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This page contains information relating to mapping activity that is specific to the Prince Edward Island Canada.

Highway Tagging In Prince Edward Island

Key Value Element Comment Rendering
highway primary Mf way.png Trans-Canada highway (Route 1), and Routes 1A and 2 only. Rendering-highway primary neutral.png
highway secondary Mf way.png One and two-digit routes - i.e. Route 6, Route 12 Rendering-highway secondary neutral.png
highway tertiary Mf way.png Three-digital rural routes (i.e. Route 225) and, in urban areas, significant urban roads that are not numbered (i.e. North River Road in Charlottetown) Rendering-highway tertiary neutral.png
highway residential Mf way.png Residential streets in urban areas, towns and villages. Rendering-highway residential.png
highway service Mf way.png generally for access to a building, motorway service station, beach, campsite, industrial estate, business park, etc. This is also commonly used for access to parking and trash collection. Sometimes called an alley, particularly in the US. Rendering-highway service.png
highway track way roads for agricultural use, gravel roads in the forest etc.; usually unpaved/unsealed but may occasionally apply to paved tracks as well, see discussion of "tracktype" below.
  • excellent for a mountain bike
  • excellent for a Quad (ATV), as they can maintain the spacing
  • Keep to the right track when cycling
Rendering-highway track.png
highway pedestrian wayarea For Roads , i.e. mainly/exclusively for pedestrians /Shopping Areas. Also for tagging squares and plazas, therefore add area=yes. Pedestrian with area osm.png
highway services Mf node.png A service station to get food and eat something, often found at motorways.
  • Especially along the Trans Canada Highway, it is important to notes these because of the great distances for all road users
  • Otherwise known as a rest top to fill up for both types of fuel
highway path way A non-specific or shared-use path.
highway cycleway Mf way.png Shortcut for highway=path cycleway=designated -> For designated cycleways, i.e. mainly/exclusively for bicycles. If pedestrians are allowed as well, you can indicate this by adding a foot=yes or foot=designated tag as appropriate. Cycleway osm.png Cycleway-markings.jpg
highway footway Mf way.png Shortcut for highway=path foot=designated -> For designated footpaths, i.e. mainly/exclusively for pedestrians. This includes walking tracks and gravel paths. If bicycles are allowed as well, you can indicate this by adding a bicycle=yes tag.
  • Used by Hybred Bikes, and mountain bikes
  • surface is NOT paved, if no bicycle tag is present, it is assumed that bicycles are not permitted
Rendering-highway footway.png Dscf0487 600.jpg
highway bridleway way Shortcut for highway=path horse=designated -> For horses, (in the UK, these are rights of way for pedestrians, horse-riders and cyclists).
  • Fixme: --acrosscanadatrails 02:23, 17 July 2008 (UTC) Need check if this confuses the rendering process
  • A simple rule would be, if there is a sign on the trail and/or at the trail head that indicates this, it should be added
Rendering-highway bridleway.png
highway steps Mf way.png For flights of steps on footways.
  • If the break is more than twice as long as the stairs with other amenities it should be split up.
Rendering-highway steps.png 삼일공원 1.jpg
Intersection features
highway mini_roundabout Mf node.png Very small roundabouts only, larger ones should be junction=roundabout. In the UK, mini-roundabouts have a circular sign with a blue background, instead of the usual triangular sign

Rendered as anti-clockwise by default. To render clockwise add the tag direction=clockwise.

  • These are very fiew and far between in Canada
  • Would be counter-clockwise
highway stop Mf node.png A stop sign Zeichen 206 - Halt! Vorfahrt gewähren! StVO 1970.svg
highway traffic_signals Mf node.png Lights that control the traffic Rendering-traffic singals.jpg Icon-highway traffic signals.png
highway crossing Mf node.png Pedestrians can cross a street here - e.g. zebra crossing.
  • A cross walk
  • cyclists must get off the bike and walk??
Zebra-crossing sm.jpg
highway gate Mf node.png * Remember to close the gate. A courtesy, and a recomendation by the land owner and the local trails association.
  • This keeps the Animals in and out
  • Note: Please contact the local trails association when and if you find a dammaged gate. (They will not know until its to late. (Cattle is lost)
    • If that is not known, tell the next store/lodging/campground owner and perhaps they know who to call
    • Attempt to temporary fix yourself with rope or rocks or something to keep it closed
barrier stile Mf node.png Allow pedestrians to cross a wall or fence.
  • Similar in style is a gate which has this, usually it is large enough for a bicycle. It has the same function, to prevent cattle from escaping, but doesn't need to be closed afterwords.
highway cattle_grid Mf node.png Bars in the road surface that allow wheeled vehicles but not animals to cross. Sometimes known as a Texas Gate, even outside of Texas.
  • Known as cattle cards. Note: These do not stop Bulls
  • To save your tires, it is recommended to walk the bike
Cattle grid.jpg
highway toll_booth Mf node.png A road usage toll or fee is collected here Dartford Crossing Toll.jpg
Other features
incline User defined Mf node.svg Mf way.svg slope or hill, may encounter slow moving trucks.
highway ford Mf node.png The road crosses a stream or river, vehicles must enter the water node.
  • Excelent quality surface for a dirt bike
  • Excellent quality surface for a 4x4 truck
  • Reminder to clean the (hybred expedition touring bicycle) if you went through these, slowely to void back spash.
    • Front and rear splash guards are recommended
Map feature ford.jpg
highway bus_stop Mf node.png A small bus stop. Larger stations should be tagged as amenity=bus_station instead. Bus stop.12.svg Průmyslová str3, Prague Štěrboholy.jpg
highway turning_circle Mf node.png A Turning circle is a rounded, widened area usually, but not necessarily, at the end of a road to facilitate easier turning of a vehicle.
  • A dead-end of a residential road
  • Also good to have so then the mapper knows that the road actually ends
    • Good for farm roads
highway construction Mf way.png For roads under construction, use with construction=*
  • Almost a perminent feature on many canadian highways
  • In south-central Ontario, this is known as a 'season'.
  • However these need to get updated

FIXME: --acrosscanadatrails 02:23, 17 July 2008 (UTC) perhaps adding a tag with the date of estimated completion, so then after that date that section can be physically checked. Note: When mapping these, please also map the detour route. :)

Highway construction 200805041655.png The T12 link road to Wilmore Road under construction - - 4452080.jpg
construction User Defined Mf way.png Any linear highway object may be added, e.g. construction=motorway. Use with highway=construction
highway User Defined Mf node.png Mf way.png
junction roundabout Mf way.png This automatically implies oneway=yes, the oneway direction is defined by the sequential ordering of nodes within the Way. This applies on a way, tagged with highway=* already. Mapping-Features-Roundabout-Simple.png
junction User Defined Mf way.png
highway motorway_junction Mf node.png Indicates a junction (UK) or exit (US) ref should be set to the exit number or junction identifier. (Some roads - e.g. the A14 - also carry junction numbers, so the tag may be encountered elsewhere despite its name)
Dscf0242 600.jpg
Traffic calming
traffic_calming yes Mf node.png Mf way.png To tag road features that are designed to slow down traffic in residential areas.
traffic_calming User Defined Mf node.png Mf way.png See Taginfo Statistic pictogramm.png or Key:traffic_calming for more used values.

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.

Hiking Trails

A spring 2023 project used GPS surveys of Prince Edward Island hiking trails to add or update trails in OpenStreetMap; source files and documentation for this project are available. As part of this project:

  • Trail ways were updated with surface tags and segment names, and routes updated:
    • name
      • For trails with named segments, the name was set to the segment, for example "Blue Loop."
      • For trails without named segments, the name was set to the name of the trail itself, for example "Upton Farmlands Trail."
    • surface
    • highway
    • foot
      • yes for all trails
    • bicycle
      • yes for multi-use trails and trails specifically designated for cycling.
  • Connections to roads and parking lots were added, where applicable.
  • For new trails, new relations were created; for existing trails, existing relations were preserved, with tags, and routes replaced. For each relation, the following tags were set:
  • Super-relations were created for Island Trails-managed trails and for Demonstration Woodlot trails.

In total 11 Island Trails-managed trails and 51 other trails were updated.

Cities/Towns (by population)


The Garmin MapSource (Windows) Installer file is available here Routable PEI 30 April 2010.exe created from the OSM download of the outline of the province from

CanVec Garmin IMG files

user:Acrosscanadatrails is creating Routable Garmin Maps out of the CanVec OSM files. The area it organized by NTS Tile System and is available to download in the NTS Grid (all data) folder. These zip files contain the original OSM files, and the Quad-tree tiling (smaller tiles) as well as the combined IMG file. The file needs to be changed to just 8 numbers or GMAPSUPP.img for it to work in the device.

001L06 (north of Charlottetown) can downloaded here