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Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada

latitude: 53° 16′ 42″ N, longitude: 110° 0′ 18″ W
16′ 42″ N/110° 0′ 18″ W Browse map of Lloydminster 53° 16′ 42″ N, 110° 0′ 18″ W
16′ 42″ N&lon=110° 0′ 18″ W&zoom=12 Edit map
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Lloydminster is a city in Saskatchewan, Canada at latitude 53° 16′ 42″ N, longitude 110° 0′ 18″ W.

Task Status Contributor
1.1. Research street names
Spell checker To do
Matching to official list To do
No abbreviations To do
Fix word capitals To do
Fix link way names To do
1.2.1. Research accessible destinations
Wheelchair users To do
Blind (opticians) To do
Deaf (hearing aids) To do
1.2.2. Research traveler destinations
Airports – WikiTravel, Wikipedia To do
Rail stations – WikiTravel, Wikipedia To do
Bus stations – WikiTravel, Wikipedia To do
Car rentals – WikiTravel, Google search results, local listings To do
Accomodations – TripAdvisor (hotels, B&B, inns, special lodgings, vacation rentals), WikiTravel (sleep), Google search results, local listings To do
Embassies – WikiTravel, Wikipedia, Google search results, local listings To do
Travel agencies – Google search results, local listings To do
Information offices – Google search results, local listings To do
Restaurants – TripAdvisor, WikiTravel (eat), Google search results, local listings To do
Town hall – Google search results, local listings To do
Post offices – Google search results, local listings To do Other (attractions, memorials, monuments, museums, theme parks, zoos, castles, ruins, vineyards, archeological and paleontological sites, battlefields)
TripAdvisor: things to do To do
WikiTravel: see, buy, eat, drink To do
Wikipedia To do
Google search results To do
1.2.3. Research resident destinations
Local listings To do
Malls, department stores and marketplaces To do
Restaurants To do
Parks To do
Supermarkets To do
Banks and money exchanges To do
Hospitals To do
Police offices and prisons To do
Emergency phones and emergency access points To do
Nursing homes and baby hatches To do
Rivers, lakes, bays and harbours To do Miscellaneous destinations
Viewpoints To do
Public toilets To do
Public grills, squares, picnic sites, dog parks, zoos To do
Fueling/charging stations and convenience stores To do
Bicycle dealers and rentals To do
Car and motorcycle dealers To do
Car sharing services To do
Motorway junctions To do
Laundry, dry cleaning and tailors To do
Clothing and shoes shops To do
Theatres, cinemas and art venues To do
Bookstores and libraries To do
Recording studios To do
Places of worship To do
Graveyards and cemeteries To do Fitness destinations (sports centres, stadiums, pitches, tracks)
Golf, mini-golf To do
Hockey, rugby, football, baseball, soccer To do
Basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball To do
Bowls, boules, croquet, cricket To do
Gymnastics, athletics, swimming, racing To do
Skateboard, skating, cycling, canoeing, climbing To do
Archery, shooting To do
Equestrian, horse racing, dog racing To do
Ten-pin bowling, nine-pin bowling To do
Marinas To do
Ski resorts To do
Water parks To do
Saunas To do Miscellaneous destinations (continued)
Electronics shops (general electronics, computers, mobiles, video, hi-fi, vacuum cleaners) To do
Musical instrument shops To do
Furniture, framing and gardening shops To do
Toy shops To do
Universities, colleges, schools and kindergartens To do
Driving schools To do
Food shops (bakers, butchers, greengrocers, delicatessens, beverages) To do
Taxicab stands To do
Pharmacies To do
Dentists and health clinics To do
Veterinary clinics To do
Hairdressers To do
Biergartens, cafes, pubs, bars and food courts To do
Nightclubs To do
Erotic shops To do
Stationaries To do
Fire stations To do
Courthouses To do
Community centres To do
Speed cameras To do
Rest areas and services To do
Car repair and wash To do
Motorsports (motocross, karting, model aerodromes, RC cars) To do
Dams To do
Natural features (volcanoes, peaks, cliffs, glaciers, islands, forests, natural reserves, waterfalls, caves) To do
Tunnels, bridges, waterways and lighthouses To do
Boundaries (neighbourhoods, national parks), city centre node position To do
Landfills and waste disposals To do
Wastewater plants, power generators, power sub stations, water towers To do
Chimneys, towers, windmills, watermills, industries, mineshafts To do
Water works and water wells To do
1.3. Research official way classification
Major ways To do
Minor ways To do
2.1. Trace around destinations
Fix shapes To do
Separate ways To do
Entrances To do
Parking spaces To do
Gardens and buildings To do
2.2. Trace other areas
Imagery matching To do
3.1. Survey water transport
Ferry routes To do
Ferry stops To do
3.2. Survey intersections
Turn restrictions To do
Reserved emergency ways To do
House numbers To do
Traffic lights, stop signs and give way signs To do
3.3. Survey when entering ways
Separate ways To do
Way direction To do
Absent sidewalks To do
Sidewalk wheelchair accessibility To do
Reserved emergency lanes To do
Public lighting To do
Surface material To do
Cycling lanes To do
Pedestrian lanes To do
3.4. Survey when traversing ways
Pedestrian crossings To do
Subway entrances To do
Tram stops To do
Bus stops To do
Maximum speed To do
Telephone booths To do
ATMs To do
Barriers To do
4. Special interests
Trees To do
Farms To do
Small waterways To do
Water plants To do
Power equipment To do
5. Public transit routing
GTFS feeds To do
OpenTripPlanner server To do