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Saskatchewan is a landlocked prairie province covering an area of over 588,000km². The provincial highway system consists of over 26,000km of road. Add the municipal roads for a total of 190,000 kilometres (120,000 mi), and Saskatchewan boasts the most mileage of road of any province in Canada.

Cities in Saskatchewan (incomplete):

State of the map

  • Thanks to osm editor "gecho111" most of populated Saskatchewan now has rural grid roads!
  • The University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon needs updating!

Tagging guidelines for Saskatchewan

The following documents were referred to while developing these guidelines. [ dead link ] [ dead link ] [ dead link ]

Highways and roads

This guideline has been updated to reflect current (2013) tagging standards and to follow predominant Canadian tagging guidelines.

The Rural Road Classification map [1] now classifies many roads simply as Saskatchewan Highways. Roads that may have been class 1/2 (red) now are primarily marked as SK Hwy.


A highway=motorway road is a controlled or restricted-access divided highway with two or more lanes in each direction.


In Saskatchewan a highway=trunk road is a provincial primary weight highway specified in the National Highway System inventory.

NHS Core Routes
The routes, as defined by the National Highway System [2], for Saskatchewan are:
  • Highway 1 (Trans-Canada) from Manitoba to Alberta (Where not already motorway)
  • Highway 2 from Moose Jaw to Hwy 11
  • also from Prince Albert to La Ronge
  • Highway 6,39 from Estevan/US Border to Regina
  • Highway 7 from Saskatoon to Alberta
  • Highway 10 from Hwy 1 to Yorkton
  • Highway 11 from Regina through Saskatoon to Prince Albert
  • Highway 16 (Trans-Canada) from Manitoba to Alberta


  • All other provincial highways (numbers 2-39 and 41, not including those already classified as trunk. Generally, these are class 1 roads drawn in red on the rural road class PDF linked above.).


  • Provincial highways (numbers 40 and 42-99. Green or blue on rural road class PDF above.)
  • Main routes through cities that are dual-carriageway with speed limits typically 60km/h or above even if they are not a highway route through the city.


  • Provincial highways (numbers >= 100. Orange or pink on rural road class PDF.)
  • Township roads, range roads, concession roads, and regional roads.
  • Dominant roads in suburban areas generally with speed limits of 50 to 60km/h. (ex. for the residential road that is wider than others and leads to the traffic signal to leave the neighbourhood.)


  • Normal roads in non-residential areas.
  • Rural roads that are not part of the numbered highway system and grid roads. In Saskatchewan, grid roads are north/south or east/west roads spaced at 1 mile (1.6km) intervals. See: w:Dominion Land Survey. Make sure to tag gravel grid roads as surface=unpaved.


  • Mark residential roads as residential. Consider promotion to tertiary were applicable.


  • Use for roads that provide access to businesses and for alleys.


  • Highways should get a surface tag indicating paved or unpaved. If there is no surface tag, the assumption is paved.
  • Highways with one lane in each direction should be tagged as lanes=2, highways with two lanes in each direction should be tagged as lanes=4, etc. A divided highway with two lanes on each carriageway should have two separate ways, each tagged with lanes=2. If there is no lanes tag, the assumption is 2. This follows precisely the tagging procedure described at Key:lanes.
  • All highways should have ref tags added indicating the highway/road number. Those that are named (e.g. the Trans-Canada highway, the Yellowhead, Louis Riel Trail) should also have name tags.


The Garmin MapSource (Windows) Installer file is available here Routable Sask 30 April 2010.exe created from the OSM download of the outline of the province from


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