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Tags I use was – in year 2010 – an experimental tag description system available to try in Potlatch from v1.3e. It aims to make it easier for mappers to choose which tags to use.

To find a tag

Press F from within Potlatch, then type a word (such as "railway"). The most popular matching tags will be displayed. To see users' descriptions of each tag, click the 'More' link. To add the tag to the currently selected way or point, just click it.

To write a description

Create a "Tags I use" page in your wiki user space. Start your page with the text "I am user Fred" (or whatever) to indicate your OSM (not wiki) username. Add headlines for each key/value combination, and write your description underneath. Make sure the page is in this 'Tags I use' category. Your changes will be picked up next time the 'Tags I use' database is updated (currently manual frequency, but will eventually be daily).

Other clients can access the description database at (seems to be a vanished service). Tag counts are provided by Tagstat.

The system is highly experimental at present - please contact Richard with comments and suggestions.

See also

Somehow this is similar to Any tags you like.

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