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Candelaria, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
latitude: 28.3819, longitude: -16.3870
Browse map of Candelaria 28°22′54.84″ N, 16°23′13.20″ W
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Candelaria is a municipality in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain at latitude 28°22′54.84″ North, longitude 16°23′13.20″ West.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under OpenStreetMap License.

Populated places

Name id place=* Population[1] Notes
Candelaria node 544739230 town 12795 Capital del municipio
Punta Larga node 866237158 suburb 748 Part of Candelaria
Urbanización Brillasol node 5375480119 neighbourhood 309 Part of Candelaria
Urbanización La Palma node 5375480118 neighbourhood 299 Part of Candelaria
La Viuda node 866245213 hamlet 297 Part of Candelaria
Aroba node 5375480120 hamlet 92 Part of Candelaria
Las Caletillas node 544737137 suburb 3681
Barranco Hondo node 866241719 suburb 2978
La Gollada node 1697905881 isolated_dwelling Part of Barranco Hondo
El Aserradero node 1686907300 hamlet Part of Barranco Hondo
Igueste de Candelaria node 610228098 suburb 1845
La Jiménez node 2533687851 hamlet 48 Barrio de Igueste
La Morrita node 5375480221 hamlet 45 Barrio de Igueste
Araya (Candelaria) node 662269042 hamlet 993
La Florida node 5375480222 hamlet 36 Barrio de Araya
Las Caitanas node 1601434209 hamlet Part of Araya
La Montañeta node 1601434199 hamlet Part of Araya
Cruz del Camino node 1601434164 hamlet Part of Araya
Las Cuevecitas node 866259238 hamlet 1089
Cuatro Esquinas node 775848384 hamlet Part of Las Cuevecitas
Malpaís node 866262722 hamlet 500
El Pino node 1601434168 hamlet
Arigoña node 4859867261 hamlet

Data sources

Plan General de Ordenación Urbana, Public Domain according to Section 13 of Spanish Intelectual Property Law.

Street names

Almost completed in 2013 using Cadastre and on the ground data. There is a project to verify street names in OSM, checking that they all have a name and that it is correct. Collect information on the ground and tag your changesets with the comment "#1calle1nombre Candelaria".

It is necessary to collect information from some streets and rural roads. Download this osm file to consult the priority roads to review.

Buildings and addresses

There is an active proposal to import Cadastre buildings and addresses. It will be necessary to manually review each object to be imported. The first phase of the works has begun in Candelaria and Güímar. It is already complete, pending of validation, in El Rosario You can participate in this project of the Task Manager. Next it will go through Arafo, Fasnia and Arico. Read the proposal if you wish to collaborate. Before importing addresses it is necessary to check the names of the streets, see also the street names section.