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This page contains information relating to mapping activity that is specific to the County of Strathcona, in Alberta, Canada.

Strathcona, Alberta, Canada

latitude: 53.50, longitude: -113.00
Browse map of Strathcona 53°30′00.00″ N, 113°00′00.00″ W
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Strathcona is a County in Alberta, Canada at latitude 53°30′00.00″ North, longitude 113°00′00.00″ West.

Mapping projects in Strathcona County

As of March 2008, mapping in Sherwood Park has just begun. The map data is being added slowly, but it's getting there.

Strathcona Alberta Canada.png

More detail has been added in Sherwood Park, and the surrounding area. March 29, 2008.

Strathcona 29 03 08a.png

Most of the major road grid has been added in the County. Low resolution Yahoo images used to place roads, so intersections are very crudely placed. GPS coordinates for the intersections are needed to align properly. GPS tracks of the subdivisions are also needed. April 16, 2008.

Strathcona County 16 04 08.png

If you would like to help map Strathcona County, User:ve6srv would be interested in setting up Wikiproject Strathcona to coordinate mapping activity.

Other mapping projects in the region

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