OSM platform as a coordination tool for humanitarian actors in crisis preparedness.

Following heavy rains and flooding in late August and September 2012, flood emergencies were declared in the Far North region of Cameroon. The estimated number of flood-displaced people reached 88,640 (50,824 people in the North and 37,816 in the Far North region). Since mid-October areas around the district of Logone and Chari Department along the northern border with Chad and in the region of Maga, Mayo-Danay division experienced further flooding. Water levels started to decrease in many areas in early November. The disaster is being called the worst flooding in Cameroon in more than 60 years. HOT will contribute to identify and analize the actors and the context and to reinforce local capacities through the introduction of OSM platform and open-data information-sharing system. All these activities are meant to support the growth of a local OSM group in Cameroon and the Far North and the growth of the OSM project.

Pour plus d'informations, voir FR:Extrême-Nord, Cameroun.

Projet 4 : Association OpenStreetMap Cameroun

Après une semaine très mouvementée (conférence et formation à OSM), la communauté OpenStreetMap Cameroun a enfin tenu sa première réunion.

Suivez nos activités sur :

Projet 5 : GeoCameroun

Le GeoCameroun est une Infrastructure de données géographiques (IDG). Jusqu’à présent au Cameroun, l’accès à l’information géographique était compliqué par diverses raisons : absence de carte de base, problèmes de formats, politiques de distribution restrictives, manque d’information, etc. Pour améliorer la connaissance des territoires, la communauté OpenStretMap Cameroun avec ses partenaires ont mis en place une plate-forme basée sur une démarche participative et libre. Dans un premier temps, le projet vise à mettre en œuvre les mécanismes et les outils pour assurer la pérennité de la communauté OpenStreetMap Cameroun. Ensuite à la création d’un Géoportail National du Cameroun, plateforme accessible à tous dédiée aux données présentant une référence locale et spatiale.


Du 1er au 3 décembre 2017 – Les Journées nationales de la géomatique (JNG)
Présentation et ouverture de l'association OpenStreetMap Cameroun et première conférence State of the Map Cameroun à Yaoundé.
Les 27 et 28 mars 2013 – Formation OpenStreetMap (OSM)
Formation on the contribution to OSM and the use of data. The formation is organized by the Eurosha Project Cameroon [1] and Willy-Franck SOB [2] and will take place at France Volontaires Cameroun, Rue Onembélé Nkou (Rue de l’Institut Matamfen), BP 1616 Yaoundé [3] , the 27th and 28th of March 2013.
Les 21 et 22 mars 2013 – Formation OpenStreetMap (OSM)
Formation on the contribution to OSM and the use of data. The formation is organized by the Eurosha Project Cameroon [4] and Willy-Franck SOB [5] and will take place at France Volontaires Cameroun, Rue Onembélé Nkou (Rue de l’Institut Matamfen), BP 1616 Yaoundé [6] , the 21th and 22th of March 2013.
Le 18 mars 2013 – Conférence sur le potentiel d'OpenStreetMap (OSM) au Cameroun
The conference is an opportunity to share the benefits of open-source and open-data through OSM in Cameroon. The conference is organized by the Eurosha Project Cameroon [7] and Willy-Franck SOB [8] and will take place at France Volontaires Cameroun, Rue Onembélé Nkou (Rue de l’Institut Matamfen), BP 1616 Yaoundé [9] , the 18th of March 2013, from 16:00 to 18:00.


Importation de données

L'Institut national de cartographie à Yaoundé a liébré des fonds de cartes bitmap sous licence ODbL qui peuvent être utilisées pour enrichir la base de données OSM dans le contexte du projet EUROSHA, consulter :

GPS DATA: Contributed GPS tracks and waypoints from summer 2011, in GDB format. We are free to convert and upload these.

Détection et correction des anomalies ou données à intégrer

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