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Three Canadian provinces have two tiers of municipalities: Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. In these provinces, the upper-tier municipality is tagged as admin level 6, while the lower tier municipality is tagged as admin level 8. Single-tier municipalities within those provinces are tagged as admin level 5.

The remaining provinces use single-tier municipalities, which are taged at admin level 6. This includes regional municipalities (like counties) and local municipalities (like cities, towns, and sometimes villages). Incorporated towns or villages are not part of the surounding county, so their border should be tagged as an inner border of those counties. Populated areas in regional municipalities that are recognized and named, but not incorporated, can be tagged as admin level 8.

Some provinces are divided into large regions above the municipality level. These are tagged as admin level 5.

First nations reserves are tagged with admin_level=6, while larger self-governing first nation regions are tagged as admin_level=5. They should eventually also be tagged with the result of the discussion at boundary=aboriginal_lands. Villages within first nations can be tagged as admin_level=8 if they are recognized in some way by the first nation government.

For more information, see w:Administrative divisions of Canada.

admin_level=4 5 6 7 8 (in rural areas) 8 (in urban areas) 9 10
Province or territory
Major divisions
(region, district)
Single-tier municipalities and upper-tier municipalities
(county, municipality, city, district, town)
N/A Lower-tier municipalities and unincorporated places
(town, village, hamlet)
Major divisions of cities
(borough, suburb)
Wards Smaller divisions of cities
(quarter, neighbourhood, city_block)
Alberta N/A incorporated municipalities
(city, town, village, summer village, municipal district, specialized municipality)
N/A unincorporated places
(hamlets, urban service areas)
city areas or quadrants N/A neighbourhoods
British Columbia regional districts upper-tier municipalities
(district municipalities, cities)
N/A lower-tier municipalities
(towns, villages, communities)
N/A N/A neighbourhoods
Manitoba regions incorporated municipalities
(rural municipalities, cities, towns, villages)
N/A unincorporated places
(hamlets, northern communities, settlements)
neighbourhood cluster N/A neighbourhoods
New Brunswick counties incorporated municipalities
(city, town, village, regional municipality) local service districts
N/A unincorporated places N/A N/A neighbourhoods
Newfoundland and Labrador Newfoundland, Labrador incorporated municipalities
(cities, towns)
N/A N/A N/A N/A neighbourhoods
Northwest Territories administrative regions N/A N/A municipalities, designated authorities N/A N/A neighbourhoods
Nova Scotia counties incorporated municipalities
(regional municipalities, towns, county municipalities, district municipalities)
N/A unincorporated places
(villages, communities)
communities localities neighbourhoods
Nunavut regions N/A N/A communities N/A N/A neighbourhoods
Ontario N/A districts, upper-tier municipalities, single-tier municipalities N/A lower-tier municipalities
city boroughs wards neighbourhoods
Prince Edward Island counties incorporated municipalities
(cities, towns, rural municipalities, resort municipalities)
N/A unincorporated communities
N/A N/A neighbourhoods
Quebec administrative regions upper-tier municipalities
(regional county municipalities, metropolitan communities, regional government)
N/A lower-tier municipalities
(cities, towns, villages, townships)
arrondissements N/A neighbourhoods
Saskatchewan N/A incorporated municipalities
(cities, towns, villages, resort villages, rural municipalities, northern towns, northern villages, northern hamlets)
N/A unincorporated places
N/A N/A neighbourhoods
Yukon Unincorporated divisions Incorporated Municipalities(Cities ,towns ,First Nations Reserves) N/A hamlets, localities unincorporated places Localities N/A neighbourhoods