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For more information, see w:Administrative divisions of Canada.
admin_level=4 5 6 7 8 (in rural areas) 8 (in urban areas) 9 10
Province or territory
Major divisions
(region, district)
Regional municipalities & single-tier municipalities
(county, municipality, city, district, town)
N/A Populated areas within regional municipalities
(town, village, hamlet)
Major divisions of cities
(borough, suburb)
N/A Smaller divisions of cities
(quarter, neighbourhood, city_block)
Alberta N/A municipalities (including incorporated towns and villages, which should also be tagged as an inner border of the surrounding municipal district) N/A hamlets, urban service areas city areas or quadrants N/A neighbourhoods
British Columbia regional districts district municipalities, cities N/A towns, villages, communities N/A N/A neighbourhoods
Manitoba regions rural municipalities, cities N/A towns, villages neighbourhood cluster N/A neighbourhoods
New Brunswick counties regional municipalities, cities N/A towns, villages, rural communities N/A N/A neighbourhoods
Newfoundland and Labrador Newfoundland, Labrador, and Nunatsiavut N/A N/A cities, towns N/A N/A neighbourhoods
Northwest Territories administrative regions N/A N/A municipalities, designated authorities N/A N/A neighbourhoods
Nova Scotia counties towns , incorporated villages , municipal districts and regional municipalities N/A communities communities N/A neighbourhoods
Nunavut regions N/A N/A communities N/A N/A neighbourhoods
Ontario N/A districts, upper-tier municipalities, single-tier municipalities N/A communities city boroughs N/A neighbourhoods
Prince Edward Island N/A counties N/A municipalities N/A N/A neighbourhoods
Quebec administrative regions regional county municipalities, metropolitan communities, regional government N/A cities, towns, villages, townships arrondissements N/A neighbourhoods
Saskatchewan N/A rural municipalities, cities N/A towns, villages, hamlets N/A N/A neighbourhoods
Yukon N/A N/A N/A cities, towns, hamlets, localities N/A N/A neighbourhoods

First nations

Reserves are tagged with admin_level=6, while larger self-governing regions are tagged as admin_level=5. They should eventually also be tagged with the result of the discussion at boundary=aboriginal_lands. Villages within first nations can be tagged as admin_level=8 if they are recognized in some way by the first nation government.