CanVec: Water saturated soils (SS)

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This page describes OSM features tagging of NRCan's CanVec product (.osm version)
Notes are at the end of tagging description

SpecCode Geometry Entity Attributes OSM Tag(s)
132001* area Tundra pond Tundra pond natural=wetland;wetland=tundra_pond
132002* area Palsa bog Palsa bog natural=wetland;wetland=palsa_bog
132003* area Saturated soil Unknown natural=wetland
132004* area Wetland Wetland natural=wetland
132005* area String bog String bog natural=wetland;wetland=string_bog

note 1: Entity and attribute descriptions can be found here.
note 2: Entity specification code (SpecCode) is a seven digit number where * should be replaced with the appropriate Geometry indicator (0 = Point, 1 = Line, 2 = Area).