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Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

latitude: 50.2916, longitude: -107.7965
Browse map of Swift Current 50°17′29.76″ N, 107°47′47.40″ W
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Swift Current is a city in Saskatchewan, Canada at latitude 50°17′29.76″ North, longitude 107°47′47.40″ West.

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This page contains information relating to mapping activity that is specific to the city of Swift Current, in Saskatchewan, Canada

Status of the map

Currently all roads in Swift Current have been mapped and names labelled if known. Some of the grid roads around Swift Current may not be named yet.

Bing Satellite Imagery

2014 Update
Bing has updated the imagery for the whole city. There is no longer a split in the city. All mapping can be done with no offset!
  • Note: There is a small strip of old imagery at certain zoom levels starting at Walker & 14th NE heading south. If you continue to zoom in however, it mostly re-renders to the newer imagery.

Initially the roads had been traced from Bing maps. Some time in early 2013 Bing updated part of Swift Current with a new image covering most of the city. The East border of the new satellite image ran between 13th Ave NE and 14th Ave NE. The new image (Jun/2012) did not align with the older image (Jul/2005). To prove which map was correct, several GPS node points and way tracks (ways) were taken.
Without a doubt the GPS showed that the new image covering most of Swift Current was aligned correctly, while the older image was not. The roads were therefore misaligned.
On 3/18/2013 all roads in the Swift Current area were therefore realigned to match the new imagery, and have closer alignment with GPS.