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Logo CartoMobil'ite

CartoMobil’ite ( is a collaborative map for active and inclusive mobility originally in Tahiti and Moorea, especially for wheelchair people.

For people using wheelchair this map aims at easing their movement.

Initially thought for Tahiti and Moorea in French Polynesia, (‘ite in tahitian means knowledge), this map allows to :

-  share accessible places such on the same basis as with more details added, plus share obstacles, toilets and wheelchair parking places (no OSM account needed)

-  get information on those same items,

Link toward the map here :


How it works

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions


Ressources for mapping

Tested and approved? You want to embark friends with you?

A technical advice in order to accompany newbies :

- create a filter on OSMCha especially on user "CartoMobil'ite_Visitor", which is the account that sends OSM modifications, and get the RSS link to it for your webmail app,

- add a custom RSS feed of your area on your webmail software, and set up a filter/rules on it on the text "CartoMobil'ite_Visitor".

Sponsors /financial support

This maps exists thanks to the financial support of French Polynesia government.

Then OSGeo Oceania supported the housing.

Still, the sustainability of the project is still to be ensured. So any financial or human help is welcomed. Please contact us if you are interested.

Contact info

an email :

OSM Contributors account : Violaine_Do, PanierAvide

FB page :