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Alberta N/A Incorporated municipalities
(cities, towns, villages, summer villages, specialized municipalities, municipal districts/counties, improvement districts, special areas)
N/A In urban areas: Boroughs;
In rural areas: Unincorporated recognized areas (urban service areas, hamlets, townsites)
N/A Neighbourhoods
British Columbia Regional districts Incorporated municipalities
(district municipalities, cities, towns, villages)
N/A Unincorporated populated place
N/A Neighbourhoods
Manitoba Regions Incorporated municipalities
(cities, towns, villages, rural municipalities)
N/A N/A N/A Neighbourhoods
New Brunswick N/A Counties N/A Incorporated municipalities
(regional municipalities, cities, towns, villages, rural communities)
N/A Neighbourhoods
Newfoundland and Labrador Newfoundland, Labrador, and Nunatsiavut Census division N/A Incorporated municipalities
(cities, towns)
N/A Neighbourhoods
Northwest Territories Administrative region N/A N/A Municipalities, designated authorities N/A Neighbourhoods
Nova Scotia N/A Municipalities
(regional municipalities, county municipalities, district municipalities, towns)
N/A N/A N/A Neighbourhoods
Nunavut Regions N/A N/A Communities N/A Neighbourhoods
Ontario Districts (north Ontario), counties (south Ontario) Municipalities
(single-tier municipalities, regional municipalities, separated municipalities)
N/A In urban areas: Boroughs;
In rural areas: Unincorporated communities
N/A Neighbourhoods
Prince Edward Island N/A Counties N/A Incorporated municipalities
(cities, towns, rural municipalities, resort municipalities)
N/A Neighbourhoods
Quebec Administrative regions Supralocal
(regional county municipalities, metropolitan communities, regional government)
N/A In urban areas: Arrondissements;
In rural areas: Local municipalities (cities, towns, villages, townships)
N/A Neighbourhoods
Saskatchewan N/A Incorporated municipalities
(cities, towns, villages, resort villages, rural municipalities, northern town, northern village, northern hamlet)
N/A Unincorporated recognized place
(organized hamlets, northern settlement)
N/A Neighbourhoods
Yukon N/A Cities, towns N/A Unincorporated communities
hamlets, localities)
N/A Neighbourhoods