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The University of British Columbia's main campus is situated in Vancouver(map link).

Data Import

The PlantOps department have some rich data that would be nice to import into OSM. User LastGrape/Gregory is working on getting agreement to do this, after seeing the data as a geography student. A sample is available at [1](pdf). The following table is a list of what seems to be available, from looking at the geography's 2009 data set.

Folder Layer name(s) Description Good for OSM? Notes
Annotation BigAnno, BuildingAnno, RoadsAnno all positioned text labels e.g. road names no already got it, in a better format
Base Buildings outlines with (street?) number and name yes worth manually removing existing data? OSM has a lot already from Yahoo! Imagery. The PlantOps provides detailed outlines, and adding address tags will be done automatically in the import.
Base Contours very detailed no out of the scope of OSM
Base SiteAll I think a lot of layers combined no
Base SiteRoadOutline no beyond the scope of OSM, and I think OSM already has all the roads.
BikeFacilities BikeRacks, BikeStorage, CyclistFacilities storage=secure racks. facilities = showers/lockers/washbasin with public/private yes racks will take some effort to merge. OSM has capacities for racks.
Campus Benches, Bollards, StreetLights, Trees a lot of information possibly I know OSMers who gather this data, is it worthwhile?
Campus PatiosAndCourtyards, Plazas, SoftLandscaping areas no too much information?
Campus BlueLights blue posts, emergency phones connected to security yes OSM(me) has refs & names, but only half of the 24 so far.
Campus CatchBasins don't know what, but a lot of nodes no drain hole covers
Campus Landmarks anything with a plaque it seems (including trees, totem poles, artwork, stones and benches). Some have links to photo files on a PlantOps network drive. probably not I think it would duplicate nodes too much. Notes field often include names and there is a field for condition (dirty, weather damage, etc.)
Campus ParkingLots no I think all are in OSM (some may just be nodes).
Campus WaterFeatures not many and perhaps not all of them maybe might be handy to have the outlines without getting wet feet.
Grids 5 different grids of varying sizes no
Routes Lanes, Paths, Roads, Walkways no OSM definitely has more paths and walkways but maybe I could just open these in JOSM to quickly find the ones we're missing.
Signage BelkinSigns (no idea, only 13) no
Signage BuildingDirections (only contains a number field and condition) no not useful or out of OSM scope?
Signage FacultySigns (don't know, of type D or F) no not useful or out of OSM scope?
Signage RoadSignage B,C,D,no exit, O, P, PA, R, S, Scool, SP, ST, Y) no not useful or out of OSM scope?
Signage Kiosks contains NumPanels, ViewableArea, and LockingMech. maybe amenity=information and probably has telephones and vending machines next to it.
Signage MapBoards only 15. yes amenity=infromation information=map.
WasteManagement/ CardboardDumpsters amenity=recycling but probably intended for residents/staff of the nearby building maybe
WasteManagement GarbageDumpsters, TrashBins why not! it's a lot of information, but I know OSMers who gather this data.
Folder Layer name(s) Description Good for OSM? Notes


  • Spoke to Geography teacher
  • Gained contact details of the Records Manager, Infrastructure Development and a GIS PlantOps employee who is know to have done stuff with OSM(possibly personally). Will contact the later and then the Records Manager.
  • Talking to the GIS Man who is very supportive of an OSM import. Details about the data can be found at and almost follow the list I/geography had (although groupings and group names occasionally differ).
  • No response from the Records Manager. This is possibly the person permission is needed from.
  • Import was made by pnorman on Feb-March 2011